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  1. New pics! This little pond is where I'm gonna make the Colour out of Space land Black Cave and The Graveyard Unvisited Isle ( unfinished) on right, Train Station and Curiosittie Shoppe
  2. amikezor said: Indeed. Amazing job. How large is the whole board ? It's about 3 feet x 7 feet. I wish I had made it 4 feet wide. Oh well.
  3. Tomshwag said: I just want to say that you are doing a fantastic job with this project. Keep up the great work! thanks man, I hope to have most of this done within the next 4 days. Still waiting on a couple buildings to arrive. Will post more pics in a couple days.
  4. Gate opening at the woods. I bought this figure from Dreamblade series and repainted it. I have 6 total.
  5. I made a new thread for you just in case folks aren't coming into this one as they aren't interested in the 3d model. Southside/Uptown Neighborhoods are coming together.
  6. Hello, this is a link to the suitcase I purchased to convert to a card holder. I cut the foam core boards which I purchased from staples. Total cost is only about $45. I thought the world map had a nice 20's theme and the brass accents almost feels steampunk. www.amazon.com/Quickway-Imports-QI003030-World-Suitcase/dp/B003YCJ9JO/ref=sr_1_1
  7. Here are some monster minis I'm going to use with this. Yes, I realize the scale is way off but I gotta work with what I can get.
  8. The Black Cave Not the final location on the board but it's pretty much done. Plus, the tentative landing spot is shown. Here is the picture I used for the location in eons
  9. Looks like a lot of work went into this. Good job!
  10. I don't have the link, but I do have all of them saved. Here is a fresh upload for you.
  11. I am working on something similar. I decided that I will use n scale road ways connecting all the streets but I will not make any streets to the locations. This should free up a lot of the congestion that the original board feels like it has. I made a thread about it if you guys are interested in seeing it. I would love to hear more about how you guys think things should be arranged. My project is still in the beginning and would love some more input.
  12. Finally got back to work on this. It's coming along nicely but still a ton more to do. I'm finding that the space is tight. This is only half the board. I'm making 4 sections so I can tear down and move as needed. Total measurements will be about 6' x 3' Laying down the plaster hills and cliffsides. The black cave - constructed using a mason jar for the entrance. I pulled some of the plaster cloth down to make it look like jungle weeds coming over the entrance. Here is a rough layout of how things will look. Once I get all the trees and scenery filled in, it should look really nice. I made some steps going up to a road on the way to the church. And I plan to make a curved road up to Silver Twilight Lodge Gonna prop these up along the edge somehow for the Other Worlds Will post more in this main thread as the project progresses.
  13. Hey guys, thanks for checking this out. I have a lot of hobbies and I tend to work on something until I grow bored and then come back to it later. I'm going to start work again on this today and I'll share some more pics with close ups of the mini's and buildings for size comparison.
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