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  1. Sorry for hijacking the thread, but as it is related to winning: does the whole cardboard-tile count as victory-area or just the single tiles, where the cart is painted? (Same for putting the monks by the fire)
  2. You want the english one, right? I think have it in German... And you live in the US, right?
  3. In my group there was always a logical step, that was explainable in the game-world. We take the careers not as actual careers, but more rough guidelines on what someone is doing. But I always let my players explain, how it fits into the current adventure. Sometimes I make suggestions on their next step in regard to what they are experiencing atm.
  4. Your Map-version is *****awesome*****!
  5. Cool! I'll hop over there, but don't have much time atm, I'm afraid...
  6. I thought their license for Warhammer-Rpgs is running out this year... at least this was said in a German podcast.
  7. That sounds interesting! How would you go about that? Mail? DropBox? Do you have them sorted so that one could request a particular Set?
  8. So – to those in the knowing how this works: will I have to get my missing stuff from 3rd Ed. real fast now, since it won't get any reprints, or will they reprint for some time? Also: hate marketing-approach to it – making it sound and look as if this is a complete product now.
  9. :-D I remember a time when my players were competing on who has the most stained character sheet. Of course with wfrp3 there has to be some more discipline, not wanting to ruin cards that are dependend on looking the same...
  10. Funny thing is: Our table is cluttered with food between cards, miniatures and stuff... :-)
  11. How does that work from a rules perspective? If it does not reduce corruption, how do you determine how much it raises difficulty and when it applies? As to when: when the story fits. So the bloodthirsty priest of Sigmar in my group has had some taint of Khorne and when situations arise, where bloodshed could be achieved, I make it harder for him to restrain himself (killing helpless orks or such). Or I give him options, where actions of his become easier, if he "lets loose". As for accurate rules: I don't use em. Ever since I became corrupted by Paranoia I rule dicerolls on the fly. But I of course adjust them according to what I did before or what other players had to roll. So the more corruption you have, the harder it is to withstand opportunities to do things the way a chaos-god likes and the easier tasks become, that involve favouribale aspects to a Chaos-god. And I keep the theme to what caused the corruption and how former conflicts played out.
  12. I make tasks more difficult, but don't reduce corruption. So the players fear corruption. I weave this into dreams of promises and opportunities. So at the same time a task is more challenging the players could also reduce the difficulty by somehow "giving in". Guess I was socialized by Star Wars, eh?
  13. Player's and GM's Guide have the core rules, rules from the first two expansions (magic and faith) and some revisions. Also they have infos that are only on cards in the mentioned boxes. As a GM you better find information than in the 7 books and on the cards of the mentioned boxes. I am not sure what exactly is covered in the creature-guide, but I think it's the infos you normally only get on the cards (also from core, magic and faith, I guess). So handy for GMs.
  14. Good lord I hope this is true! I only hope it's true when I don't have to deal with incompatibilities... about 600€ for this rpg was the biggest investment by far for me in my 25 years of roleplaying...
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