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  1. Why did Destiny take a year off of OP to reorganize if you were just going to kill the game? I think knowing the motivations behind that decision would help restore consumer confidence in FFG for those who are interested in the other games. Otherwise it feels like we lost a year of OP for an empty promise.
  2. This was ruled by Gandork a ways back. IIRC, his argument was that plo's ability doesn't check the other characters till their on the field or something to that effect. Don't quote me on that that.
  3. It will never actually a one resource side though, it'll presumably be a minimum of Two(Unless you aren't playing this with spectres, and on an all spectre team this seems fine), likely more if you have more spectres with piloting. And yeah, it's pretty good to have a resource side, look at Entourage who granted had a higher damage cap but this has a lower floor. I think you're grossly underselling that card. Anakin aside, who was the last character aside who was a main character who was in that 17+ range and was both legendary and unplayable? The ones that jump to mind(Palp, Phasma, etc) all have seen play or they aren't legendary(like Yoda3, and he's actually seen play). There is I think even as a pure damage deck Luke4 will be fine, especially with his ship so cheap! While you have a point on DM being a check on the deck, as a lot of the CCs have been making too, but we'll see how it shakes out. DM killed big supports but much like Satine Droids showed, you just go wide with smaller supports and things are fine. Maybe I am over estimating, but there were a ton of good cards last set that don't fit in those decks: At what percentage of "good" cards is a set good or not? Are we judging just legendaries, rares, & uncommons? Cause I'll tell you 3 cards I was(and still am) super excited by that came out of that set that don't fall into those 3 decks by category and have seen play in tourneys: Legends: Maul - Has proved a capable aggro deck on par with Vader, he's definitely a stick to measure from for aggro pairings for Blue Villain. Jango Fett - Gave villain a "Bandoleer" deck and has proved that 3-die decks can still perform well if they have strong enough abilities(palp3/Jango2/lm is neat) Thrawn - Thrawn2 is actually really interesting and has been shown to perform well in the hands of skilled pilot. Rares: 4-LOM - He made bounties actually good and provided as the big for villain vehicles lists. Yoda2 - Him and Bail has made what I think is still the best Admiral deck out there. Bail Organa - Besides making me play respected business man, he's just an interesting leader who has found a home with Yoda2, but as more leaders come out to combo with I suspect we'll see him more frequently. Uncommons Jedi Mind Trick - Gave a more flexible Mind Trick for any Jedi Deck, nuff said imo. Draw Closer - I've always loved damage multiplier cards and I could add the whole niman suite to this list) but this one in particular is cool because with the upgrade turns from x2 to potentialy a x3 on damage and that's neat! Dead or Alive - Dead Or Alive is the best Bounty we've gotten yet, if we get more like this I imagine bounties(and downgrades in general) will see more action. There are a ton more but I'm not here to do a full set review, but I guess what's the goal post here? And again, I stress there are some really good reasons to leave the game, but the reasons you've given aren't convincing(to me) and you're the one who's take to a public forum to voice them. What are you aiming to accomplish by voicing these anyways?
