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  1. Geedo would be pretty bad being only able to be single die since he's 11 for elite. But yeah, I could see another character pairing do it well enough. eKylo 2/eGreedo/Double Down?
  2. No. Mostly cause who is the partner for single die Vader in villain?
  3. I'm okay with it personally, I'd prefer reprints be an upgrade over a character and Crimelord has always been a niche card that's fun to build around since it's not too high power level.
  4. That's fair, testing always beats theory crafting for sure! So the fix you'd want to test is: Power Action - If all your characters are exhausted, gain 1 resource. Then spot a neutral character to take an additional action. But one last question: Would you play Theed still with that ability? I think it's just as good tbh.
  5. I don't think so, people have bee saying that for Naked Vader the optimal play is to roll out first to avoid tech cards like snare or misdirection. Then after they are activated they'll still just grab the resource to resolve or play removal. The problem is that they get the resource before the end of the round. It needs a better downside for that.
  6. This would probably make it unplayable because I think by rules you have to pass any extra actions after a claim action, or at least that was what was ruled on Force Speed & Emperor's Throne Room After sleeping on it, I think the idea I like best as a nerf would be to keep it as it is but give both players the resources, keeping the extra action for neutrals. Wouldn't Vader not bring it unless they run Jawa since they wouldn't get he resource then? But that's fair, and I think that speaks to it the battlefield's power still.
  7. I've played Han3/Poe2 before and I think that's a completely fair, go fast and shoot hard deck. It's In the vein of Sabine but with a lower ceiling on damage and less consistent action cheating. I like it a lot and was really impressed with it when I played against it at the Chicago Regional, but I think that it doesn't need the speed from the ambush from Theed and it definitely felt like it needed to win the battlefield to have a shot(cause without drops it seemed to suffer). In your opinion, do you think that you would still play the battlefield if you couldn't get the extra action? Since that deck relies on the tempo so much I could see using the battlefield's action as a serious risk against a moderately fast 2 wide, but still useful in enabling Hyperspace Jumps and stuff.
  8. FFG doesn't ban cards though, they've made that clear. Also, I think the point of a nerf shouldn't be to make it unplayable, but instead make it more restrictive. For example Snokes nerf or the errata of something like fast hands is what I consider a good nerf. Right now, literally every deck save for vehicles either runs or probably should run Theed. So requiring a neutral will reduce it's playability, in that decks without one won't be able to rely on the extra resources. Also that is definitely a restriction since most of them aren't very good(Han3 and Hondo non-withstanding) and that makes those characters better. As for being stronger, I'd say that my proposed fix puts it on the level of battlefields like weapons factory(but slower since it takes an action). If I'm not also a vehicle deck, I gain nothing from my opponents weapons factory which is where this falls about then which I don't think people were complaining about Weapons Factory Alpha. I think that'd be fine at about that level. If you want to make it more restrictive you could put an additional cost to it, either make it a Truce like effect or have it cost you discarding a card or something for non-neutrals to gain a resource.
  9. I disagree there. On paper sure, it's not big, but the difference in gaining that resource first round before claiming is huge enough an advantage it's worth 3 points as a plot. Now granted, maybe that plot is over costed, but that's a different conversation. The advantage of an extra resource is enough that cards that give a player a resource come with a tangible downside: Respite requires you to exaust a character, Truce gives both players one, Well Connected gives the other player the option of drawing a card. Extra resources should have downsides and aside from the loss of tempo isn't one. And 3 resource starts is a big deal: It lets a player hyperspace jump first turn, play a big upgrade, or roll out Vader roll in 1st round, hit his big sides(4 damage) to resolve them while still having a resource left over for removal. The worst part is the battlefield lets you consistently do that, removing game variance which is usually bad for a card game's balance. It's gotten to the point that the roll for the battlefield can decide matches, which previously was a thing that only happened in the mirror. Theed is that powerful in my opinion. Reducing it to spotting a neutral character, yes makes those characters better but it significantly reduces the decks that can actually play it over another one.
