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  1. Uvatha, may I suggest that you consider leaving some room and blank picture for future expansion including cards that can have this effect, easier to update later. Btw, for decades now, we were using tokens from another game on the card itself to keep track of turns but I like your idea, seem to me much neater and convenient. Cheers.
  2. Ahoy, you can find a plethora of ships to buy from the tiny dinghy to the mighty pirate ship or a magical ghost ship in the purchase deck Honestly, I still think a board would be better, some water space could be replace, during the game, with volcano terrain rising from the sea to deadly effect for the character on that particular space. That's my little brainstorming for now. Cheers
  3. Well Jackyboy, this could be years away at the rate expansions are coming out now, and the people who knows are probably forbidden to say anything by legal issue. I personally do not hope for a complete rule/FAQ to be written up, but a beta version that could encompass everything that's been released up until now, including official answer to the tops questions that's been ask on this forum would be welcome indeed. I like to play with all expansion (yes, I've got them all) and house ruling is nice but it's always better to know what the developer had in mind regarding certain ambiguity that can come up. Cheers
  4. This look fantastic, thanks for all the hard work and time you put into this. Questions: -Do you think the center bar between text and artwork will have a kind of up and down sliding bar feel and not only 2 position so that we can maximize the room for the beautiful artwork? -Will there be a way to print cards as a regular playing card size? You see, I'm tinkering with the idea of scanning and reprinting all small size cards into regulars poker size card to ease my (and my playing friends) aging eyes, making the font bigger and a chance to gaze at the artwork without glasses or magnifying lenses. Keep up the great work and I'll be raising a pint to you on our next game. Old Master.
  5. Looking through my crystal ball, I see the possibility of a new Talisman contest over at Talisman Island with Mephisto Magazine as a prize! So, is my crystal ball good or is it broken? Cheers,
  6. I do think (but correct me if I'm wrong) that we might see a fully updated and correct rules compendium when all expansions for Talisman are finally released. This is to save manpower, resources and not deal with a multitude of rules version 1.0 to 14.3 as expansion are released. The down-side for current player is trying to deal with a dozen leaflets of rule set and some FAQ's. The up-side is the fact that there is no official rule book encompassing all published work on Talisman from FFG, which may be seen as proof that more expansions are in the works . Cheers.
  7. Thank you, that's the one I'm talking about.
  8. On the subject of detective works, you (80sVamp) might want to track down the owner of a 3d Talisman board made of very thick Styrofoam fully painted and full of accessories based on the 2nd edition. I don't know the owner but it is very impressive and well made although very bulky, you can judge by yourself if you type "Talisman 3d" in your search engine and check the images that comes up. This IMO is the closest thing to "Talisman Ultimate" that I've ever seen with great craftsmanship for a fan-made board. I think I saw those pictures on Talismanisland or BGG a long time ago. Now the question is if the owner still have the board and if he will part with it? Good luck in your quest! Cheers.
  9. Smaller cards are a no-go for me as I will need big glasses or a magnifier handy when I play if the flavor text on cards get any smaller Cheers
  10. I like it and would probably be interested in buying a copy but I don't think a whole Mega box would be an economically viable product. The example you made with other board game is interesting but don't forget that those games have been around for a very long time and are sold at a cheaper price than Talisman also those games have no licensing issue because the company producing those games own them. Anniversary/Deluxe version of those other board games have retail at 4-6 time the regular version with a price range of $40-$60 so if we apply the $60 MSRP for Talisman X 4-6, we get a MSRP for a Deluxe Talisman base game only at $240-$360!!! This is a very high price for a game and sure to scare away potential buyers no matter how many other goodies you put in, so if you put all expansion and POD with the same deluxe treatment too then you would maybe get around $750!!! As you did mention "very expensive". A business model alternative would be to offer deluxe single parts such as: -Pre-painted minis -Premium non-foldable game board -Component and card holder -Blank adventure/spell card for printing home brew I can think of more things and many others have been mention/asked/beg for in this forum by fellow fans of Talisman, so I think it would be easier to reach a bigger market with single Deluxe items. It might be interesting to see if a Deluxe Mega box would get funded on Kickstarter? There was a thread with the word "wishlist" that really was quite extensive, you might want to have a look at it. Cheers
  11. I don't know about other games, but right now, all Talisman POD were without minis. That said, we might be luckier with a small expansion character wise if any more are in the works, only the power that be and some "in the know" people know the roadmap for future release of expansion for Talisman and this is probably tentative and closely relative to sales figures versus production cost. Now let's hope Jon New keep up the good work, and see if we get something for the next holiday or earlier Cheers
  12. The rubber band is not a problem if you sleeve your card. Stress on card shouldn't be a problem either. Cheers
  13. House rule indeed for the city as it would be nice to figure out how scared can a powerful dragon be from puny land-crawling tiny human! Now I'm just LOL tinkering with some flavor text trying to explain why the Eagle King with is sharp eyes would let a dragon roam the highland during the day? Daytime truce!!! Congratulation on your soon to be 750th post. Cheers
  14. Oberon, I like your last post on the dragon scale subject and agree with everything but the fact that no dragon scale can be found in the dungeon. For the sake of agreeing with highly popular fantasy/dragon movies and multiple fantasy book authors presenting dragon at ease inside a mountain or in big cave, I don't see how farfetched finding dragon scale would be inside the Talisman dungeon the way it is presented (from a character perspective the dungeon is quite big and take several turn to get to the bottom and let's face it, it's a big cave!). Dragon can loose scale while flying be also while scratching their hide inside a cave or tunnel. But anyway, thank you for the "flavor text" and I will see if I can get our gang to try with and without the scale in the dungeon and see the effect on the balance of the game. Cheers
  15. Too bad, I missed it, at Euro 25.5 that went pretty cheap compare to around US 100$ that I've seen on Ebay US. Do you have another set? Cheers
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