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  1. You've posted in the wrong Forum -- this is for the Reiner Knizia boardgame, and you're looking for "Journeys in Middle Earth".
  2. You want to buy or you want to sell? How much?
  3. Why do you keep copying and pasting from previous posts?
  4. Not sure what you mean when you copy and paste a previous post. Are you implying the FAQ is wrong?
  5. Yep. https://smile.amazon.com/FFG-Game-Thrones-Board-Expansion/dp/B07G8QSD27/ref=sr_1_1?s=toys-and-games&ie=UTF8&qid=1547530826&sr=1-1&keywords=mother+of+dragons
  6. Rulebook, Page 18: When a player grants support, his Support Order token is not removed after the combat. A Support Order may support any number of adjacent combats in the same game round.
  7. No. Rulebook, Page 14: A Raid Order placed on a land area can never raid an adjacent sea area.
  8. They mean the same thing. Card "Each player collects one Power token for each power icon printed on an area he controls" Reference Sheet "In turn order, each player collects on Power token from the Power Pool for each power icon present in areas he controls. Each player also collects on Power token for each friendly Port containing a Ship (as long as there are no enemy Ships in the adjacent sea area)" Are you maybe confusing Power token and power icon?
  9. It is removed from the board. The player may use it again on his next turn. Rulebook, Page 16: Removing/Resolving Orders Whether an Order token is resolved normally or removed from the game board by other means, it is simply returned to its House’s available orders, ready for use during the next Planning Phase.
  10. You've posted your question in the Boardgame forum -- you need to move (or repost) in the Living Card Game forum.
  11. Because it says "skip the phase". Otherwise, it would say, "during the taxation phase, you do not return your gold".
  12. Everybody. The taxation phase doesn't happen.
  13. Those are in the first two deluxe expansions -- Kings of the Sea and Princes of the Sun.
  14. You can sort the cards by the letter and number combo in the corner. S for Stark, L for Lannister, T for Targaryen and B for Baratheon.
  15. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/more/contact/
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