  10. Always happy to help a new(or prospective) player, so welcome! First, after rotation trilogy format will just be Convergence itself(and it's starters). The 2 player set likely won't be legal still, unless they do a re-release of it or explicitly choose to keep it in the format. Same with the draft kits btw, probably won't be legal still unless they choose to have them be. Secondly, having multiple card versions of a character is something every collectible card game under the sun has done since MTG. From a certain point of view, think of a card is just a snapshot of a characters abilities at that time and not representative of their whole skill set. Like, there easily could be a Red Luke that focuses on his piloting ability! But that doesn't mean he's still not the same character, it's mostly about weighing the themes and mechanics of the card. Remember Yellow is Rogues, Red is military, and Blue is Force. To look at the Jyn cards, Jyn is a scoundrel type character(yellow), but also a rebellion soldier(red). Sure, there's not a lot of difference, but the Jyn we see on the red card is a Jyn dedicated to her mission as before she was in it for selfish reasons. I'm sure we'll see a Red Han someday, just as we saw a Yellow Leia. So that's one reason you see new, color shifted cards. The other speaks to the Darth Vader question: Game Balance is the reason why you want new cards! Vader1 May have won worlds, but he quickly became obsolete as the game moved forward, which happens with new games as the designers find their steps in balancing the game. But people LOVE Vader, particularly the idea of Vader as a powerful character as illustrated by the end of Rogue One. So what do you do? You make a new Vader! It seems redundant sure, but it also lets you find the flavor of the character that you like best and makes players happy.
  11. Yeah, it's just the best. Aside from those mentioned, the only battlefield I've even considered was Emperor's Throne Room in a special heavy deck. The question at this point really is how will they change it? I think it would be fair if you can only get the resource if you have a neutral character and cut the extra action from the card. Something like: Power Action - Spot a neutral character to gain 1 resource.
  12. I hadn't seen the Maz version yet before I encountered the eHan3/eBiggs version(they ran hit & runs for mitigating removal over mad). Seems to me though like you combat it like you did the old one: Hit their resources first round. If you can't, the first turn they play the falcon they're pretty short on mitigation since they blew a lot on the ship so push damage rather than ramp for a round 1 kill on a soft character. Probably Maz or Biggs, since mods can't be rerolled with rookie pilot. Wide damage effects are better vs 3 wide too, so stuff like Fear & Dead Men or Force Waves seem good.
  13. Short version? No, but We won't know for certain till after rotation. It seems common sense they should, since that's what most games allow. Long Version? Well, what makes a card legal in the first place? What the organized play doc for Destiny says is that proxies aren't allowed except under organizer approval in the approval of the event leader in cases of damaged/missing cards, FFG promos are legal if their original printing is legal for the event, and most importantly cards legal for the format of the event according to the holocron for that format. And the holocrons currently simply list what sets/products are legal. So currently the answer is likely no, they wouldn't be legal assuming that the list of legal sets excludes that sets that printed the original cards. However once we rotate we will get new holocrons and hopefully some clarifications on the issue. However I don't think anyone had any issues with people running original print Doubt, tactical mastery or anything of the sort in Trilogy format the past year. This may change as we get functional errata with stuff like First Order Stormtrooper gaining a subtype with the reprint.
  14. Mill is a hold over term from Magic the Gathering(the first big tcg) that refers to effects that discard cards directly from the deck to the discard pile. The term "mill" comes from a card called millstone that was the first(or one of the first) with that effect. There are a lot of cards that mill in Destiny, but one of the premier decks that can mill right now is Jyn(from across the galaxy) & Cassian. Aggro is an abbreviation of aggressive for gaming, it refers to an attack centric strategy for card games. In Destiny, a Melee centric deck like Kylo2/Pryce would generally be an aggro deck, since it prioritizes damage on an opponent and it includes cards to bypass removal(Force Speed/Tactical Mastery). Not every deck with Damage sides on die is aggro though, for instance "Naked" Palp was a deck that featured heavy removal over a traditional upgrade suite, so Palpatine's damage was the win condition but each round the primary goal was spamming removal to mitigate damage.
  15. The problem is that the "this" in the N1 Special still refers to the N1 because of how they've ruled in the past. Let's look at the wording on Thermal Detonator: What do you think happens when you use Cunning on Thermal Detonator? Going by your logic that it just steals their specials, you should have to discard your Cunning(since it's an upgrade too) when you use the effect right? It's your Cunning die using the special, and it says discard this upgrade from play. Actually you don't discard your cunning at all! If you're not familiar the FAQ says: Can I use Cunning (65) to trigger discard an opponent’s Thermal Detonator (67) or Infantry Grenades (17)? Yes. You will deal the damage to an opponent’s characters and then discard the Thermal Detonator or Infantry Grenades. Because of that ruling, Cunning would still treat the "this" line in the N-1 text as itself rather than the Cunning. In my opinion it looks pretty cut and dry that you can't hit the N-1 with it's own special.
  16. I definitely think it will survive rotation, the removal of barriers to entry and refreshing the meta has been proven in several other card games to be effective and I think it will be so here in Destiny. I just would like FFG to take Infinite seriously, in a way that other games don't take their eternal formats(looking at Magic) for instance. I intend to do a post(probably as a seperate thing) with buffs for Awakening Block characters and reasons why, but might as well add subtypes while I'm at it.
