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  1. I tend to agree with Jhaelen. I regularly follow the MtG community forums, and the only times where I have seen problems coming from a tournament was when money prizes where involved. (and I'm talking about Magic, a game that has a far superior rule system, judge system and penalty system). As far as I am concerned, a tournament with big prize support is more than welcomed and even if living in Europe I might consider attending (I mean, I've already been to Australia twice, but no problem going there for a third time ). About the prizes: it might be easier to distribute prizes in a non-money form. It is plenty of stuff which is cthulhu-themed (other cthulhu-based games, books) and it is quite easy to get personalized prizes, if one wants to give something very particular for the tournament (prints from cards art, custom made domain, custom playmates, etc…). Moreover: for big events, it's better to spread the prizes among the top-8/top-16, so that everyone can get something, instead of concentrating everything in the top-2 (again, experience from big magic tournament, both organized by Hasbro/WotC and private organizations) About how they plan to raise the money: well, I guess you guys have a plan my 2 cents Konx PS: in general, I would really look at how things are handled in Magic for big tournament. No shame in looking at what more experienced people/organization have done in the past, both to learn from them and improve their mistakes.
  2. Bob_no_Oni said: Greetings all, I am just getting started with Call of Cthulhu LCG and was wondering, can you make a Mono-Neutral Faction deck that could succeed? I always like to be a bit different. Thank you for any help. Bob_no_Oni Well, I've been pondering about the same question for a bit of time. It depends a bit on the direction you want to give to the deck, also: I would first try rush, since it is a bit more easy to have some consistency, especially using only one "faction". I don't know if it would be entirely possible (from a tournament viability point of view) but a starting point for test would be something like this, for me: 3 Descendant of Eibon (restricted: might become the rats if you see that you need at least some removal) 3 Alaskan Sledge Dog 2/3 Granny Orne (good against Hastur lunatics) 3 Julia Brown, insomniac (investigation, potential skill boost, self replace) 3 Mentor To Vaughn 3 Prepared Alienist 3 Slime Mold (2, skill 2, good icons) 2/3 Student of the profane (might be good against Shub reductions) 3 The Claret Knight 2/3 The Red Gloved Man These are around 30 Cards. I would throw in Marcus + ICe Shaft for sure, since it is one of the few removal you can afford in the neutral department. After this, it is just a matter of choices: you could go for the Conspiracy route (Crazy Eddie, Ol lazy eyes, The red gloved Man) + political demonstration and try to keep the costs low (it would probably means adding Dabbler in the unknown as another cost 1 character): a good domain setup, anyway, would require at least 3-3-1. Or you could go for the "big guys" route: Broken Space, Broken Time and add Nyarlatothep, Er'nrawr, Nodens and probably Tzulscha. Then, if you allow some non neutral cards, Master of the Myths and/or the dogs and/or Snow Graves, might help. Actually, looking at it in a structured way, it looks like there is something going on here…I might even try and build it, to play it tomorrow in my playtest session. If I manage, I'll write down a small report here. cheers Konx
  3. I just want to give my 2 cents on the discussion, since I am a bit disappointed too on the handling/managing of the regionals (at least outside US). First, I have to say that the Netherlands/Amsterdam regional is cancelled, and I am deeply sorry for that. There are problems on a few different levels, as far as I can see; 1- Lack of good communication/shipping with FFG: it has been very difficult/impossible to communicate or have information in time from FFG. This, per se, would not be a big problem, but the fact is that this particular problem directly affects a lot of other things (see below). 2- Player base: the player base is spread across Europe. That means, if I want to try to gather a bunch of players I HAVE TO communicate with them, and try to find a date to accomodat as many people as possible (notice: I started investigating this in January/February, hoping to give enough time to organize the trip to the players). 3- It is indeed possible to send the prizes by mail, but it is something I DO NOT want to do, and there are several reasons for that. First, it takes time, and in my current situation (I'm writing my PhD thesis) time is a big commodity for me Second, it costs money: even if I was able to have 12-15 players and make them pay 10 euro each (for a prize support that I find anyway NOT worth those 10 euro, but ok, this is my idea) I can barely cover the costs. Since shipping prizes would be due to FFG delay in sending them, I'm sorry, but I'm not willing to pay more for someone else fault. Things gets worse if less people show up. (2 years ago, in fact, I payed the full price for the regional kit and didn't ask anything from the players, because I think it was already too much they had to travel to come to a small tournament…but that's me, I guess). 