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  1. Will this make the psyker ignore the 1 cp he gets from rolling on the table? Figured since some of the stuff always makes you get at least one CP. It says nothing on the subject, so far I have let my psyker ignore the mandatory point since he got Armour of Contempt. Was that correct?
  2. Thanks Garver! I will get both I think, I have about 5-6 months left on my first campagin so I have lots of time to plan the new one!
  3. I just looked it up and you are right, it seems lika a brilliant setting. In DH I mostly saw stuff about the Halo stars that said "don't go there". But you are right, this could be really cool. Any other information about the area then in the RT-book?
  4. Hi! I'm running a DH group with a few friends and they are approaching(slowly and steady) ascension levels. The campaign I have played is something I have written myself and so far they have enjoyed it. Now that we are going to bump the characters up a bit I'm starting to plan the ascension campaign. One of the ideas that I threw out was something that they really seemed to enjoy. The idea was that an crusade or explorer fleet would be launched from the Calixis Sector into uncharted space to push the boundaries of imperial space. And that the group of characters would be one of the Inquisitorial departments tagging along to make sure that everything goes according to plans. What I need help with is to actually figure out in which direction to send them? Halo Stars seems like a no-no, but what else is bordering on the Calixis Sector that is uncharted? Any ideas? I haven't gone through any of the RT stuff, but is there maps or things in there one could use? One of the upsides with my group is that they don't know a lot about 40k so the information they have gathered for the characters is the information they have(which they have done an amazing job of). So I figured that I could use a couple of cliches in the upcoming campaign(like in Xeno-encounters and such). But ideas and such would be welcomed if anyone wants to throw anything out there. Cheers!
  5. Jack of Tears said: >>the DM figured that it was a pretty lousy idea after I asked him if I should be “punished” for playing my character and gave me the same xp. << There is a fairly important note here as well. I have fairly well ceased giving xp based upon success or failure in a session - if the player is there and into his character, he receives a reward. Now, those who put more effort into rp and making the game fun are going to receive better rewards than those who do not, but this is no different from awarding points based on use of skills or monsters killed. My reasoning behind this is simple enough: we are all here to have fun. I have seen, however, that people sometimes get so caught up in the belief that they have to succeed no matter what they'll behave out of character, play the "chaotic everywhere" card more often, and even become stressed over the idea that they're going to mess up. This does not lend itself to an overall fun game, so I have taken the emphasis off of "winning" and placed it on good game play ... be that rp, or simply making the game fun for everyone else. (sometimes you'll get people who don't rp well, but their characters inject humor to the game, or the individual adds something else of value) Win or lose, the PCs are learning SOMETHING, after all. That said, there are still all the story repercussions for failing a mission ... so while your xp doesn't ride on it, the lives of those cultists might ... not to mention your Inquisitors opinion of his servants. (and consequently, how he treats them) I have found this approach makes people feel more relaxed at the table and allows the game to remain fun for everyone. That's a pretty good idea, to reward them for roleplaying instead of success makes them more focused on their characters, pretty nifty trick, that I would use too if the group was getting out of hand.
  6. Maybe I'm just a communist;), but I give all my players the same rate of experience points even if they make a game or not. To explain, I have a core of three players and we keep a couple of spots open for people that want to guest play an acolyte when they are in town or have the time. The time spent away from the cell represents time they spent on other missions and I plan to send one of the characters back with a missing hand, some interesting stories and the same xp as the rest of the players. Reasons for this is because I think it's a pretty fair solution, my players respond well and I have only withdrawn xp after one game that was completely atrocious, phones, people not being focused etc. Next session they all played their characters brilliantly and I awarded them double xp. I don’t feel that being left behind on the xp curve or such is as fun for the players, I mean, I don’t really want to punish a player for having more obligations in the real world the others. Then I prefer that everyone is equal when we play together. On the whole xp note tho, I have a pretty funny story from DnD a couple of years back. Our DM ran a campaign where xp was based on encounters and after finishing off a powerful lizardman we realized he had prisoners. So my lawful god paladin went to the prison and took care of the starving and de-hydrated prisoners and used the last of his spells and lay on hands to heal them. A couple of others in the group ran off for treasures and ended up in a fight which they won, since my character wasn’t a part of the fight but rather acting like a paladin, while the other two wanted magic items my character didn’t get any reward. To be fair tho, the DM figured that it was a pretty lousy idea after I asked him if I should be “punished” for playing my character and gave me the same xp.
  7. Thanks for the answers guys! Yeah, I have tried to do some layered stuff but taking it a bit easy with all the complex stuff since all of them are kinda new to 40k and Dark Heresy. Most of the early adventures has been pretty straight forward, I have had some complex stuff that they solve with very simple and effective methods. It could be that my mystires are too simple, but they are also very effective and follow their leaders call all the time. But yeah, I'm writing a mini-campagin now and I will try and work some more twists and turns into it.
  8. Hello fellow Game masters! This is my first post on this forum, I think any RPG forum, and I have been playing and GM:ing for more then a decade. Mostly I have been GM:ing different World of Darkness game with relatively large groups(4-6players) and I have notice that a standard story(that I write or on occasion use already published adventure could go on for awhile. This isn’t the case with my Dark Heresy group… First and foremost the group contains three players(Noble-born assassin posing as a guardsman, Tech-Priest and a Arbitrator). The characters get along great, they got after their first assignment the opportunity to pick a leader and they all nominated the Arbitrator and they really follow his input and advice while out in the field, without being will less drones. Thing is that my stories seems to be going fast, we play once a week between 4-6hours, and they seem to solve most of the cases in 2-3 sessions. So 12-18hours of play. I don’t think they mind or care, but feel that it takes some time but for me as a GM it can be a bit frustrating. I really want them to take time, do investigations and generally spend time on different planets. They do all this, but they do it effective and quickly. So, to finally get to my dilemma. Is 12-18hours of play too little to really sort out a case and how do I increase the time it takes without bogging it down with irrelevant combat and playing stake-outs in real time to pass the time? They play their characters well, they argue sometimes, they split up, they are careful but they seem to shred investigations so quickly. Is this really a problem or I’m I searching for a problem where there isn’t one?
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