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  1. hi Excellent job Gribble, with these nuggets of information, I can make a more well-informed decision whether to buy this game or not…oh who am I kidding, take my money already FFG. Still awesome job, I do see many similarities in game mechanics to WFRP. ciao
  2. Jegergryte said: Different continent altogether. Bergen, Norway. HaH! me too. Heia Bergen, hilsen stril.
  3. Maybe Force user is a kind of latent jedi, afterall Luke didn't know that he could use the force until Obi-Wan started to train him. and Luke was probably not the only one. so in the Rim there could easily exist other latent force users, that have the potential of becoming a Jedi…. And that is a great background story for a PC, and a great adventure hook, to have the latent jedi power (if such exist in the book), or even part of a obligation rules. Child of Destiny (new Obligation [force user] as a child you where hidden from inquisitive eyes, stowed away on a remote planet away from harmful minds. You are indebt to certain individuals that took great care in disguising your heritage. and now due to recent events they have revealed themselves [insert versions of patrons], and given you some puzzle pieces about your unknown past….
  4. Hi I would choose Ostermark of three reasons. 1) its history, which deals basically with the ruins of Mordheim (major site) 2) The Griffon Empire. If my memory of warhammer lore, Ostermark dreamed of their own empire, and if they where the first to unit the tribes of the Empire, it would be called Griffon Empire instead of just the Empire. 3) mixed heritage, the diversity of the ostermarker could introduce us to the ungol and kislevite characters, including them as playable races. For me Ostermark is a very untypical province of the Empire, its part Hungary part Czeckia. Great way to present a more unusual empire . Rikard
  5. Emirikol said: One of my players bought it. I think I'm going to make him run the sessions with a dwarf party and let me have a brief rest. jh Hi lucky you having such nice friends. Well it kinda sucks having no maps over the area. In fact I thing its sloppy on the behalf of FFG not to include a map. Maps are essential, it helps to paint the surrondings and to avoid misunderstandings, and even better it helps the GM to answer pretty common questions like: where's the nearest town? we need supplies. Don't like this at all Rikard
  6. hi now way Jòse! In a long-term campaign the slow build up of corruption points add to the sense of doom that I find "gritty". The adventure found in winds of magic, was particular hard on our reckless spell casting wizard. she was constantly target by the Tzeentch's corrupting winds, and when it was all over she had racked up an impressive 6 corruption points. Her next goal is to get them removed, I think maybe a a difficult and sacrificing journey and quest would be able to remove 1 or 2 tokens. Such as travelling to a remote place, reconstruct a temple to Sigmar, put the tormented ghost found there to rest after and hard ordeal. With other words have to invest a lot of time and energy into getting it removed. donating some money or even evil artifacts to a local temple, don't come close to this for me. its about sacrifice, heroic and selfless acts, things that don't come easy in warhammer as everything can have dire consequences. That made me think what kind a scenarios would award removing corruption points? could you write a single scenario that had the purpose of doing so? That gave me an idea of creating such a scenario where the sole purpose would be to redeem and free yourself from corruption points. I see at least some guidelines to be included in such a Redeemer Scenario 1) Temptations: all redeemer scenarios should include the chance of getting more corruptions as they progress through the story. 2) The Narrow Path: include ways of loosing a corruption point, along the road to indicate to the PCs you're on the right track. 3) Redemption : succeeding should either let everyone in the party loose 1 CP each, or the PC in question loose several (2-4) 4) The Dark Side: failing should have as dramatic consequences as succeeding. aaargh 5) A long journey: refers to limitation on how fast and of often a PC or party can do a Redeemer scenario. That's it I've decided what my next scenario for LF # 10 would be....a Redeemer scenario Rikard
  7. Ah good of you Emirikol to hold the FFG fort, me being busy with LF, therapy and general life, means that I haven't been very active on the FFG forums lately. So feeling bad about neglecting the forums, I visited and felt heartily at joy seeing your posts. I hope we can get you back some days, you are sorely missed. well I just wrote to say it felt good to see you around on the old FFG forums. Keep it up. Rikard
  8. Hi I believe that the next issue of Liber fanatica will have an extensive article about Mordheim. it will be published at the very end of this quarter or in the 1st quarter of 2012. I hope that will be of some help to you. Sincerly Rikard co-developer of LF #9
  9. hi it fair to say that the first of the two announced races will be Halflings. But what the other race will be is a puzzle. It depends how FFG define a race. it could be as simple as a karak something Dwarf. [note: that azgaraz dwarf was more specific in the rulebook than high-elf or wood-elf, see page 24-26], but on the other hand it could be any of the following list (in order which I think is most likely): 1) Norsemen 2) Ogres & gnomes (both where available as Player characters back in the 1st edition, and beside ogres are on the move again) 3) Gospodars & ungols (where given a fair description in 2nd edition, and beside would open for playing Ice-mages) 4) karak something dwarfs (I don't have the Black Fire pass, maybe there are hints there about other dwarf races?) 5) Strigany (mentioned in some 3rd edition products, maybe they have expanded on that?) 6) Sea elves (not really a race at all, but it refers to the elven enclave of Marienburg that for centuries have lived there) 7) tilean or estalian humans Estalian and the norse had their own career in the 2e rulebook. But if I had to guess it would be Ogres . a tall race and a small race combined into a perfect sourcebox. I really look forward to this product. cheers Rikard So long facebook and thanks for all the fish. - a statement from a friend of me when google+ was released.