  4. The Rebels characters had showings as well(Sabine/Ezra for instance was a deck for over year, Kanan/Quigon, I'll give you Hera never showed though) but basically your argument is that the characters you like aren't the strongest. That's unfortunate, but typically not how card game design should work and I would say that in general thematic pairings have gotten much better lately, if droids & Reylo are any indication. However, they've been largely making characters smaller and attaching those big characters to those more now, to make thematic pairings more competitive. Also Idk what you mean, 6-10 cards is a gross underestimate of playable cards that are reaped from a given set. Even counting bans, nerfs, etc we have a ton of cards from the new set that are essential for certain decks. The new set already looks to have some sick cards: First Luke1 is just the best pilot, period and his X-Wing is great too. Bane looks cool with Shien and Deathfield helping the deck diversify from Palp3(More big upgrades as opposed to loads of little ones). As for the other new stuff: Eject is super interesting in the late game imo. Ghost has no blanks, cheats out damage, and with multiple characters piloting it increases the amount of damage and generates a bunch of shields. It even has a resource side, which as estabilished supports that can pay for themselves are sorta OP. What more do you want? Hera even does a little action cheating as all pilots do, and she lets you ready a ship which remember they're piloting it till the end of the round which means you retain the bonus on Ghost for each Spectre piloting enabling multiple waves of shields and extra damage. If you don't like where the game is, feel free to jump but I'm saying I don't agree with you. Also full collection of sets in CCGs has always been a bad idea, imo. Just pick up singles for the deck you want and call it a day 😕
  5. First I'd disagree on Luke1, he was fine for Awakenings and SoR, IIRC there were a few of the first store champs won by eLuke1/Rey1 during SOR(That was all Luke1 w/ My Ally Is The Force, those plays were super fun). Of course that was outstripped by more powerful decks like Emokids & once the Loops revealed the FN deck at Gencon a few months later Luke1 never did show again, but power creep has been a thing with the game as evidenced by Luke1 getting a cost reduction in Infinite. Secondly, Han1 was definitely a powerhouse of that deck, because Yellow was great at the time with Second Chance players and Hyperspace Jumps. Vibroknife definitely was a killer for Han1 though, since it killed all the shield decks pretty much. I'm not gonna touch the mill comment, but I will say that Leia3 is definitely just waiting for the right partner to really make her shine imo, especially with Ewoks around. But onto the point of the main heroes matching the villains, they definitely have had T1 decks at various points in Destiny's history. There was still Poe1/Maz, Qui-gon/Kanan, R2/P2(which was dominant for a long while), Obi2/Maz, Rey2/Aayla(Stairs), Obi2/R2, Mace/Satine/LM, etc. If you specifically mean Luke, Han, & Leia(and won't accept mill) then I'd still point out that Luke3/Yoda1 took Nordic Champs at the end of WtF meta & Han3/Qi'Ra Was a top deck at the end of AtG meta with Han4/Droids was a threat till recently. Those characters, Leia aside only because you don't like Mill, have had showings. So imo, they have made a lot of progress releasing main characters and while they still make mistakes(Anakin3 likely) they are also showing progress what with the recent buffs to certain over-costed characters. So barring a sudden cancellation announcement(which would be a valid reason to jump ship and is a possibility since it feels like there's something ominous about how the treat Destiny these days) I don't find the reasons presented in this thread to be compelling.
  6. I'd say they're hit and miss 50% of the time. On Lukes: Luke 1 was okay(eLuke1/Rey1 & eLuke/Akbar were legit in awakenings, less so in SoR meta but still a thing), Luke 2 Was real bad(but he's a starter character), Luke3 has shown up a few times in decks as a legit character(eLuke3/eYoda1 was legit during WtF), & Luke4 just looks to be the best pilot we've gotten, especially if you're trying to win via the plot but time will tell on that one. On Hans: eHan1/Rey1 was legit, Han 2 was awful(again a starter card tho), Han3 has shown up a lot of places with Qi'Ra and some other junk in the mix, while Han4 has found a home in droids but will likely prove to be a staple of aggro hero builds going forwards for some time, even if his droids deck got nerfed. On Leias: Leia1 was a miss for sure(Though she wasn't that bad imo), but Leia2 made mill a staple in the game, while Leia3 proved and early replacement to Hondo and has been a check aggressive wide strategies even is she hasn't been topping a lot recently(Her vs plo-woks or ewoks is super fun, if you're the Leia pilot). As for the new Anakin, I'm not a fan either but we'll see how he performs(Maybe there's something we're missing in the set like a guard/destiny reprint to make his 4 side worth it, or maybe a new saber). Even if he sucks, they're 2/3 at least with Anakins(The Rival deck one had it's time in the sun with Kylo2) while the Yellow Anakin2 was a mill powerhouse. All that said, there are plenty of legit issues to leave the game over but I don't think this one of them. Not that one needs a real reason, just saying that I don't think you need to reach for one here.
