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  1. Found it on BGG - here - see the battle's progressing well(ish) from a British point of view. I'm also working on the 'captive' audience approach of family but unfortunately think ToI may be bit too advanced for my 4 year old.
  2. Hi Cymrusaint Am enjoying this - want to see how it finishes. Is this solo play; problem I always have is finding someone to join in Cheers
  3. Point taken on the forum traffic. However does increase the need for a search function - anybody know why it's disabled/not working?
  4. Not sure who would be best person(s) to point this one at ... possibly the mods? I was wondering if anybody else like to see a few subforums set up - assuming it is possible. For example, in addition to a General forum could we have ones specifically for Rules questions and Scenarios. Does anybody know if the mods/FFG staff are looking at the forums. It'd be great to get an 'official' view/interpretation on the rules questions. Is the Search function working? I'm relatively new here and at the moment it's a pain to trawl through all pages for information and also not being able to do a search; especially as (hopefully) the amount of threads will continue to increase.
  5. Thanks for the replies. Looks like this one is up for discussion. Got the game last night and the Normandy expansion (preferred theatre); haven't had time to open it - real life getting in the way! It's a Bank Holiday in the UK this weekend so hope to have a good go at it - will post once I've got a feel for how things could go. I'm with Hefsgaard on the 2 better than 1 approach, but once again trying to find (i) someone to play locally and (ii) finding the spare time with a young family - and convincing my better half it's time well spent! - sort of pushes me in the solo direction at the moment - besides I know I'll win that way
  6. Thanks for the replies - that's cleared that one up then .... any further opinions greatly received. Hope to get the game today so should be able to have a good luck over the next few days.
  7. Hi all - I am looking to buy ToI but before taking the plunge I just wanted to see how's it for solo play. Tried to search the forum but can't get the search function to work; don't think it's me being stupid Cheers
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