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  1. Wouldnt be it not better to give an Wolf Guard both advanced in time?? First DW Captain than after a time DW FirstCompany and when he lives long enough and becoming a Wolfe Guarde Hero as DW Champion!
  2. No Cohesion is ok!! Your right with the Lone Wolve! THX
  3. Hi! I want to start a pure Space Wolve Campaing in DW!! From lvl 1-2 they would start as Assault Marines to be Blood Claws then be a Grey Hunter from lvl 3-5 as Tactical and from lvl 6-8 Devastator as Long Fangs Wolve Priest as DW First founding Book lvl 4 Wolve Scout also from lvl 3 makes more sin!! Runepriest - DW Librarian Ironpriest - DW Techmarine Wolve Guard im not shour if it should be the DW FirstCompany or DW Captiain!? Wolve Guarde Hero - DW Champion Lone Wolve - DW Kill Marine or DW Black Shield!?? Any suggestion or note??
  4. Custodes

    Missing Skill

    Hi! First Cool Game! But, I wonderd that i didnt find the Swimming Skill and its Special Uses in the Game!! Did you Forgot the skill?? Because in all the other 40k everybody can learn too Swim even a Space Marines!!
  5. Hi, first nice book!! My question is: 1. where can i found more infos about the Grey Knights Paladins! 2. what requiredment I need too become a Paladin (Grey Knight rank. ect..)? 3. what advances I get as Paladin?? 4. too make an Grey Knight Apothecaries can I use the DW Advances and is he also Psyker lvl2 like all Grey Knights?? 5. at what Grey Knight Rank He is an Justicar, Brother-Captain, Grand Master?? 6. whats about the Grey Knight Dreadnoughts?? Can I use the same rules as in DW and can he use his Psyker abilities as Dreadnought, when not Why?? 7. Grey Knights Chaplains are there some?? regads!!
  6. And don´t forget the "Bloodhunt" ! they do this game for testing the defens of the sol system how near they can com Terra befor they get caught !!
  7. But dont forget that ALL Chapter's Librarians and Interrogator-Chaplains are automatically members of the Dathwing Inner Circel!! That means, they have the full knowledge about the "Fallen" and the History of the Dark Angels!! my 2 cent
  8. Hi! First, nice Work BUT... You come up with a Space Marine with 14k XP without any special training, except the Deathwatch hypno-condition and Training!! You say that only the best and long served Veterans and Elite Assault, Tactical, Devistator...Marines going to serve in the Deathwatch! So why is it then that when I start gaming, that I must Learn to be an Assault Marine like an Fresh Initiatet Space Marine instad of being alrady an long served Assault Marine??? Im missing the light sleeper Talent from the Catalepsean Node, because The node allows a Marine to sleep and remain awake at the same time by switching off areas of his brain sequentially. This process cannot replace sleep entirely, but increases the Marines survivability by allowing perception of the environment while resting. This means that a Space Marine needs no more than 4 hours of sleep a day, and can potentially go for 2 weeks without any sleep at all. My player will get the Light SleeperTalent vor free! Im missing some Talents by the Chaos Space Marine like Buling Biceps, Unarmed Master, ect.. Ok they joint Chaos but they have the same Implants like all other Loyal Marines and why have they as only Marine the Heightened Senes (Smell) Talent?? THX
  9. Ähm, Sorry Butt The Dark Angels, hasn´t had or will ever an Genseed Mutaiton!! Because they are the First Ever Foundet Chapter of Space Marines, only the Grey Nights Chapter from the Holly Inquisitor of Ordo Malleus has the same Purity of Genseeds!! That i found here : wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Progenoid Chapters with known gene-seed flaws: * Blood Angels: Black Rage and the Red Thirst. * Imperial Fists: Missing Betcher's Gland and Sus-an Membrane. * Space Wolves: Enlarged canine teeth and Mark of the Wulfen. * Raven Guard: Missing Mucranoid and Betcher's Gland. Pale skin and dark eyes. * Blood Ravens:can't experience R.E.M. sleep and have perfect recall. * Salamanders: Onyx black skin and bright red eyes. (Malfunctioning Malenochrome gland) regards
  10. Hi! Some one knows, when there will be new sorce- ore backroundbooks for the Warhammer RPG?? regards
  11. Hi! first nice work!! Can sommeone say how many m³, are in th ships components Space 2 by a Ship!! ?? Ore how many m³ Ships space 40 are?? greetings
  12. Custodes


    Nice! But how big are they (lenght, hight, ect..)? I only know that an Cobra Destroyer ist 1.5km long! She has 4 Topedos but what kind off other wapons has it, what damage dose they? ?? Speed, Shields, Armor, how many crew does it have! Found here www.darkreign40k.com/downloads/maps/index.php deck plans off an so calld "Cobra Destroyer" how is ONLY 150m Long!! they must be joking!
  13. @Demo What kind off Psionic Powers can an Space Marine Liberian learn!? Ore what is the best for them!??
  14. Custodes


    Hi! First, Good work keep on!! Second, I have read in an older Wihte Dwarf and the first Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader, that the bigest Ships owend by Rogue Traders are the 1.5Km long Cobra Class Destroyers!! Any luck, for Me to get the any Ships Anatomie, Floorplans and(ore) Data (like how many crew members, ect..?), off an Cobra Class Destroyer in the new Rogue Trader book?? Regades
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