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  1. There is also an unofficial FAQ: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1764905/collated-faq-difficult-questions-official-answers
  2. I sent your questions in to FFG Rules https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/contact/rules/ Will post any answers I get on this thread.
  3. This is the Game of Thrones forum :-)
  4. You will be the Defender, and your March Order was discarded at the end of your turn, so it doesn't count.
  5. Somebody's selling their collection for a good price: http://www.cardgamedb.com/forums/index.php?/topic/34032-moving-a-few-lcg-products/
  6. No. You may only place Orders where you have Units, and a Power Token is not a Unit.
  7. Actually, a second or third Core Set will have a bigger impact on your decks across the board than any other purchase (Deluxe Expansion or Chapter Pack) you make, and it's a better deal (per card) than the others as well. Check out eBay -- some folks are getting out of the game and selling off their stuff for a lot less than retail...
  8. If you have a duplicate on Eddard, and save him, the duplicate goes into your Discard pile (not the Dead Pile). You MAY play a Unique card if a copy is in your Discard pile. You CANNOT play a Unique card if a copy of that card is in your Dead pile.
  9. No, he is not out of the game. If no one takes his Home Area, he may be able to recover. He cannot place Orders until he has units, so he hopes for Muster to come up soon!
  10. 3 Core Sets would be enough to make such a deck, with cards left over.
  11. Q1. No Q2. No. Only Shipbreaker Bay.
  12. Q1. No Q2. No. Q3. No. Only Shipbreaker Bay.
  13. Reaction: After Ser Gregor Clegane discards a character using pillage, place that card in its owner's dead pile. Then, you may choose and kill a character with printed cost equal to that card's printed cost. There is no restriction in the text -- it says "kill a character". Player B is right.
  14. Jaxon, you are confusing the 1st and 2nd Edition rules. In the original LCG (which is this Forum), you are only allowed 1 of each plot (unless the plot specifically states otherwise). In the 2nd Edition, the rules are as you state.
  15. An example: Stannis Baratheon (4), Jon Snow (3), and Bastard of Nightsong (2) are in your Discard Pile. You only have two Power. You play your highest card (because you want to win), which is Melisandre. You discard two Power to get her back. Later that turn, you get 4 Power from your Consolidate Power Orders. Next turn, you can use her to get Stannis back.