4- Lack of organization/comunication between different regional TOs: I tried to contact the France/Belgium/German communities, got some answers but there was no real group organization behind (and that should be a goal to keep in mind, with such a small player base). All together, this makes things very difficult to handle if one tries to do something which is useful and enjoyable to the entire player base. I have some ideas for future tournaments and how to organize them, but it will require some effort from TOs from all around Europe and I don't know how realistic is that. Anyway, to conclude, my suggestions from experience are the following: a) do not count on FFG for prize support. Try to find alternative ways to get it (or better: do not expect the prize support in time for your tournament. Collect any type of prize you can, from any source - game night kit, old regional prizes, various Cthulhu merchandise you can find - and use that for the tournament) b) Ask to the player base for the tournament date, but do not try to accomodate the people. At some point, you just have to decide a day and do it on that day, regardless of who is coming or not (if I could go back, I would have done the tournament in April and that's it). With that said, at this point I hope I can make it to some other regional, but I seriously doubt it ^^ cheers Konx
  4. Hi guys, has anyone received info about regionals outside USA? I applied to organize it in Amsterdam (NL), but didn't receive any mail or confirmation. Is there a delay of some sort, or am I the only one in this situation? thanks Konx
  5. I guess they will write an article about it, but the new FAQ is out with some clarification/errata. Interesting: - Glimpse of the Void is banned. Opinions? it didn't place in any major tournament, if you look at the results. - Kopesh has been worded a bit better. Cool. - Necro was nerfed down (printed skill). Still good as a "reanimator" tool against destruction deck and easy to pull out if needed with Shock/Logan. Not bad, but no infinite combo. - Hamu has been clarified: as predicted, it cannot recur itself - Other clarifications bye Konx
  6. Disclaimer: all that is written below is just my opinion. It is not intended to be the revealed truth about the game/card/mechanics in any form. If you, dear reader, think that my statements are too strong or given with too much emphasis, I apologize for my bad English. I mean no disrispect. Just add an "IMHO" in any point of the sentence. ============================================ IMHO, this card will be banned in a time span of max 2 years, and not for the capability of providing "acceleration". This card does a lot more (and more powerful) than simple acceleration. It's a tutor, it plays with statistics = decks become more consistent. With time, a card like this can only profit more from future expansions. This is not a card that will become "obsolete" at some point (unless they print something more powerful, maybe…). The article explains very well all this. The resource acceleration is actually quite "fair", in itself (maybe paired with other forms of acceleration it will become degenerate); what is less "fair" is that now, if you want, you can play a side-faction with (in theory) only 2 cards of that faction in the deck: one goes into the domain to provide the matching, the other one you can play! This was simply not possible before The Festival. And it is a huge step forward for the game. What I really like is that this is not a card tht requires luck. This card requires skill from the player. A couple of years ago (before all the errata) the game was basically a game of "who is playing more and earlier" Eibons. The Festival is the opposite. It provides a great deckbuilding tool. I'm more worried about the non-obvious interaction that this will generate, than about resource acceleration or getting an AO into play on turn2 (which is already possible, and it is a factor to consider when building decks). This is why I think it will be banned at some point; restricting the card is not even enough to limit its power. TL;DR: awesome card, can't wait to play it, it comes with the label "watch out for banning". my 2 cents Konx
  7. Hi! Is there someone playing A:N in Amsterdam or, more in general, in The Netherlands? I have a Core Set, but I'm willing to buy more cards if I can find a more-or-less regular playgroup. let me know here or in PM. bye Konx
