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  1. No, just an assumption. One argument that people bring up that it isn't FFG's fault that there are no Star Wars RPG pdfs s that FFG always releases pdfs of their RPGs. So I assume they will for this one too.
  2. Maybe in the official release date of 11/30.
  3. I may eventually try to do Shadowrun or Torg inspired Genesys games. Both games have always intrigued me but not sure I want to learn there systems.
  4. I like the weather thing.
  5. How many GMs do you have?
  6. I pre-ordered from MiniTure Market so I expect I will be waiting a little longer than you guys.
  7. I think you are right about the soft announcement for those settings. Eventually. I like the approach they are taking with giving examples and tools for creating your own stuff. And yes I want yo see a taste of those examples. Give us the ogre stat block.
  8. When playing the game, do you refer to dice by their actual name? I just refer to them by colors (e.g. I will use a destiny point to upgrade a purple to a red). What do you call them?
  9. After looking through my RPG stuff earlier, it hit me that I would love to run a Spelljammer campaign with Genesys.
  10. Yep, that is why I have 8 sets of the Star Wars dice.
  11. Well I believe they did say this would be a 4th quarter release. But I always add a quarter to those announcements.
  12. Boo
  13. Does FFG release PDFs before the physical book is available?
  14. Narrative spice, I like that way of describing the NDS.
  15. I am assuming that many D&D monsters will have Genesys stats, either in the CRB or a supplement. Your DC to difficulty conversion looks right to me.