  10. Shadowmancers [Grey order]....are tasked primarily with the persecution of the enemies within Imperial society and the protection of the ideals of the Empire...The Shadowmancers serve as diplomats, spies and even assasins, tasked with finding and eliminating the networks of illicit organisations that work away in the shadows undermining the acceptable civil, military, political, and religious structures of the Empire. From the RoS. I often apply grey wizards as a secret police, that works in the shadows, not very unlike a Witchhunter. Of that reason carrying a sword would have a practical use as well. another names for grey wizards are Grey Guardians. The Sword is the symbol of the lore of shadow, and the sword of Judgement is a subtle reminder of the College's own very strict rules. And with it you will cut through the veils of Ulgu and see the truth. It also serves as a cold reminder what would happen to you if you give in to temptations and use the lore of shadow for your own selfish needs. Shadowmancers may only practice their spellcraft for the benefit of the Empire...and are forbidden to use their magic for their own profit or solely for the political or financial profit of their patrons. All shadowmancers must take vows of poverty and cannot accumulate property or wealth that is of no direct or practical use to their cause. Any breaches of the many strict rules laid down by the order are prosecuted very harshly and vigorously. From the RoS. good gaming
  11. Hi thanks for sharing. It was fun reading up about chris Pramas. The guy did a lot for warhammer. good gaming Rikard
  12. thank you very much for your heartfelt condolances. It's touching, it really is. But than I have always suspected that the FFG forums in general is made up with decent and good people. thank you for proving me right. I can only repeat what our primeminister said "we will counter this with more Democracy, with more Openess, with more Freedom". And so we shall. Sincerly Rikard -a norwegian WFRP player.
  13. Crazy Aido said: I suppose I'm better off creating something more substantial and aiming to submit for IX rather than rushing a job for VIII, that said of course, nobody has actually said they're even interested yet... You should post your idea on the Liber Fanatica forum. I'm not totally against your idea having noble as background trait, but I do believe nobles will be detailed in the upcoming Slaneesh box. Maybe even with several career cards and such. But than again I might be wrong. However your idea will interest people, and in particular those who don't want nobles as a own career card. So I would post it on LF forum anyway, nothing has been decided yet what theme LF #9 will have. I have suggested a Adventurer themed issue, with a lot of adventures and such. Good gaming
  14. k7e9 said: On the Warhammer online page I found a concept art picture of the fig. 3 monster, and they called it a Nurgle Spawn. You have to scroll down a bit on this page to find it: www.warhammeronline.com/newsletterarchive/2008/February2008.html Here's a link for the picture only: mythicmktg.fileburst.com/war/us/home/images/newsletter/2008_02/spawn02.jpg On page 24 in the creature's guide there are rules for Chaos Spawns and maybe they just gave us an alternate look for the spawn. That was some impressive detective work there k7e9. found some excellent pictures on that site of yours, thanks for sharing. The last piece of the puzzle has now been resolved. figure 1) ghoul figure 2) Uncle Alfred...just kidding A Cairn Wraith. figure 3) Chaos spawn, a Nurgle Spawn. thanks everyone for your wise suggestions this helped me alot. Case closed and good gaming
  15. Llanwyre said: He's on sheet 6/6 of the standees in the Creature Vault, but isn't mentioned on any of the cards. If he's a repeat from another adventure, he's definitely NOT from Signs of Faith, Winds of Magic, or Edge of Night. (I don't use my standees, so I checked the sheets really quickly.) Sorry I can't help, Mal, but your descriptions of the critters made me laugh!! Pleased to hear you liked my jokes, even Uncle Alfred laughed at it, in his very eerie-"gonna-outlive-you-all-bastards" kinda way.
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