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  1. If a Consolidate Power order token in a sea area is removed by a raid order, does the raiding player receive a power token from the power pool?
  2. I'm no real expert but I don't think Defenders of the North is as Stark specific as one might suppose... It's more a question of if you want to add Wildlings or Night's Watch (although the latter are admittedly probably better with Starks and Baratheons)
  3. www.agotcards.org/card seems to update at the drop of a hat (though I'm more partial to Dabbler's layout)
  4. How many people are liable to play is a big thing... If you're playing with 5 or more players who are all already familiar with complex (geeky) board games, best to focus on the big boxes... If 3 or less players or most players are laymen, focus on small boxes (less new rules to keep track of).
  5. This order: small box of choice (except Black Goat of the Woods) Dunwich Horror next small box of choice (except Black Goat of the Woods) Innsmouth Horror remaining small box of choice (except Black Goat of the Woods) Kingsport Horror Black Goat of the Woods Miskatonic Horror
  6. I'm aiming to "limit" (most likely for no more than a year if that...) my AGOT collection to: 1 (possibly 2) Core Set(s) All deluxe expansions of Core Houses Full cycle Defenders of the North (already have the first two, waiting for the reprints of the others) Full cycle Brotherhood without Banners Now, I figure those will give me good grounding for general deckbuilding but how will I fare with just those cards if I want to get "serious" with tournaments and whatnot? I've never actually taken part in leagues or tournaments of any card/board/miniature games before and those maester builds are terrifying from what I hear. Will I be equipped? Also, will the Cycles give me enough to try to throw together a Greyjoy or Martell deck without their deluxe expansions? Any thoughts are hugely welcome.. As a vaguely related footnote, I was browsing Dabbler looking at Targ DotN goodies and noticed a unique character called Stalwart Shield. When I wiki'd him, I discovered he was only introduced in Dance with Dragons (I've only just finished Feast)... How did the cardmakers know about him back when they made the card?!?
  7. A further question specifically regarding the Defenders of the North reprint: Presumably all the North agenda cards will be fixed to say "You may run any number of The North agendas that have the word(s) Wildling/Night's Watch in their text" as appropriate... But... Will they tweak Blood of the First Men so that it's no longer banned? It would be a bit weak were they to include three cards that can't be used officially in a brand spanking new reprint...
  8. I've mostly found the spoilers to be so subtle that I don't realise they're spoilers until I've read the scene in the book, at which point I go " Snap! So that's what that card is! I thought it was just a generic picture...." Sansa examining the black amethysts given her by Ser Dontos was one, Arya whacking the crap out of trees while reciting her hated names was another. I completely missed the fact that half of Tyrion's nose was lopped off until I got to that part in the book (I just thought the artist was making the Imp look mad ugly). The Whitebeard/Selmy thing was a quite a heavy spoiler, though, but serves me right for browsing Dabbler so thoroughly before actually finishing Clash of Kings. They seemed to learn from that by not spoiling Lady Stoneheart in the same way...
  9. That is indeed the pub in question. The barmaid serves pints with a live parrot on her shoulder (it's wings aren't even clipped). I'll drop you an email soon and we'll meet up. Shame about this week as my old housemate is back in town and builds decks from my collection... Still, I'll keep you posted.
  10. Ach. Nobody really turned up so I roped a couple of D&D'ers into an introductory game before they started a session which was pretty fun. No challenge though and I FIEND for a challenge. I'm gonna print a recruitment flyer and post it in the shop with my contact details to try to find more players. The boss of the shop says it sells well so the players are clearly out there somewhere. I can't work out how to PM in this forum so if you come into manchester for a game at Hardy's Well (easiest meeting point where we can get ale), drop a line in this thread a day in advance sayin what time you'll be there and I'll catch up with you (though it'll probably only be a joust)
  11. Wow! Didn't expect it for free (postage is only to be expected)... Many thanks! So I just drop a line to Customer Service and they'll hook me up?
  12. Having checked boardgamegeek's images, I just want the sheet that comes with all the money tokens as it has enough doom tokens to "restock" my pool (-1 but, that's ok). So where can I purchase it and for how much (including postage to England)?
  13. I've recently taken stock of my arkham collection and notice that I'm missing a couple of doom tokens, quite a few clue tokens and the terror marker. Is there anyway to purchase the appropriate perforated sheet(s) directly from FFG?
  14. Very late notice but the LGS in Manchester City Centre (Fanboy3, it's called) is hosting a free event tomorrow from noon focusing on LCGs and deckbuilding games. In their press statement, Game of Thrones is mentioned by name so I'm hoping to network for future sessions. They're celebrating the shops seventh birthday and apparently there will be cake (but that might be a lie). So, once again: 04/09/11 12:00 at Fanboy3 (5 minutes walk from Piccadilly station).
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