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  1. True. Apparently, there are other precedents. I just want this to have a lot of options just like Call of Cthulhu. I would be fine with seven factions. Eight would probably be pushing it, especially considering that there's no fluff to support it. If they ever came into being, I want them to play just like family. With Loras and Margaery triggering off each other, and Grandma Tyrell being the deadliest character you could ever bring out. They'd be like the Whateleys in Doomtown.
  2. Considering that the Call of Cthulhu LCG recently added another faction, is it possible for this game to add another one as well? I would really like House Tyrell included considering that they do want power for themselves and that they're also represented in the board game.
  3. I find it interesting that there is a forum avatar for Civilization that resembles an Asian woman. Is this a preview of a new civilization or is it unused art for the seventh civilization that may have been included in the base game? FFG, please release information about the inevitable expansion to this wonderful game.
  4. Is it true that a deluxe edition is in the works? I think I read this somewhere in BGG. If this were true, it would be like a pseudo-expansion.
  5. I'm sorry, but here are more inane questions. 1. If the first Mythos card drawn is 2 doom tokens are added to the doom track or a monster surge occurs, do you get a new card? 2. Regarding the Mythos card from Dark Pharaoh where you have to discard a common item in an Other World, is this done during the Arkham Encounters Phase like the other Rumors or can you do this anytime you're in an Other World? 3. If you encounter an Elusive monster through an Encounter, can you choose not to fight it? 4. Can you use the skills that grant one success after rolling if you didn't roll any dice due to having 0 for a skill check? 5. Do handcuffs work on Tcho-Tcho Priests? 6. There are a carrot, a pile of pebbles, and a pipe lying together in the middle of a field. How did they get there? Once again, I'd appreciate any answers you might have.
  6. Thank you so much for the clarifications. I shall hate that Environment with a passion. Now I shall continue playing my Live-action Arkham Horror. It just feels weird playing as Sister Mary.
  7. Thanks, guys. You've been a big help.
  8. 1. Can you fight the monsters guarding gates when you return to Arkham from an Other World so you don't have to waste a turn sneaking or fighting them the next turn? 2a. Are the Mythos cards from Curse of the Dark Pharaoh really that weird? Regarding the one that has you get three Maniacs or two ghosts from the outskirts, monster trophies and cup, what if it makes it over the monster limit? Do they all go back to the outskirts? 2b. Regarding the one with exhibit items that end up in the streets, when the environment goes away, can you still pick them up? 2c. Regarding the one with Mummies in the streets, is it active everytime you enter a street or when you just end your movement there? 3. When you gain an ally like Duke, do you also get a sanity token for getting him or does it just move your maximum sanity? 4. When it says look for the first Tome/Weapon you find, do you search from the bottom going to the top or top going to the bottom? 5. Why is a raven like a writing desk? I'd appreciate any answers you might have and I apologize in advance if these have been asked before.
  9. Vitus_Prem said: Does Rex Murphys ability work during the setup? In other words, does he gain a 4th clue token when he receives his initially 3 clue tokens from his "fixed posessions"? I'm not entirely sure, being a new player and all, but I think in the base game rulebook, under Receive Random Possessions on Game Setup it reads, "Note: Abilities that affect drawing cards from the card decks, such as Monterey Jack's Archaeology ability, do work when drawing random possessions at the start of the game." So I assume that his ability doesn't work at the start of the game.
  10. I want to see the other investigators. I want to see the violinist and what she can do, and she'd better have an Erich Zann type ability. Something along the lines of: Otherworldly Music Any Phase: Lose 2 sanity or exhaust your Violin to prevent a monster from appearing at your location or to automatically succeed at an Evade check against a monster.
  11. Do you mean everything including the Dunwich board or just the Dunwich cards? Whenever we play, we hardly win (thanks to those cringe-inducing Rumors) and I think a new board would screw us over all the more. Truth be told, I'm not sure about King in Yellow or Black Goat of the Woods. Which expansion brings in better Investigator cards? And what's harder to manage, Corruptions or Blights?
  12. Then we should have variants of zombies like Nurse Zombie, Hoodlum Zombie, Priest Zombie (with martial arts!) and Baby Zombie. We should really get a Meat Cleaver weapon instead of a plain old knife too. ****, fine pudding. Rich and creamy; just the way I like it.
  13. I didn't think anyone would get the Dead Alive reference. Cheesy movie but it's a zombie film, and I love shambling hordes. I'd love to post a detailed playthrough but I can't seem to completely remember a game after playing. I think I take Sanity loss everytime I play Arkham Horror. Thanks for the warm welcome.
  14. Greetings from the Philippines! I've been reading Lovecraft for some time now, and being a gamer, I wanted to be able to immerse myself in the Mythos. I was considering playing the video game or the card game, but when I saw Arkham Horror, I really wanted to play it. I read up on the rules, FAQs, the wiki and these message boards, and steadily built up my excitement. Unfortunately, the game is not available locally so I had to order the base game and Curse of the Dark Pharaoh online. When it arrived, I couldn't contain my excitement. My sister and I played it right away, and let me say that it has surpassed all my expectations. I chose my perennial favorite, Sister Mary while my sister chose Darrel Simmons. We picked Azathoth so we woudn't have to go through the final battle for the first game. I fell more in love with the Nun considering that she started with a Marksmanship card and grabbed a Tommy Gun early in the game. She almost seemed like a comic book hero (I kick ass for the Lord!). My sister rolled in the dough and grabbed practically half the ally deck from encounters thanks to the Photographer's ability. The game lasted for hours considering we had to go through the rulebook countless times. In the end, Azathoth destroyed the world but we enjoyed it so much that we couldn't wait to play again. I want to order Dunwich Horror and King in Yellow next, but the shipping costs for the base game hit me like the Dark Young hit Sister Mary once. I'll have to save up a bit before I can purchase these two expansions so I'll just pretend I'm playing it in the Dreamlands. I'd like to thank FFG and the designers for coming up with a great game. I'd also like the community for being so helpful to new players. If not for your assistance to others, I wouldn't have known certain things prior to playing. Thanks again, everyone!
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