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  1. That was news to me, I must have missed that entirely. But where does it say that Craft enemies does not stack? In the core rules, it says Psychic Combat is resolved in the same manner as Battle, except the craft substitute + no object can prevent loss of life, so we have always made the Craft enemies gang up, same as Battles. The Sepulcher Spectre where drawn first and then I assume the closest enemy spirit would be resolved second and so on. But the core rules say on page 12 that Psychic is resolved in the same way as Battle.
  2. Hello everyone, we had a disagreement over the rules and need to ask what is the best course of action in the following scenario: player1 encounters the Sepulcher Spectre (Craft 1), which forces the Medusa (Craft 5) and Demon (Craft 10) to be summoned to the location as well. Craft 16 VS. Craft 4 for the player, so there was no need to roll the die for him. Problem: player1 argues that he is only delayed 2 turns (as per Medusa Special Ability), while the three other players argues that he also loses 1 life (losing against Sepulcher Spectre and Demon). Which would be the more right option; lose 2 turns + 1 life or either lose 1 life OR 2 turns? We argue that the medusa ability does not become inherited to the other two spirits, while player1 says that the other two does inherit Medusa's ability.
  3. That sounds about fair, I think... Thanks
  4. Hi, I have a question about the Lightning Bolt spell. It says "Cast at any time on any character". Is the following allowed: A player moves to an empty space and encounters the board. The player draws a magic object. Another player now cast Lightning Bolt to prevent that player from picking up the object? And can Lightning Bolt be used in combat like this: Player1 attacks Player2. Player1 attacks in Battle, throws Toadify and Finger of Death. Player3 now cast Lightning Bolt before the dice are rolled to determine attack scores.
  5. That made things much more clear! Thanks, Dam!
  6. Me and my friends have some questions regarding attacks and effects that involves Craft. 1 )For example, dragon's breath attacks you roll against what we assume is Base Craft (printed Craft on character sheet). When rolling on this, you do not count Craft derived from trophies or magic objects (not combat objects). 2) Pyromancer / Fire wizard's pyroblast rolls against Strength, but is this another character's Base Strength or is it the modified strength value (again from trophies, not combat weapons)? The reason we ask is because for example Nightmare, the card states same total craft including bonuses, objects and things like that, but Dragon's breath, pyroblast and such does not state such.
  7. Ops, misread rouge ability, was adding 1d6 Anyways the abilities are stackable then. Nice Thanks
  8. Hi all, I have a question concerning the Lightning hammer that may allow you to add +3 to Strength if facing more than 1 enemy. Can this be used by a Rogue and thus use the Rogue's own ability and add a total of +5 or do you have to choose either the Rogue or the weapon's ability? Pengy
  9. Oh cool! He looks funny! Must buy one!
  10. Hi everyone, fighting over semantics with my fellow players, we need a statement on the following question for the City Doctor: I argue that for every gold I pay I can heal two lives up to my max life value, any amount of times as long as I have gold. So I can heal 4 lives for 2 gold in the same turn. My friend argue that you must pay 1 gold for 1 life, just like in the Village, but can heal no more than 2 lives. So he means that you can't heal more than 2 lives per turn at the City Doctor, at the cost of 2 gold.
  11. Thank you for the clarification. This will help quieting down one of the players. What a poor loser, hee hee!
  12. We played a game last night and the elf player was attacked by the philosopher. They had a hefty debate about spells that states "cast as you are about to engage in battle" (in this particular case, Summon Phoenix). Player1 said that player2 had to cast Summon Phoenix before he himself (P1) had started boosting his strength. P2 said that it was not required as the text read "Cast as you are about to engage in battle" and thus didn't specifically state that he had to cast it the very first thing. Player2 cast Summon Phoenix after player1 had used up all strength boosting abilities, but BEFORE P2 himself rolled any dice. I need clarification as neither of the players trusted me nor each other. Question: Can a player wait until the other player has finished messing around with the states and then cast "Summon X" (obviously before any dice are rolled, I can imagine) or does the "Summon X" spell have to be tossed out ASAP? Any help settling this feud is appreciated
  13. Hooray! More stuff! This is going to be cool. I just hope they made more stuff like "Dark Denizens" since I have no room for the dungeon expansion right now, hehe. And the Highlander.... no room for the board but always room for more cards!
  14. Hee hee, toad king! I just need a big cool toad miniature to represent a toad king. This sounds fun!
  15. Gobbo trapsmith means you use two dice and pick lowest. Warrior has two dice and pick highest. In effect, does this cancel each other out, so both gobbo and warrior just roll a single dice, just like regular combat?
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