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  1. I'd just like to repeat a comment I made at BGG. It's about avoiding as many of the drawbacks of the first edition as possible. It would be sad to see a great game slain twice by its internal flaws - Although the new version looks better than the old, it's sort of frustrating that it continues one stupid game feature. It is what, in my opinion, killed the game for Days of Wonder.... There is no reason to represent extra strength or health of a unit with extra miniatures. 70% of of the molded plastic in Battlelore is nothing but a of waste money, resources and game time. The banner piece was the unit, the others were just traits. I replaced them with old wooden risk pieces; any tokens could be used. How stupid is it for one miniature to function exactly like four? How silly do you feel hunting for the four matching archers for a single archer unit? At least Fantasy Flight reduced the number of unnecessary extra miniatures and reduced the fighting value of damaged units. They should take the next logical step - use one miniature per unit. Maybe the production is already set, but this could be a better game.
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