  17. I also say no. What it comes down to is can the n-1 regularly destroy itself? Because that's what we're asking here. I think no, since it is still an n-1 and thus a "copy" of itself. They have ruled multiple times that using the special ability of cunning is like using the card/die itself. So if Vader 2's special hurts himself and Thermal Detonator discards itself rather than Cunning, I think you're still subject to that restriction on the N1. Gotta take the good with the bad right?
  18. Sounds like your store sucks, but if those people who invested early aren't playing I could see why an older format isn't going to float. But hey, best of luck selling selling your stuff.
  19. Ah, sorry to hear it! I know when I played in the Standard GQ I was pretty bummed by my brews performance too at Adepticon, So I feel you. Luckily I ran pretty hot in Trilogies(4-0 before I lost 2) and was able to get 2 spot gloss cards by the end once you factored in pods after I bombed in standard. But upside is they overhauled the GQs after feedback from last year, so even though you don't play anymore know they are getting better. And Wednesday's are hard for me(usually me and the wife have a weekly thing) but I'll try to make it out sometime.
  20. A desire to keep playing with the old cards specifically, usually stems from a problem with rotation. Sorry since that's not the case, I know I've talked about that a bunch. That said, what you're suggesting is both harder to do than the existing formats and something I don't think we have enough sets to make interesting right now. Okay, so say we have a format called "Lucas" and basically this only allows the sets designed by the original designer that basically looks like... pretty recent standard. I mean, that's fine I guess but I don't really see the pull for it personally. If you want to play a Retro format, which lots of games do(yugioh w/ goat and specific years for Pokemon come to mind) but these formats are usually short lived and simply exist to play on nostalgia of the players. I don't even know if I liked the first few sets enough to have that much nostolgia for them. Also these retro formats usually don't get a lot of official support so I think those kind of formats are best promoted by players, so if that's what you want to do more power too you. Just want to do an EaW meta? Go for it! Set it up with your LGS and talk your buddies into it. Post about it online and get people talking about it. Just cause I don't like it doesn't mean that it won't get off the ground. I wish you luck in that.
  21. Another does mean to refer to an additional thing of the same type as one already mentioned so no, you can't give the extra shield to the same character. Just to be sure though, what card is it?
  22. That's rough, but when do you guys usually play? I could maybe make a trip up there with my guys to bolster numbers. Sometimes all it takes is people playing to draw New players in too. Or if you feel like it, we do a League($5 for the month, you play 3 games each week, prize at the end of the month) on Sundays so that's an option too If you're up to commuting and like I said before Pastimes should be closer for you too.
  23. Well what do you think they want as an alternative to printing new versions of cards? Cause FFG isn't going to do reprints for reprints sake, most card games don't. Like, Magic the Gathering has a TON of cards that are errata'd and sure they do reprints with updated text every so often, but there are a ton they don't. Mostly they say to reference the Oracle text: their online database of cards. Granted FFG doesn't have anything official like that but the swdestinydb does a pretty good job of fulfilling the same role imo. But Even if they DID think about reprinting them though, how would you market it from FFG? Destiny's player base isn't big enough that they need to start printing "Masters" sets like MTG so is it just an errata pack? If it is, does it come with the die, cause lots of people would erroneously buy that errata pack even with a warning just like people buy expansions for board games that aren't stand-alone. Promos are already sorta hit or miss, I don't think there is much point in making errata'd promos when once they're errata'd they are usually less desirable. And for people who aren't bugged by the errata they have little incentive to buy/want them. The only way that I can see errata will get printed by FFG is they want to extend the life of the card in Standard, in which case it'll come at random in boosters and at that point you have to open/buy/trade it again. Sorry if that's not what you want to hear, looking back at what I wrote I might be being a little negative so I'll try to be more positive and try to make an actual suggestion: Just get an alter of the card. There are a ton of cool alters on the market for Destiny(mostly characters) but they're fairly affordable and some out there should have the updated rules text. I hope that helps you at least.
  24. What's your shop? If it's Dojo, I thought they didn't have a real crowd? Or at least according to a few of my group that played there. Regardless just probably gotta commute to another shop. I don't know what Pastimes regular crowd is but they should be bigger. There's also Fair Games that I know has a big crowd, but they're a hike for me.
  25. You were at the Chicago Regional too? While 64+ players was lower turnout than Feburary's it's still impressive considering the proximity of other ones like the Ohio one. Is Pastimes your local btw? I tend to play at Top Cut on the southwest side.
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