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  1. jfmongrain said: No, the rules for dungeon delving are not really the focus of this game. I'ts one of the more narrativist game on the market (not meaning that it's a freeform, rulelight game, but that the rules ara more invested in description, improv, and atmosphere than in simulation, board-gamish dungeon-delving, like DnD4, for example.) You could do it, but for now (maybe a later product will cover this) it would take some work. You could adapt the dice pool and combat system to Warhammer Quest whithout too much difficulty if you own the product, I guess... Yeah, I normally run highly narrative campaigns, but theres always those times when the group finds themselves in sewers, Dwarven holds, whatever, and dungeon rules tend to become slight more important for any combat encounters that would take place at those particular circumstances due to the enclosed space. I haven't went out and purchased WFRPv3 yet, simply due to cost, but have the spare money. Just wanted to see if I would be needing some form of dungeon rules or not. Once I get the core set, I'll see what WHQ rules (or even Descent rules) would be valid to carry over. If I recall properly, WFRPv1 was pretty easy to transfer characters between the two systems (although that was years ago), so will see what will need to be done here.
  2. Hello all, I used to play WFRPv1 up till around 4-5 years ago, then dropped it due to some real life things. I am a large fan of the Warhammer setting in general, having my Warhammer Quest set still, multiple warhammer armies, ect. In fact I have been playing Warhammer for ~22 years now in some form or another. Anyhow, I was curious as to how well are the dungeon rules for the new version of WFRP are done. Does it have a pretty decent dungeon ruleset (movement, LOS, exploring, ect), or would I end up making some form of hybrid WFRP/WHQ for those circumstances? So far I have seen the standard inns, taverns, ect, but not yet seen anything like abandoned dwarf holds, Skaventunnels, buried Elven ruins, ect thus why I was curious.
  3. Yeah, both my wife and I knew going into the game that it wasn't going to be the idle match-up, but we both picked a 40 and 45 point model to bring to battle. I believe that was also the first time my wife actually looked at her force in depth and had to try to wrap her mind around various aspects. The whole 'hiding in plain sight' thing kinda annoyed her, and she didn't notice the upkeep icon associated with that, but since it was the first game, we just moved on. I have no doubts things would have been much more interesting if she remembered each ability. The first few turns though it didn't really matter much as Lilian managed to get Seal to stick on Taka, and that more or less doomed him for those two turns where Lilian just to wail on him. In fact neither of us fully grasped just how powerful Dodge and Counter are in Anima until the end when I began rolling with Kronen. Up until that point we were just full force mauling each other. Once Lilian joined Kronen in fighting Jaing was when my wife decided to start Dodging and we got the idea. The next game will be a bit more balanced as our lists are 250, and we're both a bit more familiar with the rules so shouldn't slip up as much. I want to see what Romeo is capable of on the battle field.
  4. Haven't had to fight a full game yet. Only did a small 85 point battle on a 2ftx2ft battle field. My side included Kronen and Lilian My wife took Takanosuke and Jaing Pao Kronen and Jaing got locked into melee combat on turn two and remained there all the way until the end. Kronen just couldn't hit Jaing, and Jaing just could not get enough damage to get past Kronen's armor. Taka tried to stab Lilian in the back, but failed his attack. Those two sat in combat for a good few turns while Lilian slowly wore down the ninja. My wife didn't notice the skill allowing him to get out of combat, but his abilities were all sealed for the first couple turns anyhow. Once Taka was dead Lilian joined Kronen and began healing his wounds. After a few turns of this, my wife had enough and had Jaing more or less oneshot poor Lilian since I didn't have any tokens left over for dodges. Kronen began to go more defensive. Dodge one turn, Scarlet heart the next, and repeat. It was that that eventually lt Kronen get the upper hand on Jaing and beat him down. Overall fun game. Lilian really stole the show though, as she just refused to go down Jaing smacked into her, and her Seal ability messed up Taka's plans pretty badly. Kronen wasn't horrible once I got into the role of defending with him, but could really tell he was hugely offensive. I have to say, it was pretty fun and look forward to the next, much larger battle.
  5. So my wife and I went through and got 250 points worth of models I went with a Church/Empire mix, and she went a Dark/Asian theme. I don't recall exactly what miniatures my wife got but I Romeo Exxet Alis Testarossa Kronnen Roxxon Lilian Virgil Lady Evangeline I haven't had a chance to actually play with the set up yet though, I might swap out either the Empire or the Church members as I go through and get a better feel for everyone. I got everything put together, so now its a matter of painting, tonight though should be my first real game, so will see how everything pans out.
  6. Thank you for the responses. In terms of the rule book, I was looking at some other forums, and the folks there was making it sound as though no word has been given on any rulebook since it was announced last year sometime. Some thinking this hurt the hobby, others thinking you didn't really need anything more then the start rules anyhow. And the points thing I understand completely. I have a 22yr vet of Warhammer and Warhammer 40K, so used to point values being higher or lower depending on the usefulness of the miniature. Is nice though that it is fairly small, much smaller then even Mordheim so that is a big plus for me. Thank you again. I'll have to look into the other forums you mentioned. I don't respond very quickly on my work days, so please forgive me being so late getting back to you.
