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  1. Well it sounds like I should at least pick up the beginner game.
  2. Is the dice system like Genesys/Star Wars?
  3. If I play this with my sons and their friends they will want a lot of combat. What does this game give that play style that a D&D wouldn’t? My middle son is very interested in Japan so the flavor would be to his liking.
  4. I am interested in checking this game out. But what should expect? What are the motivations of the PCs? To me it sort of looks like a Japanese version of Game of Thrones. Is that somewhat accurate? Are you fighting for glory, gold, or power. So, what is this game about?
  5. fjw70

    Solo: was it murder?

    I think it is clearly not murder. Beckett had just threatened to shot Han (and others) just a few minutes earlier, Chewbacca had been kidnapped, and Beckett was reaching for his gun. Pretty clear case of self-defense by American legal standards.
  6. fjw70

    Opinions on Realms of Terrinoth

    I had completely forgot about this book. I was really looking forward to it but hate waiting for things so I put Genesys away (temporarily) and was focusing on my D&D game. Then today I was at the LGS and saw them on the shelf. Now I need to go to DTRPG to see if the PDF is out.
  7. fjw70

    Realms of Terrinoth - Article

    Once per session and cost of 2 story points.
  8. fjw70

    Realms of Terrinoth

    Ah, should have guessed.
  9. fjw70

    Realms of Terrinoth

    Wait, what are hero points?
  10. fjw70

    The Dice Pool Podcast - SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT

    I just realized that the questions was for the podcast and not for general discussion.
  11. fjw70

    Realms of Terrinoth Official Sourcebook

    Thank you sir. I got a good laugh out of this.
  12. fjw70

    The Dice Pool Podcast - SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT

    I would create a new spell. (arcane only). Maybe set the difficulty to 1 for another space at short distance then add one for each range band (4 for anything beyond long). Then I would add black dice for things like can see the destination, unfamiliarity with the destination, etc. Just some initial thoughts.
  13. fjw70

    "I Roll to Hide!" And Other Stealth Questions

    A lot of this depends on the situation. First he needs a place to hide. If there isn’t an apparent place to hide I would allow a story point to create a hiding place. Second, he would either need to be unobserved when he hid or the hiding place would need to be big enough to not allow the enemy to pinpoint his location. The the former this is difficult in combat, but for a stealth roll with triumph I would allow the enemies to be distracted and not see him hide. For the latter, if the area is big enough (e.g. an area of darkness) then I would say the enemy can not pinpoint the location without a successful perception check, and then they would get a couple setbacks to make the attack. If the character is attacking while hidden then I would allow a couple boost dice for the attack.
  14. Continued this game on Friday night. We are having a blast with it. That ogre in the CRB is very tough. Especially with two turns a round. Luckily the players did not have to defeat him but just keep him busy while one of the PC’s stole something from his lair.