  7. A few things: -You can use Fateful companions with any C-3PO, so any future ones would work. -You can totally play C-3PO & R2 with Biggs with a 4 die start, you just can't run FC anymore. Those pairings aren't optimal, but they don't have to be. -Droids were the only deck that was still dominating the field after 2 previous nerfs(Military camp, then the point increase and the deck was still OP) -Everyone has thought they should be buffing cards rather than just nerf them all the time. You can argue they didn't hit them enough, but it's a good first step. -There were other decks, but Droids was the pairing that won worlds and has been a constant, dominant force in the meta. They'll hit the other decks too if they get outta line. FFG definitely could use more testing on their stuff though, but this is nothing new and you're deluding yourself if you think any of their games will be balanced in the long term though. FFG just does as they do and you sort of have to take it or leave it.
  8. And I forgot there are other sub-forums for the different RPGs, thanks! I used to go all out with big battles back in Saga Edition where players were basically untouchable when built optimally, so I could throw armies at them and they'd shrug it off. Now with minion mob rules and the narrative dice system, players are way more fragile (even if actually killing them requires a crit) so I've found I tend to shy away from larger combats, but positioning is still a valuable tool when I can make use of it. Also since there aren't attacks of opportunity or the like, I am way more inclined to include hazards and useful things on the battlefield for them to use, to give players who aren't as keyed in on combat as others something to do. But I will definitely check out Miniature Market, as well as see which of my old minis I can re-purpose.
  9. So I started playing Star Wars RPGs back with Saga Edition back when WotC had the licence and back then minis were important to showing where people were for the effects of abilities and stuff so I do have a bunch of those. Now, with FFG's cinematic combat, they aren't as important but I was still looking to get some new minis for my player's characters they as I figure they'd make for a good gift for my groups for the holidays. I looked at some previous threads and I didn't see anything on the subject recently. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm surprised there isn't a Star Wars equivalent to Heroforge or some options on there for Star Wars. It doesn't help I have a pretty wide array of species to cover as well. My Parties are as follows: (Party1) Bothan Trader Mirialan Slicer Kel Dor Soldier Chandra-Fan Seeker Togruta Sentinel (Party 2) Pantoran Seeker Human Diplomat Trandoshan Bounty Hunter Human Consular Zabrak Consular Thanks for any replies in advance!
  10. I see where you're coming from, but what do you mean that you "wouldn't let that happen" in regards to a combat after a social encounter? Cause I don't see what's stopping a character from chasing after them(as I did) even if they storm off/whatever. At worst it becomes a chase, but that's just another encounter no? Also I feel that healing them to full is a bit heavy-handed but that's why I'm asking about how common this is in the first place, so that might be the way to go. I'm coming from FFG's Star Wars system too. I thought it was 1:1 at first, besides the lack of talent trees bust stuff like the Social Encounters gives it enough different to shake me up sometimes! Anyways I don't recall an Optional Rule to give them a Strain Threshold there, but even if there is a rule for it I don't care so much about that anymore(since rule or not, it was an honest mistake and I'm okay with that). Just trying to be constructive at this point, and trying to see how common this has come up in a game vs how much of it is corner-casing. I think I largely agree with you though, I want to at least try it all RAW for this first. I was okay with the consequences of my fellow players and any negative repercussions for doing what I did but I was more concerned about him tipping things off since we didn't think about it till he had left and the social was over.
