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  1. Well, Mep, do you plan on trashing old cards? I do not... I will probably need the Old cards clarifications...
  2. New FAQ has been updated. I miss Card Clarification for Rotated Cards (even if they are not legal, there should be an accesible document to check those clarifications for informal matches) Best regards
  3. True, I did not realise at first, but in any case MOpus is a must with ChaosTheory (and Core2.0 card pool´) and Aesop is very good too... probably would left outside other cards (¿Armitage? ¿Dyson MemChip?)
  4. Do not know but according to provided docs: Shaper: Aesop + MOpus Restricted: Aesop & MOpus If I got it wrong, please, do not hesitate to correct me...
  5. I found more elegant old MWL influence system... It required more work from Design Team side, but it allowed more flexibility than plain and effortless Ban...
  6. I seems they have changed their preferred ways... Now (starting 1st October) there will be Restricted cards in deluxes (and newbie Shaper deck in core 2.0 will be ILLEGAL... Aesop+MOpus...) EDIT: By the way, Core 2.0 appears now in UPCOMING as "In Development"
  7. Unless they release a Banned/Restricted list...
  8. It is a way of seeing it I had not thought of, but makes sense.
  9. That is why I asked, I do not know if there is some problem with cards in Deluxe packs, but when Rotation was presented it was insisted on keeping the Card Pool between 1280 and 1500 unique cards. In fact, in latest communications, FFG admitted that Rotation has come a bit later for ANetrunner than necessary, although card pool is smaller than initially estimated. Lets make some numbers: Before Rotation: Core (113) + Deluxes (4*55) + Cycles (7*120) + Campaign (1*57) = 1230 After Rotation: Core 2.0 (132) + Deluxes (4*55) + Cycles (5*120) + Campaign (1*57) = 1009 Before Next Rotation: Core 2.0 (132) + Deluxes (4*55) + Cycles (7*120) + Campaign (???*57) = 1249 + [(???-1)*57] Although I like the Campaign ideas and think FFG will use for future (campaign oriented deluxes for L5RLCG), they insert almost half-cycle quantity of cards, consider how impacted meta half the cards from SanSan or Mumbad ... As comented, larger card pools imply larger design constrains as more iterations has to be tested (and probably accidentally be ovelooked) As you remark, part of the rotation is to shrink card pool, so I am not suggesting that Deluxes rotate out, but instead if it should advisable that FFG review Deluxes (in Core 2.0 way) to rotate out no longer played cards and as a way of rotating in "staple" cards (from rotated out cycles) for a balanced meta. In FFG words:
  10. You have brought an important point. When rotation was announced there were no Campaign expansions, how should they be integrated in Rotation? As deluxe packs (no rotation) or cycle packs? In the first case, they would increase (progresively) the Card Pool and come back to initial problem. In the second case, it would imply short-live small cycle (not sure if that is good or bad... at least a bit expensive from my player/customer point of view). Probably, what you suggest is the better idea, reviewing periodically (one core/deluxe every 2 years?) could shift both the meta and amending problematic cards/iterations. By the way, even if it was not stated before. KUDOS to FFG & ANr Design Team, for providing a list of Revised Core and allowing "old" ANr Players to avoid having to buy additional (Revised Core). Thanks (although they do not read this Forum ) I personally like the Runner+Corp Deluxes, as I consider Core = Entry level and Deluxe = ¿Learning level?. As you need both a Runner and Corp decks, with only 1-2 Core + 1 Deluxe, you could play entertaining games (I would avoid for now the "competitive" word) One of my big concerns was that the preconstructed decks indicated in the deluxes were quite bad, and do not understand why they do not use cards from Core (and Influence points), both as quick decks for non-Org.Play Players and for Starting Players. Hope they amend that in the future.
  11. Well, it is not only that "they could", it is that it was foreseen 3 years ago. Also, "There is no formal information that negates they have any plans to update the Deluxes " EDIT: In any case, this post is not for ping/pong-ing whetever FFG is going to update them or not, but to ask the ANetrunner players if they think it would be necessary and their general opinion about it.
  12. I had been trying to find it (but unable). IF I remember correctly when Rotation was announced (or maybe I am confussing it with Cache Refresh format?), they said it would consist of Core + LATEST VERSION of deluxes + # Cycles That would hint both the Core 2.0 and Deluxes 2.0 EDIT: Found it! Back November 2014
  13. Yeah, that was what I meant. As no new cards are released it is an elegant way of recovering not-overpowered necessary cards. This way small meta-shift could be generated without real economical impact for players.
  14. Hi, with the release of the Core 2.0, it opens the possibility to revision of current factional deluxes. What do you think about it? Would it be really necessary? (only troublesome card seems to be Clone chi`p and with the rotation of Parasite that could be also solved) It could be also a "design parachute" to recover rotated cards for future Rotations. Best regards