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  1. In theory it is. Both the Gauntlets of Ultramar and the axe Morkai were both taken from Chaos Champions.
  2. That is literally the backstory of my DIY chapter =D
  3. AT this point, I'm more interested in what DH 2.0 will do for DW
  4. In the Astartes world, even more so during the Great Crusade, death is the punishment if you just so much hint at disloyalty or disrespect toward your superiors, your Chapter and ofcourse the Emperor himself. ANYONE that hear him boo at the Emperor would take him into custody for interrogation and later execution, there are no excuses and no reasons accepted. I'm sorry your players weren't up to the task =/
  5. I'm more interested in CSM then anything else. How different are they from BC ?? Is it possible to RE to pay an astartes type of game ?
  6. Dulahan said: Kshatriya said: 1. That seemed to be the biggest criticism of Black Crusade. Seriously? That was always the thing people liked most about BC in my opinion. The Biggest Criticism was always "I don't want to be a villain…" And BC sorta forces that on you. RPGnet and other big RPG circles, at least, the Class System is seen as the biggest weakness of the entire line. I'm SO happy that Only War has finally done away with it in a way that works and lets you be the… well, not Chaos Guys. Yeah and that's why I started the thread asking for a classles advance system for DW.
  7. Kshatriya said: Dulahan said: Frankly this would be perfect for representing Space Marines. By the time they make the Deathwatch odds are they have gotten to Tactical Marine level. Or were particularly skilled at lower levels. It makes sure all have the sort of opportunities of a Tactical Marine, but if you're particularly inclined to more melee focuses, or shooting, or whatever. Your aptitudes will help give you a better advance schema. Plus it will can the artificial "Sorry, you can't take the next melee talent you want because you're still two Career Ranks away" - so much for being an amazing Astartes Swordsman who got accepted to the Deathwatch! It's stated in the Core that Codex DW marines have served in the Devastator, Tactical, and Assault roles at least once in their home Chapter before taking the Specialty in the Deathwatch. Yes that's exactly my problem with how advances works for DW, no regard for the fluff whatsoever.. They erving in Reserve Companies where you as a devastator, assault and then tactical marine BEFORE been shipped to Battle Companies where they decide what they are going to be. And I'm assuming it's at that point that you might be selected for a role in the DW. That is mandatory for all codex chapters and blood angels (and descendants) so how come they lack any skill/talent to simulate that like IE jump packs skill ? Please FFG Look this up and delivers us with cool new advances rules like BC and OW =D
  8. Dulahan said: I was thinking there has to be a way to do OW style advances in DW too… And hoping it will happen in such a way as to not invalidate older books. Well, OW isn't even out yet and unless someone that worked on it is willing to do the legwork (then again they are going to do it anyway either way I guess =P) we'll have to rely on FFG for this, hence the request thread.
  9. HappyDaze said: Lucius Valerius said: Between BC and OW it looks like we are witnessing a 2.0 evolution of the game and that bring me hope for the whole game. Abandon that hope. FFG moves forward and rarely looks back. Each game that comes out uses a more updated and refined version of the rules, but you don't really see these put back into the older games (look at the psyker rules in DH which have been updated and refined four times now). Even the 'revised/errata weapon stats' were, IIRC, made for Deathwatch and then showed up in the next product - BC. So my only hope is to dream of an hypothetical future release of a SM oriented game or an expansion of OW that has nothing to do with DW ?
  10. Posting here hoping someone at FFG actually check the forum from time to time. I know some of the guys that work with FFG does and post regularly so maybe someone else does. I'm a big fan of FFG work on 40K rpg and every new game brings more interesting developments to the core mechanics for combat, advancements and so forth and been a Ultramarine player in TT (6000 points of army so far and growing) I love playing DW as one of the smurfs =D. What I didn't really appreciated was the way how advance tables works as I have always found them either too rigid or not making much sense from a fluff standpoint (I understand the need for balance classes and avoid minmaxing but still..) and I overjoyed when BC was released and allowed to play marines with a little bit more freedom in term of choices for how your character advances. From what I understand OW works similarly to BC for what concerns advances while retaining a DW feel to classes and that makes me much more inclined to buy the the product once it's released. Between BC and OW it looks like we are witnessing a 2.0 evolution of the game and that bring me hope for the whole game. I would be possible to publish an update, much like it was done with the FAQ with the updated weapon dmg, for DW to have alternate advances progression or whatnot that follow BC/OW template ?
  11. With the preview of the Thousand Sons Sorcerer from Tome of Fate we now have an idea of how Legion members looks stat wise compared to general Chaos Marines from the core rule. I was wondering if anyone tried to come up with the archetypes for other legions since it will be a long time coming before we have official rules for the others. Edit: Or for loyalist chapter for that matter…
  12. WittyDroog said: But, barring that. I really would like a "WHRP40k" Compendium that puts a final stamp on the ruleset. I wouldn't mind rebuying second editions of all the games if they were reprinted as splatbooks for the main, unified ruleset. Yeah I couldn't agree more with this..
  13. ROLE: Player LOOKING FOR: Group TYPE OF GAME: Face-to-face SESSION SPECIFICS: REGION: London SESSION TIME AND TIMEZONE: No preferences GAME STYLE: Narrative with some action COMMENTS: Just moved to London and I'm fluent in english but never actually played an rpg in english.
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