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  1. Wow I had no idea, thanks! At least they are not dead, phew! Transitioning in this case means to a new domain?
  2. Does anyone know if http://www.agotcards.org/ is permanently down? Surprised as hell...
  3. Hi all, my friends had been playing melee games with me in full blown 4v4 matches using specific houses from the core set and all 6 big expansions. However, they complained that there were far too few 'really good' event cards that could actually turn the tide of a battle etc. (such as Heart of the Stag) That aside, they also complained of too few resets like Valar plot card and Westeros bleeds event card. I am posting here to seek help from you guys to advice me on which small chapters to buy for 'really good' event cards. I am way too new in this game to make an educated purchase for what I am looking for, and there are SO MANY chapter packs out there its quite impossible for me to buy them all. Can anyone advice me on some of the better event cards and resets available now? (and which chapter etc)
  4. Hi a little hijack here for something related to this card too. Does this card benefit ALL standing characters including enemies' characters? I thought it did, which basically made the value of the card pretty useless.
  5. It's not really just me you know? I took alot of advice from my friends here. But it seems like not many own the expansion, or they have moved on to other games. I am having bad luck getting more advice for the expansion.
  6. No takers? I'm hoping that's because not many own the expansion....? It really would be good even if you could add a line of advice.
  7. Steve-O said: 1. Attacker invades hex with enemy stronghold. 2. Attacker draws cards for each unit type in sequence and resolves them (unless he has either knights or necromancers, there's little chance that resolving these cards will have any appreciable effect - note that I'm not familiar with all the expansion units, so there might be new ones that also matter.) Cards are still technically drawn for everyone as it burns through the fate deck, however. 3. Assuming the attacker has 5 or more strength in units left standing, he wins (3 or more if the stronghold was already damaged.) Note that Tactics Cards can be played by both players as appropriate during this battle. There are a couple of such cards that the defender can use to give the attacker a little surprise, if he doesn't bring enough units to compensate. Attacker does NOT win on STR 5 Nor does he win on STR 3 if the stronghold was already damaged. The defender always wins during a tie.
  8. Anytime! Even at the start of the game
  9. No worries about the old corrections. I have already noted them all down. They will be changed along with the new expansion's strats.
  10. Hello everyone! It's time once again, to appeal to all the Runewars veterans out there to help contribute their strats for the new unofficial guide that I will be compiling to create part 2 of Runewars Strategy Guide. I really need advice and help on ALL types of Runewars: Banners of War stuff. From when to use vampires over necromancers, to when to raze a city with a rune in it. As before, please please contribute! There are few veteran RW players as it is, and rarer few who are willing to spare the time to offer their piece of advice. Like before, I will promise to throw in everything I have on my own side to help flesh out the guide. Please reply to this thread so that I can consolidate the pieces. All credit will be given duly.
  11. From the way you phrased your lines, you probably do not know as well that runes in cities are NOT considered part of the actual rune limit in a tile hex. In other words, it is possible to have 2 runes in a single tile if a city can produce a rune, and later in the game a rune appears in that space as well.
  12. If I'm correct, this ability is more used for combo with the Sorceress' ability to force enemies to retreat during a battle itself. It should not be meant for killing enemies who retreat AFTER a battle is won.
  13. Great! The more advice the better!~ We will begin working on the next edition as soon as Banners of War hits the tables worldwide!
  14. Thanks for both your much appreciated compliment and your proof reading. I will edit the mistake along with others mentioned. Do write in if more mistakes have been discovered.
  15. Unit type means entire figure. Which means the neutral sorcerers and the waiqar necromancers are two DIFFERENT types despite both being circle based.
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