  11. So me and my group recently ran into this issue and I wanted to know if this is something that concerned anyone about how the rules worked in regards to this(since we had determined it was run incorrectly for a few reasons which prompted my question). The scenario was as follows: We are playing a superhero game and everyone has a power(all with their own talents to upgrade them) and I'm an esper(Telekinesis & Telepathic Attacks). However, we had tracked down a get away driver and convinced him to meet with us by feigning intrest in his services. Once we got him, we entered into social combat we inflicted strain exceeding his threshold and he yielded instead of getting incapacitated per the rules and gave up the name of the guy who hired him(goal completed!). However, after that was all said and done and he was already leaving(Social Encounter finished, people recovered strain per normal) when my character and another player realized that there wasn't anything stopping him from tipping off our real target, and my character made the, admittedly, brash action of following him alone and getting into a combat with him after our social one and trying to do strain to him(with my psychic attack). Now, this didn't work out as planned for several reasons. First, there was some miscommunication about how my powers work with the GM(which is a whole other thing) so he wouldn't let me target his stain so I was forced to do physical damage which would have been fine if he was a regular rival(since strain should have translated to wounds). Second, he had built a character who was supposed to be a rival but actually had both a strain threshold and a wound threshold, something normally reserved for Nemesis characters. And third, once I figured I could still attack his strain with a stun weapon he informed me he had fully healed the character's strain threshold after the social encounter. These things, combined with the addition of some bad rolls, I went down and the other characters had to pick me up off the ground afterwords. Needless to say I was a little peeved, but after game and I cooled off we got to talking about why the GM had done the things he had and some things were honest mistakes: the character was built on the fly, he forgot he shouldn't have had strain and wound thresholds), his home-brewed rules on powers is a thing that admittedly needs more work/clarification, etc. But the healing to full, was because in his mind it "doesn't make sense for a character to be weak after a social encounter" and this became a whole discussion within the group on how things should be treated going forward. Our group ended up pretty split on the subject so I wanted to see how often did this actually come up in a game for other people. So I ask: Have you ever had a combat encounter following a social encounter where an adversary was sucker punched or take out more easily than they should have been? And if so was it a detriment to the game? I frankly think it won't come up that often since it seems easy to avoid with Nemesis' character, not to mention that after a social encounter characters should get to recover strain either way(I'd even rule that minions/rivals would get to heal wounds too then, but I'm not the GM here).
  12. I personally felt like the Fel Empire was more the Empire in trappings than ideology. Though certainly still presented as a fascist organization, fascism isn't inherently a synonym for nazism(though it's certainly close since nazi were fascists). The key difference is that the Fel empire allowed a lot more aliens than the empire into their ranks (see the picture). I think that evil that oppresses others but does so in an egalitarian way (being cruel/evil to everyone who isn't on your side) can be way more sympathetic (and potentially interesting) than the other. Not saying I personally like them, just I found them way less offensive than the regular empire and more usable as material for a game(grey-ish force order with lightsabers, not complete nazi's). But hey, you're entitled to not like them of course, I think I started my earlier statement by saying that the Legacy comics were admittedly divisive! But I will say I have way more problems with the original Empire and the First Order. I think it's a lot stranger for regular people to love the Empire given it's iconography, especially with the First Order pretty much directly lifting from Nazi rallies in the Force Awakens. And yet there are people in legion wearing their storm trooper outfits and uniforms IRL. But as problematic as that is, I definitely can agree it could be worse though for sure! At least there is Thrawn and I don't think it hits the xenophobic peaks of 40k's Imperium.
  13. I'd agree they were divisive, but I'd say I was a fan. It definitely tried to be more style than substance but I liked a lot of ideas there(One Sith, Fel Empire, etc), but I didn't mind Cade's reviving others with the force since it felt like it had limits and with the stuff in canon now(dathomir witches) who have ZOMBIES who also can revive others, I think that I'm fine with Cade's dark healing.
  14. Geedo would be pretty bad being only able to be single die since he's 11 for elite. But yeah, I could see another character pairing do it well enough. eKylo 2/eGreedo/Double Down?
  15. No. Mostly cause who is the partner for single die Vader in villain?
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