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  1. Too bad, will likely mean we stop stocking the game in this case, BfM don't make it easy or cheap to get their games in Asia, even though they make FoW in Malaysia!
  2. Nice to see things arriving in Thailand before Europe for once :-) The first shipment arrived here last weekend and sold out in a day, second shipment due to arrivie shortly we hope :-)
  3. Hellfury said: Christcenteredgamer said: I would love to see Terry Prachett's Discworld books turned into an LCG. Good call. Yea I'm all in for that!
  4. Hellfury said: Going digital will be the deathknell for WW. Same thing happened to Mongoose when they decided to close all support for previous games and dedicate effort into something new. They are still around but merely a shadow of what they once were. Which frankly can squarely be blamed on the Vampire revamp. Speaking as one of many people who laughed at WW's attempt at a flagrant money grab when they decided to stop with the previous setting, we just stopped buying their products. Bought all the old 2nd edition stuff that we didnt have yet and are happy with that state. I know you cant be the only one out there who likes the new vampire stuff, but you are quuite literally the first person I have heard say anything even remotely positive about the new setting. But considering you dont have prior experience with the setting, its understandable since there isnt a previous frame of reference. No trying to debate it, just a better explanation of my stance regarding the changes so as not to appear as too much of a hater. I do like WW and their WoD settings, but they took it too far and lost their core constituents in the process. They would not have this hassle now of going digital, and the CCG would likely have lasted longer if they showed a bit more restraint. Certainly all the old WoD players I know have never had a bad thing to say about that setting, though more than a few gripes with the new one. I think it is a crying shame that they are dumping print, especially when firms like Arc Dream, Evil Hat, Pelgrane Press and others are supporting set ups like "Bits and Mortar" to offer free PDFs when players buy the real books. I agree with you that I believe we'll see White Wolf fade from the spot light now, a sad slow death for a firm that used to be on the bleeding edge of awesomely different RPGs Any way , I guess us fans of VTES will need to wish hard for a miracle :-)
  5. Hellfury said: With how complicated the licensing is between WotC mechanics and then White Wolf, I seriously doubt it will ever get picked up. Considering how WotC dropped it and now WW, from my limited understanding of things I doubt someone else will pick it up just to end up dropping it like they did due to lack of sales. It was said that "White Wolf sought out many possible licensors to take over the franchise but an accord could not be met." so I am sure FFG are aware of its state. Shame about it dying though even if it is hardly surprising. Never good to see a good game go. The CCG model is on its way out though and the only game that can keep it successful is the paper crack addiction of Magic. I agree with Big Show. Change the mechanics and make a better game based on the license. Less licensing fees (especially since some of it would have gone to FFG's direct competitor) and a more solid game design for the product. Let it go into torpor and arise later as a newer, stronger leech. Oh and if you do end up doing something with this license FFG, don't bother with WW's current Vampire background. The revamp (no pun intended) basically killed the roleplaying game. It was a piss poor mistake and most of the reason why such a large amount of interest was lost by their fan base for the roleplaying game. Yes I imagine the issues on the license would make it tough for anyone to pick up unless WW forego anything they may want to make, or unless WotC pick it up again, both very doubtful at this time, but given time WW may soften their desires, the firm does seem to be struggling and down the road, smaller offers may appear to be more attractive. I never played the original Masquarade so can not debate you on the finer points of the game, but I started playing nWoD (vamp/werewolf/LARP) a few years ago and very much enjoy the games in their present state. However I love my books and with WW going digital I imagine that I won't be investing much in their future products as a player, and as a store owner I won't be investing (or promoting) anything in their products at all.
  6. The_Big_Show said: Wow. But I'm not surprised. After many years of playing it the game had gotten very convoluted and overly complex. I wouldn't want to see VTES picked up but an LCG based upon Vampire: the Requiem being more political (VTES was far too much combat based) would be a nice replacement. True enough something with a little more politics in it would be great.
  7. Well I used to be a big fan of White Wolf...but their sudden decision to do everything in PDF only from mid 2011 onwards leaves me with a very bad taste in my mouth and the desire to call them up and say a few "words". Anyway, as we all expected Digital Wolf has now decided to drop VTES as well...hard to publish a CCG in PDF format! Dumping loyal fans around the world and what I believe is the second oldest CCG in existance. So, I beg and I grovel and I ask.... PLEASE FFG can you PLEASE pick up VTES, make it into an LCG PLEASE!!!!
  8. Does anyone know of an updated PDF fast start rule set for use as a lead in to the full game (and published rule book)? We need something to use to teach and give away to new players, so far we've not come across anything. Guidance appreciated :-)
  9. Yes my money is on the next LCG being based around the 40k Universe.
  10. Rogue30 said: khunkwai said: it is a perfect starter and also a cheaper way to get people into the game. Is it really? Personally I would prefer to spend money on new cards. The cheapest way to start play now is Princes of the Sun expansion. Yes True, but not everyone wants to play Greyjoy or Martell
  11. Thanks for the replies. We're over in Thailand so its not so easy for us to get access to the games from other retail stores
  12. Sure, we would love too...but it is out of stock and FFG have had no supplies for around 3-4 months now and no sign of any more arriving soon. We want people to start to learn the game, and as the ITE edition uses the same card format as the boxed set it is a perfect starter and also a cheaper way to get people into the game.
  13. Hi All We've been looking at getting some of the old Iron Throne Editions Starter Boxes in order to get new people into the game, however they all look like they have the same two houses in them "Lannister and Stark" is that the case for every ITE Starter or is the house selection in each one random? Tks Chris
  14. Hi All Bit of a debate in the game the other day. During the challenge phase the active player paid a gold to change a miitary battle and then wanted to play " at the point of a blade". We all argued that as the plot card wasn't "being revealed" that the "point of blade" card wouldn't work, and that it could only be used during the Plot phase and only on an actual Military Battle Plot card (not on uncon warfare) He's not convinced so I thought I'd ask for clarification here tks
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