  8. This request is actually a very good idea At least, we can try to see WHO wants to organize something and avoid the overlap, which would be really not smart to have. I was thinking about organizing another regional in Amsterdam. The location where we had the last regional is still available and has a lot of advantages (it's free, it's easy to get lunch since it is a bar and it's not far from the center of Amsterdam). As for the date, at the moment it is a bit difficult to say, but I think any weekend in May should be fine with me. I would like to have some feedback from the Belgium community to understand if they are willing to make an effort and come to Amsterdam, this year. Without some external players (at least 4), it's really not worth to organize a regional. On my side, I can say that if someone organizes a tournament in Germany/Belgium/France, I'm willing to go Other locations might require some thinking bye Konx
  9. Just to add a couple of comments to what jhaelen said: my modifications were mainly removing the 1x of the cards. I don't like to play 1x in CoC, generally speaking. In this case, the 1x were Under the Porch, Nodens and the Corrupted Midwife. I played 2x Nodens, and 3 Under the Porch. I changed other cards: -3x Faceless Abductor (I don't like to lose one char on the board to simply bounce, and the icons are good, but I prefer the Shub ghouls then), -2x Displaced Cthonian (slow for the effect, IMO), -3x The mother's hand (to double use the domain you have to pay 4 and at that point I just prefer to play something bigger for that cost). I add: 2 copies of Under the Porch, 1 Nodens, 1 copy of Broken Space, Broken Time, 2 copies of Nug and replaced Nyarla with Eibon. Even though Nyarla is good, I prefer Eibon because it's another way to accelerate a domain to 4 resources on turn 2 and it's still on of the best char out there, IMO. Last, I add the other ghoul (I didn't do the math, but I was playing 50 cards so if you see more than 50 cards, just take out 1 copy of a ghoul). The deck played well, as expected. I've been toying around with something similar for quite some time 5 months ago so I knew how to get the most out of it. Twilight Gate didn't give me the best feeling, since the resource choice in the opening hand is usually a couple of AO. And I prefer to keep my many angled thing in my hand, rather then resource it. Other targets are not so cool, in general. I liked, instead, feed her young. I didn't play often Under the porch-> Nug (only once, I think), but it is a good plan to accelerate and I'll definitely keep it in the deck. And Under the Porch is another tutor for Shub AO, so it's just plain good. My main concern (which is one of the reasons why I stopped playing the deck) is how resilient it is against destruction. With destruction I mean a deck that is packing something like 20 or more removals (CdtA, Single Glimpse, Many angled things, Pushed into beyond, eventually kopesh/nodens, or Marcus/Shaft etc…). That was my deck until the last euro tournament, and I think it might be a tough match for this deck. In your version there is CM to recover some char from the discard, but it is definitely slow and not solid (1 sac off, and the CM is gone). Have you ever faced such a deck? Then, as you say, you don't take into account combo, which would be a complete disaster in the euro meta Anyway, the deck is solid in doing what it is designed for and there are some cool trick in it (example from yesterday's tournament: turn 1, play Basil, turn 2 play double many angled thing, clean the board, go for stories unopposed…sweet ). bye Konx
  10. Awesome tournament, as always! Great organization, great location and, most important, great people It's always nice to meet the european cthulhu community This year my deck sucked! I saw the new cards (especially Necronomicon) only 10 days before the tournament, and the moment I saw the shub-necro I panicked. Great card, combo enabler and in general a complete no-go for my deck that I've been playtesting. With only 1 week available I couldn't find an apppropriate solution and that has been obvious the day of the tournament, sigh. ^^ I decided to play a more streamlined Cthulhu-Yog deck, counting on a bit more early rounds pressure but it didn't work (zero playtest = you lose). I want to congratulate to Damien again…very interesting metagame choice! if someone will be in Stahleck, see you there…or otherwise, see you for the regional season Francesco / Konx
  11. COCLCG said: skip "opinion" explanation (very useful, btw) Good to know. In Italian, the direct translation of "opinion" is much less of a problem and it is used in a positive way. Problem solved, I'll try to change my use of the word ^^ Konx
  12. COCLCG said: actually, in hindsight, i have to snigger that konx suggested all the changes, and then later says his design of a deck with the same interactions didnt work - thats pretty funny konx, you gotta agree. I was trying to stay out of the conversation, as promised, but I just want to clarify this, since it was clearly misunderstood what I was trying to say (my bad, of course. Writing on a forum in a language that is not my native language is pretty difficult sometimes). I did NOT suggest any change. I was saying _my_opinion_ on some aspects of the deck (mainly: the fact that it tends to be slow). If some playtest suggestions have been read as "change this card, it will work better" my apology. Any "card suggestion", on a forum like this, should be read (in my opinion and for my experience) like "did