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  1. Since 1977, the X-Wing has been my personal favorite starfighter. Until today. Now it's the T-70 X-Wing. Great job on the sculpts, FFG!
  2. Here's the thing: I know I am one of the few people who think this way, but I can't imagine that the T-70 is supposed to be the fix to all of our T-65 problems. T-70s weren't around for the initial Death Star Assault at the Battle of Yavin, the Escape from Hoth, the Battle of Endor, or anything in between. The meta is all about "what can I put together that will beat all comers", as it should be. However, with 30ish years separating Episode VI from Episode VII, it's hard to imagine that a T-70 would ever be involved with Y-Wings or B-Wings. I like that the two eras can play together, but it would be more interesting to me to see scenarios that are "historically balanced", as ludicrous as that sounds. And I would still like to see the T-65 be a dangerous ship that was versatile enough to show up in most Rebel lists, since the game is named after it.
  3. Disclaimer: None of the content of this post is meant to be insulting, sarcastic or combative. Just my $.02. Probably worth less. You guys are obviously way more experienced with this game than I am. You are also a lot smarter about how you build your lists. Crunching numbers? I have no idea how you would even do that. But I hope that X-Wing fighters become more competitive in the metagame, and soon. I bought the game called "X-Wing" to fly X-Wings. Playing with other ships that I have never even heard of is fun. But (and I know this is obvious to you all...) the X-Wing has become obsolescent due to the release of newer and more competitive fighters with newer and more competitive maneuvers and upgrades. Here's hoping for the best in the future.
  4. Oh, come on. We eat calamari. Let them eat what they want, just don't go if they ask to have you for dinner. Remember, fish are friends, not food.
  5. Thanks for the alert! I need another...
  6. I liked it. Probably more importantly, my daughter and nephews liked it. I tried getting them to watch The Clone Wars, even picking what I considered to be good episodes for them to screen, and they just didn't get into it much. But they liked Rebels.
  7. This word is used often here. What does it mean in a gaming context?
  8. @Sigidi: I like what you did with your shuttle. Did you use a gloss coat before you applied the decals? That's what I do. Then after the decals are dry, I use a dull coat. It hasn't failed me yet. @MillenniumFalsehood: Hope you are doing well. Any updates on these?
  9. Now it is time for you to scratch build minis for those ship cards
  10. I look forward to seeing your progress!
  11. I respect everyone's right to pick and choose what they like about Star Wars. I have done the same myself (having ignored 90% of the EU). That being said, I will gently try and talk people around to my point of view. I originally hated "The Clone Wars". After about two years, I tried watching it again, and was pleasantly surprised. The visual style may not have been completely to my liking (at that point), but it felt right. I can only say the same thing about what we've seen of "Rebels" so far. It feels right to me. Maybe those of you with first inclinations that are negative could hold off on condemning the series until you have seen a few episodes... Or not.
  12. It amazes me that a visual of a movie prop (from one angle, no less) can generate such heated discussion. Isn't it a little early to draw so many conclusions? Keep an open mind, and see what happens as more is revealed.
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