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  1. I can't stand Jar Jar... but my kids love him so I guess that makes him a tolerable part of the Star Wars universe for me. Personally I think if we saw a Jar Jar card the best strategy would be the one that the Magic designers at WoTC use for thematic cards. Make it clearly not worth the points for anyone who is min/maxing, but not *so* terrible that folks who want to push theme won't get to use him. Then the *truly* hardcore can compete by saying, "Oh yeah, well I won the Nationals *with* Jar-Jar!"
  2. Am I the only one that read this thread title and thought, "I really don't want to hear a debate about why squid-person romantic fan-fiction is not to their taste. I mean to each their own!"? You know, as in Ackbar-slash-Dodonna or Ackbar-slash-Solo, or even the ever popular Ackbar-slash-Tarkin shippings?
  3. I like C personally, but all look great! Man if some folks are bothered by this level of conversion, they're going to flip out over mine...
  4. I thought ramming situations don't actually drop the ship to speed 0, bust simply require you to move as if it were speed 0? i.e. You keep your defense tokens.
  5. Nice! Wow.... you're right the space whale is totally Thunderbirds... cannot unsee!
  6. Sweet! I'd love to find macross models! There was an Armada scale movie version SDF-1 but the model maker couldn't make it hollow so it ended up prohibitively expensive...
  7. Nice! It looks much better with the extra engines! I've also done an engine addition, I'll have to post pictures of the process myself soon. Frankly I also had to re-purpouse the "wings" into additional armor plating for the hull because if there's one things Star War's implausible silly ships were always good it it was avoiding putting wings on their spaceships! (Yes, yes, I know, X-Wings, but those are clearly just weapon mounting points!)
  8. FWIW according to my count of purely onscreen ships I have: 4 models of Basestars (the same as the number of known Imperial capital ships in Armada), plus cargo ships, Resurrection ship and one class of known space station. If you count the SFX redesign in the middle of the series, and the damaged rebel Basestar as distinct models you get two more. 6 models of Colonial capital warships (one more than the number of known Rebel ships in Armada), plus military transports and the ships of the rag-tag fleet. 3 models of Cylon squadrons (granted 3 less than Imperials in Armada). 9 models of Colonial squadrons (3 more than Rebels in Armada), plus two classes of colonial shuttles. Not to mention two classes of missiles (nukes and normal), which IMO should be represented as on board elements for interception. That's before we even get to the BSG expanded universe of games and fannon. We may not see BSG in Armada officially. It may suck if we see it. But it's silly to keep insisting that it can't happen because of a dearth of ships. It can and (in my garage at least) will!
  9. The topic of reskinning has been discussed before and BSG was mentioned many times. However, many people (myself included) agreed that there just isn't enough diversity of ships to make a decent list-building type game. *Sigh* not this again... yes it's come up many times, and yes many people agreed there weren't enough ships... "Is heavier than air flight possible?" or "Does the Sun orbit the Earth?" - turns out that having 'many people agree' is not usually the best indicator of truth. Let's not forget that if you look at what's 'film canon' or even just 'new canon' to Star Wars, there's not enough ships to make a decent list-building type game. FFG had to not only had to goto the 'expanded universe' to make the game work, they even had to invent a new ship themselves for Wave 3. So, yeah I think it's demonstrable that there are as many ships in the Battlestar expanded universe, and/or in the first Cylon war setting to equal the diversity of ships sizes, classes and functions that we see in the first three waves of Armada. Does it have a deep a deck as year of the 'expanded universe' give Star Wars? No. Does it need to? No. BSG with it's uniquely asymmetrical fleets, and the scenario possibilities created by the narrative of the "rag-tag fleet", is actually in a better position to differentiate itself from Armada gameplay than most of the other alternatives discussed here. Here's two ideas in development: 1) Missiles, missile interception, and electronics warfare: https://boardgamegeek.com/article/19155016#19155016 2) Politics and infiltrators: A dynamic I think would be interesting is one where the Cylon player buys "Infiltrator" upgrades that they then place into the Colonial player's fleet build. This appeals because it's thematic to the story, and also because it allows me to give the Cylon player upgrades that represent the major Cylon characters (fun in of itself), and also so gives them more fleet building and combat choice to make. You can imagine that a Fleet status board could include linear measures where dropping to zero is a disaster for the Colonials like fuel, or tracks (much like the FFG BSG game). Infiltrators could act not only upon ships' combat status (like flipping or disabling defense tokens) but also upon the fleet tracks. You can also imagine the fleet having other measures, like a "Political" track which is "Militaristic" on one extreme and "Democratic" on the other. Different cards might have different effects depending on the status of that track. For example maybe it's easy to block Infiltrator effects of you're more Militaristic, but harder to maintain morale. Different types of infiltrators are more effective on different kinds of societies, while different political cards (Rosyln, Zarek, Martial Law under Cain) would let the Colonial player shape their fleet's political character. Ideally this would result in two parallel "fleet builds", and that is for the combat that's happening in space, and one that's for the society tracked by the fleet board. Since both would interact it would create a more interesting game with more varied strategies. The Fleet board provides a game that you play in parallel to the combat game, but which represents both events that happened before and during the battle. For example, say I have cards for Martial Law, and Investigative Committee. Then the Cylon player puts an Infiltrator in my fleet with an ability called "Bomb the Water Supply", which reduces Morale by 3 and Resources by 3, but only in round 3 and after it's been "charged up" with 2 Command tokens. Martial Law might increase the round which an Infiltrator can trigger on, giving me up to round 4 to decide what to do about it. Investigative Committee might say I can discard one Infiltrator if I also discard a Commander. In a certain sense the sabotage and committee events all happened before the combat started, but we can play them out and resolve them at the same time as combat. This is primarily for gameplay/fun reasons, but you can rationalize that it's because only when you get to "mid battle" when tensions are high that the consequences of the previous events really have their most dramatic impact. In the above example if you discarded Adama to pay for Investigative committee, his replacement was "good enough" to fill his shoes for half the battle. Personally if FFG still has the BSG license next year I'd be very surprised if they did not dust it off. Why? For the very same reason that the original BSG was created back in the 80's - in the gulf between Star Wars movie releases everyone is going to be shoving sci-fi space opera stuff out there as fast as they can, trying to capitalize on the general interest.
