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  1. Hey guys, me and a friend are looking to get started in a skirmish minis game and we like the look and rules for Anima, but we have 2 questions: 1) Is the game still active, we're having a lot of trouble finding recent information and 2) It seems that, especially will small scale (2-3 minis), the game would not have much replay value, is that true? Thanks a lot for any help you can send our way.
  2. Ok, we've got a question about sinking a ship on an island level. What happens to the party, both characters on and off the ship, if the overlord spawns monster on the ship, raises the sails and at the end of his turn (also the end of the round) the ship moves forward into a bit of land and sinks?
  3. Big Remy said: GT_Entropy said: Is there anything that says that Karnon has to roll all of his power dice at once? Can he roll a portion of them (say, 3 for example) then decide if he wants to upgrade either of the last 2 to silver? pg11 of the Descent: JitD rules pdf Melee Attacks: Melee attacks can only be declared against adjacent spaces. However, a melee attack only misses if a miss result is rolled. Range results are ignored during melee attacks. When a hero makes a melee attack, he adds a number of power dice to his roll equal to his melee trait. Same wording for Ranged and Magic attacks. Ok, after a bit of rules lawyering, we agree with you. Thanks Remy! but what point is now invalid?
  4. Is there anything that says that Karnon has to roll all of his power dice at once? Can he roll a portion of them (say, 3 for example) then decide if he wants to upgrade either of the last 2 to silver? Here's what we (me and my roommate) think about an epic party: If using FFG printed characters only - Nanok, this is a must since in RtL he can be incredibly durible without taking up armor from other characters. Spending the resources to upgrade his power dice increases his armor, it's a buy one get one free kind of sale in the oh so important early stages of the campaign. 45XP into the campaign he's a 16/4/7/4, its hard to find copper mosters that can do enough damage to effect him. 2nd String - Karnon, Thalia Tobin - This guys is so broken it's not even funny, give him skills to increase range and see through obstacles. He's adding 5-8 damage to each of his attacks and isn't fragile. Laurel of Bloodwood - This is the not quite broken version of Tobin. She can really rack up the damage, but you have to be more careful with her 8 health 2nd String - Ronan of the Wild, Kirga Landrec the Wise - Those two extra surges are pretty good at th beginning of the campaign, but towards the end when he's sporting Flame Strike he becomes the ultimate crowd controller. 2 free surges + 5 fatigue + 12 health (good for a mage) = awesome 2nd String - Mad Carthos, If you're able to use the FFG character creator there are some interesting things to consider: Seer (9 point version) - This kills to ability of the OL to accumulate threat. Even if this character is otherwise useless, the party has expended 25% of there abilities to destroy at least 50% of the OLs abilities Guardian (9 point version) - By taking a "nimble" character you begin as 8, 6, 0, 1 and 3 dice in Magic, 1 skill in each catagory. Spec the character out with fatigue upgrades, and Spiritwalker is essential, and ShadowSoul a great movement mechanic. At frist the 1 speed can seem cripling, but if played carefully, by the end game you can be a 8, 12, 0, 1 character that can effectively attack 15 times a turn (2 from battle, 13 from guard order) and each attack can come from any player within 5 spaces of you. Played right, this can be very versatile character that can protect the whole party or deal serious damage to a single target. Sorry for the long post, but this is what we've found to be the best. Part 2 will cover some other characters that don't wall into the nice, neat categories.
  5. Great! Thanks alot! I think we actually have one extra card somewhere, maybe I forgot to take an old printing out at some point.
  6. We've had Descent for a while and moved a couple times. Would someone cure my paranoia and tell me how many cards are suppose to be in the unmodified OL deck (I have all expansions)? If someone could make a list of how many of each card is included that would be awesome! Thanks
  7. Any links to that answer? We've been wondering about that one with our game.
  8. I'm exploring the dungeons of Atlanta, GA They put fatigue potions in coke bottles here
  9. I haven't been able to find this anywhere. If the Pack of Holding is destroyed, what happens to the things inside the pack?
  10. Cool, that's what we were thinking, just wanted to see what the masses (or just one in this case) thought. If anyone plays this differently, please speak up!
  11. Well that sucks, I choose him as a minion for a dungeon because I figured he at least rolled a red+, but a white and 2 yellows is crap damage for something his size, even with a green thrown in.
  12. Are Golem cards misprinted in RtL? As its printed now, they make a melee attack but use a white die. This makes for a very weak attack for something that size.
  13. Vynelvale's Cathedral says that the OL does not get any extra conquest for the city being razed. I assume this applies for the OL getting 1 + n (n = number of cities razed) CT per turn, but how does it work with the 5 CT the OL gets from the Ascension Plot?
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