  7. David Spangler said: I agree with Warwhore: while solo games can be nice (Ghost Stories really rocks), I would prefer solo rules for established two- or multiplayer games. But judging from recent FFG announcements, the trend seems to be going the other way, towards games requiring three players or more. that's too bad. I can sometimes manage one other player but two or more? Very rarely these days, and when I do get a group over, they want to play something fast, simple and interactive like (shudder) Apples to Apples. This is something I've noticed across the board. People want games you can finish in 30-1hr time, not 2-6hrs and require a small army to play. That is one of the reasons why Descent's RTL expansion was so hugely accepted by that games population. Yes, its awesome when it does happen, but usually the game ends before the end is actually established. Going back and setting up solo rules for Descent, as an example, would at least give the option of playing a quick game instead of wasting time in front of the PC or TV. Looks at video games for a good point of view on the topic, people want multiple player games, yet the majority of those game are multiplayer online only, single player otherwise. Challenge I could see though is making the battle difficult enough for a player, yet random so play can't get used to the 'dance'. Warhammer quest way back in the day was really good with this, as everything had a random table for mobs, which heroes they would attack, treasure that would drop, rooms located, ect. Unfortunately, that type of gameplay is not easily found anymore and would require almost an expansion to a game alone in order to make some systems work effectively.
  8. Reading through the forums and trying to wrap my mind around the current rulebook available online, I have a few questions. What is the normal space required to play Anima: Tactics? I'm used to 6'x4' gaming areas for Warhammer 40K and WFB, thus the reason why I'm asking. It seems that with only eight, give or take a few, miniatures on the table at once, you would only be playing on possibly a 2'x2' board region, maybe 4'x4'. The terrain rules seem pretty.... vague in terms of how do builds effect movement, attacks, ect. Has there been anything to clarify this? When using a boards, does a Descent:JitD board work well? It doesn't seem to have many elevations, but alof potential for LOS and short range and melee combat. Also, from what I've gathered, alot of the newer minis do no have rules, so how exactly do you play with those? Do you have to homegrow rules for those particular minis? Thanks for any responses.
  9. Hiyas all, Long time no chat since the old forums. Anyhow, my group finished off RtL. It... was an interesting path, but the world just didn't flesh out all that well, as everyone wanted a bit more RPG in the game. I thought about one potential fix, but it would require a bit of a makeover for a few various game aspects. I am a huge fan of Warhammer quest and have been playing that game fairly religiously for 19 years now, and think of Descent as the spiritual cousin of that game. Warhammer Quest had one thing going for it that the Descent world is lacking, and that it just pure background. Everything is very generic, while the Warhammer world has almost 30+ years of fluff built up about the various races and heroes/villians of the world. I would love to be able to put a RtL campaign together, but have it situated completely in the Warhammer world. Now there are some major differences in Warhammer then in Descent, such as the races being VERY Xenophobic. The standard allies are the High Elves from the Island kingdom of Ulthuan, the Dwarves from from Worlds Edge Mountains, the Wood Elves, and the various kingdoms of men (Brittonia and the Empire), and even those allies most team up out of need rather then want. You compared that to the Descent heroes though and you have Minotaurs, Lizardmen, Elves, Humans, ect. Best idea I thought of would be to recreate all the current Descent heroes into Warhammer World equals. Might be alot of work, but at least then the basic tone of the game would remain roughly the same in that regard. Another difference is obviously that the RtL campaign takes place in a much different land scape then one of the current kingdoms of Warhammer. I figure I would have to create multiple maps, showing various lands, with roughly same aspects found on the RtL board. The ratios might be different, but the layout should end up more or less the same. Going to be rough though coming up with minimum two new maps, and potentially a world campaign map. Now story lines are simple enough to come up with, but the lieutenant's would need a few makeovers. Some of them fall easily into certain aspects, like the Fallows matching Warhammer's Von Carstein vampire count family. The other enemies might end up being Orc warbosses, or Chaos commanders. Same thing would need to be done to represent the Overlord, make one of the possible Overlords a Vampire Count, another a Chaos general, and the other be an Orc warlord, ect. Once again, this would require multiple revisions to represent the various places the heroes may find themselves fighting and have enemies matching that terrain. Monsters are more or less the same, as most of those monsters exsist in some form in the Warhammer World so wouldn't be to hard to get that portion to work. Now the other aspect, is the fact I am more then tempted to get all new miniatures, as the new heroes would have a different scale then the Descent minis which are much smaller then standard 28mm, which also means monsters will become much smaller as well. Between Games-workshop miniatures and Reaper Minis, I believe I can replace everything is roughly same aspect ratio minis. Thankfully, I won't need 200 different forms of skeletons, and 5 different kinds of demons, so pirce of replacing the miniatures shouldn't be to over the top. So that is more or less my general plan moving forward. I might make this a project log and keep posting updates as I go. We'll have to see. As to another topic, I thought FFG was supposed to be coming out with their own character creator program as well as dungeon maker. Reason I bring this up is the fact that the dungeon maker they have linked is long time dead and outdated, and was outdated before these new forums came online. Is there any updated roaming around I might have missed during my time away? Ok, that should be enough rambling from me for the moment. I'll check in on this thread later, and keep updated as I go.
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