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  1. So at last to understand it completely. The Warrior attacks the Mentalist. Mentalist uses a shield and he rolls more Psychic Projection than the Warriors attack.The Shield succeeds and it loses Life Points equal to the base damege of the Warriors attack. The Mentalist decides to maintain his Shield and he puts it in his Innate slot. Second Turn: The Warrior attacks the Mentalist again.The shield is in the Innate slot but the Mentalist rolls Psychic Projection and the Warrior his attack.If the Warriors attack is higher the shield does nothing and the Mentalish takes damage.If the Mentalist rolled Higher the shield takes the damage. Can the Mentalist counterattack if the shield successfully blocked the damage? If a maintained shield fails to block due to poor rolling of Psychic Projection does it stops to be active?
  2. So if I summon a creature,then roll a successiveI control and the Bind it everytime I realease it from the binding and it materialises I don't need to roll for control because I have already done it when I summoned it?
  3. So if a Mentalist has a Psychic Shield active and on the second turn I attack him again I roll attack and he rolls Psychic Projection..If I roll higher what happens?
  4. When creating a new monster do the monster has as much Develpment Points as his Level suggests (like in character creation - 0 level 400 DP, 1 level 600 etc.) and those DP can be invested in powers for the creature and for the original things like buying Attack, Dodge , Secondary Abilities etc .? Excuse me for the successive questions.
  5. When a Mentalist uses a Psychic Power Shield and it puts it in one of his Innate slots does he need to roll defence every subsequent turn that he receives an attack or the shield intervenes automatically? How is damage for the attack calculated?Does the attacked rolls Attack? Thanks again!
  6. Do you need to Control an entity before you can Bind it in an item ? Also, everytime you want to realease the entity from it's prison do you need to pass a Control check or else you can not Control it ? Thanks in advance!
  7. I have created a 1st level Warrior Psyker to see how he plays and oh my God he was brokenly powerful !!! I kind of think that Psykers are unbalanced. Can someone please explain me step by step how I use a Psychic Power because I think that I do something very wrong. For example, what are the steps to use the Psychokinetic Impact in page 198? Or the power Shatter ! Is it considered an attack and if it hits the target loses his actions? What defence the target rolls and which penalties apply? The blinded and the fired Projectiles penalties together? Can the damage be increased by the roll of the Psychic Projection? Also, if I roll a psychic Potential roll of 85 do I succeed a difficult level(120) in the effect area of the Psychic Power?I ask this weird question because the example in page 192 in the Use Of Psychic Powers confused me utterly! Last,I made a Dark Paladin also and it seemed almost impossible to summon an entity of level 1 (I have summoning 75).Is summoning supposed to be that dificult? How can you choose an element for the elementalism option?Do creatures have an associated element? So many questions! Please a brave soul just try to explain these to me!
  8. No problem CyrusRangue! I appreciate your inclination to help!
  9. Thanks again! Everything was explained perfectly but can you please explain how a wizard or a mentalist use a shield in a fight ?
  10. Just for clarification : 1)I am a wizard and I am attacked from someone with a sword. Do I have the choice as a wizard to use my Magic Projection as a defensive roll instead of Dodge or Block and if I succeed I will raise a shield using one of my spells? 2) About a Wizard losing concentration: If I am attacked and the attack succeeds do you lose the zeon you have accumulated if you roll under the amount of damage you received or under the base damage of the attack without the modifiers? For example, someone attacks me with a Dagger (base damage 30 Str bonus +10 final damage 40).If I roll lower than 30 or 40 do I lose all my accumulated zeon points? I ask this because the rules and the example in page 110 Damage During Accumulation confused me a little. 3) Last, what does that means: "In cases where the character's Intelligence does not even allow him to reach the minimum value of the spell, the spellcaster will be incapable of understanding it".Page 113 about Using Spells last sentence. Thank you very much!
  11. And does the option of choosing specific spells freely by investing Magic Level points allow you to choose a spell that it is from a path you have not invested Magic Level points. For example, I have 20 Level in Earth and 10 in Light and I want to learn Fireball from the Fire path is it possible?
  12. Do you get the free access spells from all the paths that you have invested Magic Level points up to the spells you know or you have to choose one of the paths you know and take as much free access spells as your level at that path allows? For example, I have 30 Magic Level in Light and 20 in Earth.Do I know all the free access spells that are inside the first 15 of the Light path and all the free access spells that are within the first 10 of the earth path or only the Light ones or Earth ones?
  13. Still reading the book and I have some minor questions. 1)How does Imbalance works in magic? At character creation if I make a Wizard and I develop his Magic Projection can I at that point just say that I want his Magic Projection ability to have +20 in offensive spells and -20 in defensive spells or do I nned some sort of special module to buy with Development points? In page 111 in the core book under the Magic projection Imbalance it states that "The only way to achoeve an offensive Imbalance is to develop the ability by investing DP directly, and not through anyone of the Mystical Modules" What does that mean? 2)I have 3 attacks in my turn.I execute the first but the defender dodges succesfully and he counterattacks and hits me.After that do I lose my remaining two attacks(and all my other Active actions)? Thanks for the support!
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