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  1. kauai1964

    Question about the rule ??

    You've posted your question in the Boardgame forum -- you need to move (or repost) in the Living Card Game forum.
  2. kauai1964

    Planning Ahead

    Because it says "skip the phase". Otherwise, it would say, "during the taxation phase, you do not return your gold".
  3. kauai1964

    Planning Ahead

    Everybody. The taxation phase doesn't happen.
  4. kauai1964

    List of content

    Those are in the first two deluxe expansions -- Kings of the Sea and Princes of the Sun.
  5. kauai1964

    List of content

    You can sort the cards by the letter and number combo in the corner. S for Stark, L for Lannister, T for Targaryen and B for Baratheon.
  6. kauai1964

    Need to contact about missing prizes

  7. kauai1964

    need help?

    What do you want to know?
  8. Sometimes things work out in your favor, even if they would have been bad for someone else. If you need confirmation, contact FFG directly: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/contact/rules/ And please post the response here.
  9. You have more than one card in your hand. 2 is the highest Strength you have. You discard both 2s.
  10. kauai1964

    I have a question

    Supply track limits the maximum size of your armies. You can always have armies smaller than that, so 2,2,2 is fine.
  11. kauai1964

    need help?

    Your question is too vague and incomplete. What games do you already like to play? What kind of advice are you looking for?
  12. kauai1964

    I have a question?

    First, you post a question, like you did. Then, someone else posts an answer, like I am doing now.
  13. kauai1964


    Where do you live?
  14. kauai1964

    Killing characters

    Your question is for the Living Card Game, not the Board Game. The answer is no, defenders do not automatically die if they lose. Re-read how Claim works.
  15. Jaime's ability doesn't give you any additional military challenges -- remember, you are normally allowed only one challenge of each type. If another card allows you to declare more military challenges, you may include Jaime as an attacker without kneeling him.