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  1. I figured it out. Sorry I posted the topic. Guess I was getting a little post happy.
  2. I have not ran a Dark Heresy Campaign yet. I am about to. However I have ran and been a part of numerous D&D 3 and 3.5 campaigns. Most of these Campaigns ended in inter party violence. For those not aware of the D&D 3.5 alignment system this will make less sense. Most characters were some sort of neutral or if allowed evil. We'd get an occasional good character. There was always an inter party conflict in each campaign. It all depended on who pissed who off in game. Some times it would only be one memeber of the party that was butchered for his incompetence. Thus was at times understandable. Othertimes it was almost an even split, and sometimes it was or became a free for all. Characters that didn't pick sides might be left out, if they were support characters and didn't pick sides then they were kept out of the disputes. I as a player was left out of party conflict largely because most of the players liked me in person, and even if I played a darker character they tended to respect me in character. When I did get involved was when I agreed with the reasons ic and otc and when my character was better made than the rest of the group. This would at times completely prevent conflict, cause I was good at both powergaming and rping at the same time. In my experience most conflicts are caused by a combination of bordom (either of their character, or of a underpowered campaign), or of pride (whos the best), and in character conflict (which may be simptomatic of bordom and pride). Bordom is a strong word to use in this case, desire for more conflict is a better one. I don't think that most of the story lines that were created were grimdark enough for my players. These character conflicts tend to make very interesting rp opportunities, allow players to have a good reason for replacing their chracter (cause they are dead), and the conflicts can get even more interesting if the pcs that died are resurrected (a rare occurance in D&D, unless the party has a high level cleric). Next such a situation happens (in D&D), if I am DMing (Gming), I will have the charcters that die rise (alive or undead or demon) and become nemisis npcs. Ironically enough I think that I will encounter no interparty killings mainly because of the Grim Dark theme of Dark Heresy (I've tried to run D&D horror campaigns, but most of my pcs wanted to be anit-heros (which tends to make things seem less horrific in character (Especially when they start doing worse things than the villans (In which case I make the next villans good) ) I have also exluded from the group the biggest incompetents and trouble makers. If any of you want me to post more detail ask. My post is rather lengthy already, but I'm trying to be consise.
  3. I like the idea. It sounds like it make for good role playing. Your techpriest will likely become frustrated though. There is another consideration: Time It takes a minimum of a day to properly implant cybernetics. The techpriest would become so busy (If he had the money) replacing peoples limbs (and eyes, etc...) that it would interfere with his work with the Inquisition. 'Upgrading' your peers may go well with your Inquisitor, but I doubt he'd like it if the techpriest was 'helping' random people when he could be hunting down heretics and aliens.
  4. How big are the rechargers? How long do they take to recharge packs? Weither fluff or canoon I'd like to know. I'am about to start my first campaign. I have a tech priest that has read into the book and wants to carry around a laspack recharger or integrate it with himself (If it recharges packs faster than a minute). He either wants to have it so it runs off his Potentia Coil, or be able to recharge the recharger with Luminen Charge (every couple of laspacks).
  5. Does starting experience count towards gaining ranks? I'm new to Dark Heresy, but not to rpgs.
  6. I myself would like to get my PC stranded in the Iocanthos badlands. They would need to fight for thier lives till they could find a way to get off planet. Even if they arn't outright killed they'd might need to kill for food. This would test the PCs, and the players.
  7. warpdancer said: Members of the Adeptus Terra ´ve the right of a court, the AdMech is de jure and more or less de facto an independent empire, only the Empereor of man is also the Omnissiah of the Mechanicus which means the Arbites have the same power as the Inquisition, as much as they can enforce and the AdMech let himself be enforced or accepts, only the Arbites are in a much weaker Position than the BIG I. This may be on a tangent, but I disagree with the statement that the Emperor of man is also the Omnissiah of the Mechanicus. I've been researching a lot into the Mechanicus and have discovered that some tech-priest do indeed believe that the God-Emperor is the Omnissiah, but most haven't since he was 'enthroned'. I may be incorrect, but it believe it is more likely that the Omnissiah is the Dragon Of Mars (an imprisoned C'tan).
  8. I must have skimmed through that section 15 times looking for that item. I have no idea how I missed it. Oh well. Thank you.
  9. Graver said: Magos Militant Jacob said: First of all I have a question. What is a Photo-Visor (According to cannon, or your opinion)? The context is Dragon Scale on page 137 of the Inquisitor's Handbook. I'm thinking its either a HUD, or something akin to night vision goggles. Open Dark Heresy to pg 147 and look to the bottem left hand of the page -all your questions regarding Photo-Visors shall be answered there. Will do ASAP. Thanks.
  10. That would make sense. Unless photo is used misleadingly this device has something to do with light. It would be highly useful to compensate for light in the battle field. I have been reading up on various sites about the Tech-Priests religion. The Omnissia might in fact be a C'tan. Is this cannon? I had not understood how convoluted connon can be till I looked further into this forum. I find the idea of the tech-priests HUD interesting. My main problem with it is I am unsure how it would affect the tech-priests game mechanic wise. For example: A gangster is trying to decieve a tech-priest as to his past so that he can buy otherwise regulated equipment. Unless he pulls off a magnificent disguise (perhaps even surgically modifiing his body) the HUD show his real history.
  11. First of all I have a question. What is a Photo-Visor (According to cannon, or your opinion)? The context is Dragon Scale on page 137 of the Inquisitor's Handbook. I'm thinking its either a HUD, or something akin to night vision goggles. Wheither 'Machine Spirits' are really spirits or not is up to you as the GM. It appears that most on this forum do not believe they are spirits. I have yet to decide weither they will be spirits in my campaign. I have considered the following: That machines do indeed have machine spirits, because over the centuries the worship of machines has created warp-entites that actually might need to be appeased. This would make it so that you might indeed have to do both physical and spiritual matinence. I've also considered that how age of a machine might affect how much the machine spirit (if it is a warp entity) has control over its embodyment (machine). For example the bolter that hits weakenesses the user is unaware of could be: lucky, have a guidence system of some sort, or be affected by a warp entity. Unless there is an extensive database of the details of everyone, how would the tech priests HUD work on people? I would be able to assist in the analisis of all, but it would be unlikely that it had the background of every person on every planet. Some planets with highly detailed census could support near complete records of all of its citizens, but why would they give these records to tech-priests. Perhaps as some part of an agreement. Reguardless it is up to the gm if all/some techpriests have these HUDs, and how effective they are (and thier game mechanics, if any).
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