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  1. Deck sizes confirmation (minimum/maximum)
  2. Both of them? EDIT: Link?
  3. Deck sizes
  4. Hi, I am quite surprised of not seeing any comments about Cache Refresher format... Any opinions? Best regards, Aingeru
  5. After Game of Thrones , Lord of the Rings , Netrunner ,Warhammer Fantasy Star Wars ,W40K Conquest, Cthulhu, Legend of Five Rings ... Anything could happen, even "My little Pony LCG" in order to hook the young-ones ("...and bring them all and in the geekness bind them...") ;-)
  6. Hi, 2017 Quarter 2 Tournament Kits are aavailable for pre-order, but no we have not Prize preview for previous kit yet. Any feedback, please? Thanks, Aingeru
  7. Official FFQ answer/correction
  8. Thank you very much for the link, Grimwalker. I tried to remove the old messages but was unable. I have reported my own messages as Spam in order to get them delated by Admins.
  9. NnBN? (No news BAD NEWS)
  10. No official FFG comment yet? They could at least recognize the error and propose a solution/amendment...
  11. Hi, it is just me or the preconstructed decks from O&Ch are illegal (Corp too much Agende points / Runner missing 1 card) Is there any official amendment /clarification? Thanks Aingeru
  12. Thanks! Do you have also the list for Overdrive?
  13. Yeah, I really do think so. Furthermore is it not only the cards but the Draft experience. Consoles and other 1x cards are expensive on iNet...
  14. Reply from FFG So we will have to wait... Anyway, I don't think not uploading the pools for each set is a good idea, many people would buy them searching for the missing singles from Core Set.
  15. Hi, there is any possibility that Draft Rules would be uploaded in the Support section of the "A:Netrunner Darft Play Webpage"? Also, it would be great a list of the cards that form the card database for each of the draft sets (Cyber War & Overdrive). Similar to the one uploaded for the Core Set: Thanks and best regards, Aingeru