  10. "All" the prequel hate? If my memory is correct, there was only one post that said they didn't want prequel stuff in general (and two that didn't want Clone Wars stuff.) Objects to people complaining about prequel hate on the grounds that there's hardly any in evidence ... goes on to help fill the thread with prequel hate. Personally I don't care why you love or hate the prequels and/or clone wars. That's your prerogative (in my personal headcanon Alien 3 and Terminator 3 simply don't exist), and at this point nobody's going to change their minds one way or another. Vis-a-vis Armada - the prequels and Clone Wars are formal "new-canon", and have a significant amounts of capital ship combat. So it's understandable and totally reasonable that those whole like *anything* about them will want to speculate about them and advocate for their inclusion. Again speaking purely personally, I think that's an interesting gameplay possibility because, in my headcanon, Clone War tech is not significantly inferior to Civil War tech, simply has a different design philosophy. Not so much a WWI vs WWII distinction as perhaps more of a Napoleonic Wars vs American Civil War distinction.
  11. Ah! Yeah I'd never try filing it down. I've never gotten a WSF model with mold lines, only grain. Printer stepping also tends to be a thing for FUD - I haven't seen it in WSF. In either case, I find a simple sprayed on basecoat (gloss or matte) out of a can - not so thick as to obscure the details, but not so light as to *just* add color - is enough to smooth out the models enough for my satisfaction. Then I can paint on matte or whatever. These guys have slightly more involved processes if you care... but I still think they'd be easier than clean up of a resin model: http://rallyroundtheflag.blogspot.com/2013/08/shapeways-and-new-era-of-miniature.html http://aaminis.myfastforum.org/archive/is-shapeways-white-strong-and-flexible-a-sponge__o_t__t_41659.html
  12. I can do the 1/7000 Gladiator if Mel doesn't have time. I've already done it for other scales. Of course the ship design is slightly different than the FFG version... Wow, I see your Assault Frigate MkI is up! https://www.shapeways.com/product/UDEE3Z42V/arm-aslt-frig-mk-i-type-v?li=shop-results&optionId=56743186 Any chance you can offer it in WSF? FUD is a bit steep for my blood considering my cart already has over $100 worth of Armada ships in it! Yeah, I know the medium ships in FUD get expensive. If you want to try it in WSF I can put it up and you can select the "print anyway option"; not sure how well it will work because I design to FUD specifications. Or alternatively you can get if from me in resin in a couple weeks. Huh, I've never tried a "print anyways" model before. What kinds of failures happen? I'm not a fan of resin because of the cleanup work (I am so lazy), so I've found 3D printed ships where I can just prime and paint to be a real boon!
  13. I also wanted to like Rebels. The production design, the sound effects, Tarkin, and Sabine are all high points. However the storytelling is predictable and relatively flat. I'd recommend watching the first episode and the last two. There's a handful of episodes in the middle worth watching (the astroid with the dark creatures, the academy cadet infiltration, the jedi temple), but most are just slow and grating. On the other hand if you haven't seen the Clone Wars, that show is really tight and punchy. It not only features some great characters that will show up in Rebels season 2 (hopefully better than season 1), but has the best Yoda out of any Star Wars movie, book, or anything, hands down.
  14. I can do the 1/7000 Gladiator if Mel doesn't have time. I've already done it for other scales. Of course the ship design is slightly different than the FFG version... Wow, I see your Assault Frigate MkI is up! https://www.shapeways.com/product/UDEE3Z42V/arm-aslt-frig-mk-i-type-v?li=shop-results&optionId=56743186 Any chance you can offer it in WSF? FUD is a bit steep for my blood considering my cart already has over $100 worth of Armada ships in it!
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