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  1. I totally see this as a GW IP'd version, like 3rd Edition. Makes it easy to keep them straight! Even editions good, odd numbered editions bad!!!
  2. Cataclysm and its new rules would have made a great kickoff for a 5th edition.
  3. So, here's the real question: Does GW continue the 4th edition with new expansions, or just launch a 5th edition, and if so, when? Considering FFG had the design team and (probably?) continues to own/have control of the molds and files for printing the expansions they produced, what will GW do? They won't make any money just parking it, and considering it's been in print and expanded on for the past 8ish years. They've also been doing their own new boardgames recently. What do you guys think?
  4. This is great news! I love the game and era. I am sad that FFG decided not to buy/continue the game, but am happy it will live on, and be compatible with all my FFG WOW products.
  5. I play WOW, and from what I can tell, the only difference between it and X-Wing is the shape of the manuever cards. WOW has standard square cards with the direction lines printed on them, while X-Wing has awkward-looking cards shaped like the direction lines themselves.
  6. I have read on another forum that the owner of WOW, Nexus Games, has gone under. I would like to HEAVILY encourage FFG to pick up and continue the fabulous and successful WOW game now that it is available. It is undeniably a profitable line with strong sales. It would be even more successful with an improved, regular release schedule for the miniatures, Say, one new series and one repaint series each year for both WWI and WW2 versions, along with card and boxed expansions. FFG, please consider picking up and producing this game that you have had so much success in distributing in the past!
  7. Interesting, but surely if they can be troubled to release special gold planes, then they could take the time to issue historically accurate repaints of the first series aircraft? I would much prefer the opportunity to buy more Camels and Albatross in colorful, historically accurate paint than be bothered with metallic oddities. But as a "trophy", it is rather neat.
  8. Thanks for the links, guys! Very nice work on the Sopwiths, Merlin! These will be very useful. Does anyone know where you can find German planes?
  9. Hi, I'm a new player that has been drawn in by the lovely models. Because we have to wait so long between sets, I've begun repainting some to represent favorite pilots, and have also purchased the set of F-Toys biplanes as they mix so well with the official models. I know a lot of people customize their own planes, but has anyone made any custom plane cards for them yet? Or has anyone made cards that match the F-Toys planes?
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