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  1. Apart form that they need to find a new designer it is the first time they add to the rule-book: "Special thanks to all the fans, testers, and players troughout the years that have made Talisman so great!" I am afraid this could be the last expansion...
  2. I agree too. So generally if you can not move the full dice roll one way (except teleport and other efects) - you have to go the other way (even against the arrows in the City). But if you have no way to move full dice roll you miss a turn. Nasty If you have Scribe and a Barrier spell...
  3. If a terrian card is on a Treasure Chamber or Eyrie and my character encounter it and then someone put the Barrier next to Treasure Chamber or Eyrie space do I lost my next turn (because I can not make a movement phase) or encounter the same space with terrian card?
  4. There is a possibility to cast Path of Destiny spell when you are in Jail and draw e.g. "Lose one Life" quest or cast a Transference spell when other character is in the City. But on the other side from City rules: "Characters cannot use effects or special abilities to move out of the Jail;characters can only escape by following the instructions on the Jail space." Although it is not clearly stated about spells/quests the second sentence would encourage the interpretation that he can not take advantage of these opportunities, and will be teleported to the Warlock's cave after leaving the Jail. The more expansions and cards the more an individual rule will be in conflict and this is unfortunately inevitable...
  5. It also could be problematic. It the meantime we had a change of designer. At the moment we can say "designer" about 3 people, what if they have the opposite opinion . Obviously there is not written: "You can not change your alignment for the duration of 2 turns" so strictly to the rules your interpretation could be correct. But otherwise all texts and rules would have a hefty volumes. Rules state: No character, including the Druid, may change Alignment more than once in any turn. It refers only to voluntary changes, so unvoluntary it may be change many times as there is not written: Alignment, including the Druid's abbility, may change only once in any turn. You have to ignore all subsequent effects. Thus what effect has this spell on Druid if we cast it and he immediately restore his alignment?
  6. + 1 According to: "The character changes to the alignment of your choice for 2 rounds (including this turn)". But as in life (Talisman is like life really ) interpretations are arbitrary...
  7. Blasphemer? Witch? No... only woman, that's why we love them . In conversations with his wife you need to switch to a feminine way of thinking ... or earlier take the kids on your side. Ps. We already moved on to the carpet and here is just fun.
  8. Definitely you got the right! As in Talisman you can play in many ways and always find players who will stick to his guns and even prove it to you. However, in the meantime others will find that it is the exact opposite
  9. Powerful card but fortunately exchangeable between players. I think it is a very good idea and some other powerful cards like Scribe from the City should be issued in this way. But it's a step forward as Conjuter had the Scribe ability permanently in the 2nd edition...
  10. Yes, and as the two previous, this card also increases some values... It looks that Destiny Cards will be very usefull with lots of good abilities. I see that Totem Warrior first abbility is: You begin the game with... something (probably Axe or Shield) from the Purchase desk.
  11. Yes, I was just saying about this example from mail rule book. Note, if they would use Immobility in accordance to the spell text it should be cast on creature at the start of character's turn. But then Sorcerer could roll 1 for his movement and... spell would be wasted. I agree with Warlock that probably card had not enough space in the box for a full clarified text. On the other hand I like Talisman for its simplicity. If we had over 100 pages FAQ we can lost in it. There are many questions on this forum which are clarified in rulebook or FAQ but they return from time to time. Of course some rules requires clarifications. Spell timing is always problem but I do not think they can easily solve it because text on cards won't change - some of them are problematic. There are many situations really difficult to choose a sensible solution but creation explanations for each card in FAQ would be a nonsense. Hence my suggestion to go in the second side and simplify what can be. The same with Glimmer and Blink from Nether Realm and Bow from City. If you play closely to the card text you may use Bow (as it is not consider as an attack roll) when you attack Glimmer or Blink, which of course was not the intention of the designer - discussed on this forum. Apart from that... rules clafification in itself, is on its way, interesting and fun. I hope each group of players has its own ideas and clarifications. Worse when such groups will meet each other .
  12. Ok generally I agree with your way of thinkink but... Talisman is a familly game (also for older children) and my point od view was that not every word has a great importance. Sometimes I just try to predict what was going to use the card by the authors/playtesters without over-complicating. Let's take Immobility spell: "Cast at the start of a character's turn, before he moves. If cast on a character, he is immobilised (may do nothing apart from negating this Spell with Counterspell) for the duration of that turn. If cast on a creature, it cannot be attacked but may be evaded until the end of the turn." If you read this literally it is not playable for creatures... But the example from the rules show it can be also used in the middle of the turn if cast on a creature. Author's intention was to eliminate the situations in which character would be immobilised during his turn (after some actions). When someone cast a Misfortune, you can still consider that this is your phase in which you are about to make a die roll. As with simultaneous effects the player whose turn lasts decides which effect is first. Of course this is only my opinion, some situation cleared FAQ for others we have to wait but generally I try to simplify. The same with Valkyrie resurrect abbility (apart from the situations when the exact word "kill" is used) I play that Follower is killed only in situation where a Character may also lose a life.
  13. You can always bang a Gong of War in Highlands or use other ways to summon a character from CoC... So there is always way to complete the Warlock quest even if the space you have to visit is terrianed . But on the other hand if completing the Quest would be too difficult than their use become marginal. Strenght of Talisman still comes from the fact it is consider as a familly game and it can not be too complicate.
  14. I am glad that with every expansion we get more complete and less random game. For those who do not like Scribe from the City there is a Runebound Path which may deprive a Character using Scribe from annoying spells. Nasty! I hope other paths will be just as useful and they prepere something to stop the Alchemist character.
  15. Ok but generally I think that Talisman is rather simple game. Precise examination of wording on every card may lead to a dead end... For example Immobility spell where wording on the card is different from the use of stated in the rules. I agree with Talismanamsilat that you can use Moon Charm and Marked For Glory after Misfortune. In Marked For Glory after always problematic first sentence "Cast on yourself when you are about to make a die roll" (which IMO can not be taken too literally), second sentence precise: "After rolling, you may add up to 6 to the result of the die roll".
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