you try to play this card? if so, why didn't that work out?". Next time, I'll rephrase as a question to avoid any confusion (in other forums about card games I'm use to talk in the "positive" way, not in the "questioning" way) My deck did not work exactly for this reason (slow). When I playtest new decks ideas, I tend, first of all, to playtest against other of my decks, especially those decks that I used in tournament and with which I placed well ("well" means at least top3, and I tend to consider as real test only tournament with more than 10 people, better if with different people than my usual playgroup). If the new deck cannot beat in a regular way the old deck, it's not worth trying it more, in my opinion. Maybe, the idea is good, it is just waiting for new cards being printed to make it better. Analyzing this one, I just see the same thing. Now, if this works fine for you, I'm happy with that. As I said, I was just expressing my opinion. About the second post that was just about Y'Golonac: I made my point expressing why I wouldn't play less than 3 copies of the card. If you don't agree, no problem of course. Your explanation (correct me if I'm wrong) is that you have 2 Y'golo because it's not your main concern to put it into play, it's just the "cherry on top of the cake" or "a weapon for long games". As I don't play any card which is just a "plus", when I build my decks, I failed to see this reason behind the choice of playing 2 y'golonac. Again, my apology. I skip the rest, as I don't want to enter in other details (explanation on obvious interaction, how to play some obvious cards, etc…) Hope this clarify better…if not, I really don't know how to write it more clear Konx PS: re-reading the post, I think I've used the expression "in my opinion" a bit too much. In my opinion
  13. Well, I'm sorry if I commented at all your unbeatable deck, I'll make sure this one is the last post answering to you so that I can be sure you will not get offended anymore. About "some competitive decks", I've always posted on the board or as articles for FFG the deck with which I placed myself (at least in) top4 in all the tournament I participated. If you didn't bother about searching/reading for them, it's not my fault. About playing a deck before commenting it: yeah sure, you have a point there. Problem is, you are not the only person that can come with such "crazy, out of the world" (sarcasm here) ideas like playing a bunch of cards like these. So maybe, just maybe, I've already sleeved a deck that was playing these interactions, and maybe, maybe, I've playtested it and seen what are the flaws (which, btw, are common in any card game, and in this case are known as "danger of cool things"). I think I've explained quite well what are the "problems" I see with this configuration and how I would solve them. I've also pointed out what are the decks that might create you problems (maybe it wasn't clear enough: rush decks, the ones that deploy 6 characters in 2 turns, might be problematic). If you don't agree, peace and love, move on playing. Last suggestion: if you don't want people commenting your decks, write it in the OP. Or don't post them on a public forum. bye Konx
  14. About Y'Golonac as a 2x or 3x: it does make a difference, even just as theory craft situation. situation a) you have 1 Y'golonac in you opening hand. It is most likely going to be the first card you resource (unless you have a hand with only high cost cards, but in that case, something is wrong either with that particular hand --> mulligan, or with the deck --> change the deck). If you have only 2, now you are left with only 1 in the entire deck. If you have 3, you have 2 left. I prefer the latter situation. situation b) you draw Y'Golonac in the 2nd-3rd turn but it's not the right timing to play it. Either it sits in your hand for 1 turn more, or it ends up as a resource. Same as situation a) from here. situation c) you play 1 Y'Golonac, that somehow gets destroyed. I want to play another one very quickly, usually. Better chance to do it if it is a 3x card in your deck. situation d) you draw multiple copies of Y'Golonac. Yes, bad luck. In this case, 1 is almost for sure ending up as a resource. The other one you can play. ok, not so bad after all. The situation described here are all real tournament situation that happened to me, btw. I'd like to point out that in many occasions I have used my Gathering to the Stones to recur Y'golo, just because I wasn't drawing my second copy after it got destroyed. Just to say, he is a good char, and I don't see any reason not to play it in less than 3x copies, unless 1) you have a way to tutor for it in a reliable manner and 2) you have a way to recur it in a reliable manner (which MIGHT be the case for this deck, but it doesn't seem to have a way to tutor for it in the first place ^^). Anedoct: when I was playing around with a deck that was playing Broken Space, Broken Time, I was anyway playing 3 copies of the guy. Just too good not to do that, if it fits the domain development.
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