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  1. 1. It cancels ALL effects of the plot, including initiative, gold, and claim. 2. None of those three (A, B, C). The cancelled plot remains in the used plot deck, with the newly revealed plot on top of it (not A). The opponent chooses a plot from his unused plot deck (not B). You won't only have enough plots for 6 rounds -- remember, when a player reveals the last plot in his plot deck, he returns all of his used plots (but not the plot he just revealed) to his plot deck (not C).
  2. This was just answered last week here:
  3. Rulebook, Page 26: "If there are no units defending a location with a Garrison token, combat still occurs as normal as if the Garrison was a single unit."
  4. "When a phase ends during which Gold Cloaks entered play using ambush, discard it from play." According to the Rule Reference, the dead pile is not "in play", so Gold Cloaks may not be discarded.
  5. No, you may not discard cards from hand or from play unless allowed/forced to do so by a card effect.
  6. I have the deluxe mat, and as far as I can tell, regions and locations are the same size. Units still tend to cover up barrels and crowns and names.
  7. "These flags illustrate the number of different armies, and the maximum number of units in each such army, that a House may field on the game board." The key word here is MAXIMUM. You may have armies with a smaller number of units. 2,2,2 is okay.
  8. The FAQ says: Q: Does the “Storm of Swords” Westeros card forbid placing or executing a vassal’s “Defense/Muster” order token? A: Yes. The “Defense/Muster” is a type of Defense order so it would not be playable. The Rulebook says: Raid/Support 1: This order token is both a raid order and a support order. -- Therefore: A card forbidding the placing of a Raid order would include a Raid/Support order.
  9. You've posted in the wrong Forum -- this is for the Reiner Knizia boardgame, and you're looking for "Journeys in Middle Earth".
  10. You want to buy or you want to sell? How much?
  11. Not sure what you mean when you copy and paste a previous post. Are you implying the FAQ is wrong?
  12. Yep. https://smile.amazon.com/FFG-Game-Thrones-Board-Expansion/dp/B07G8QSD27/ref=sr_1_1?s=toys-and-games&ie=UTF8&qid=1547530826&sr=1-1&keywords=mother+of+dragons
  13. Rulebook, Page 18: When a player grants support, his Support Order token is not removed after the combat. A Support Order may support any number of adjacent combats in the same game round.
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