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  1. Yeah, it was the Russian chick in the KBA suit and something of hers conflicted with an ability of Hoss'. I'd have to go dig up my equipment cards to see what the deal was but because of the wording on both we weren't sure who's took precedence and things fell apart from there.
  2. Well, if you plan on getting it I was planning on selling my set. I have evrything for the game that's been released and none of it has really been used, although the boxes have seen a bit of wear from being moved around. I know it seems silly to sell having not really played but the one time we did set-up took forever because the scenario we were going to play was in the rulebook which kept getting passed around so people could look at the equipment rules. When we finally get going we play about five minutes before coming to a screeching halt due to a rules conflict concerning character abilities. Not being able to come to a concensus one of group threw a temper tantrum about the whole experience and left. Naturally, a very sour taste was left in my mouth after that and now I just want get rid of it. So if interested let me know and we can work out a fair deal between us. My email is cdfinnigan@hotmail.com.
  3. Hello, newbie here so pardon my ignorance, but what exactly are these? And is these home-brew cards/items or scans of official things?
  4. Moebius said: Tom O' Bedlam said: I appreciate the heads up about Asteros and Natalya. Are there any other characters that have that much affect on the game? What about Zor'ka or Hoss? Asteros and Natalya are epic characters, Not only their stats ar better but their equipment is as well. Asteros on average has 4 (rolls 5 dice) sucesses on all his shock rolls and 5 (rolls 6 dice) successes in his attack rolls in my oppinion they are too good. You can find dedicated threads for them where this is discussed further. Zorka is really good, with her stamina pack she rolls 5 rolls as well, and if playing also Irina with stamina pack its 5 dice with success on 2+ The games do evolve around her but thats the intended way for the matriarchy specially with voivodes. The difference is that her euipment is not as good as the epics, she rolls 4 dice when attacking for example, not 6 like natalya or asteros. Hoss is really powerful, and his equipment is almost on par with the epics, in my experience he has won games himself, he can switch places in the board with any other figure, he cannot be attacked in melee (he just moves 1 circle and gets out of range) and has out of path attacks. He is almost an epic. The difference (despite being superior to almost any other hero) is that if wounded his mental stat drops dramatically and most of his usefulness depends on that (he is also discussed further on other threads). To sum up there are heroes more powerful than others but not as unbalancing as the epics (specially when a side has an epic and the other does not), some may discuss hoss is that powerful and I have read of groups houseruling hoss as an epic. Well, I have to say that some of that didn't make much sense to me as I haven't played the game yet, but I got the gist of it. I gotta ask, though, what exactly is Asteros' role in the game? And is he only used with the Daedalus scenarios? From the sounds of it I probably won't be using him or Natalya too much, at least until they release more characters on that power level. I know Edison is coming out soon and he sounds pretty grim from the description given. Any thoughts on what rank (such as epic, legendary, etc.) he might be classified as or whether or not he'll be another character that the game tends to revolve around (aside from the special scenario mentioned in the article about him)?
  5. Miah999 said: Your welcome, sorry it wasn't there the first time, but it can be hard to keep all the links for the blog up-to-date and accurate. No problem! I bookmarked it, too, so I should be able to find it again with ease.
  6. I hear what everyone is saying, but I've been a follower of the axiom "that it's better to have something and not use it than want it and not have it" Ok, I paraphrased a bit but you get the idea. It's happened all too often that when I go to get something that I waited on, especially if it's already been out awhile, I suddenly can't find it. And FFG's stuff has a tendency to come and go like the wind sometimes. I may get a bunch of stuff at first but I'm still going to do a gradual introduction of new minis and rules as I feel I'm ready for them. It's just that I'll have the things ahead of time. I did this with Arkham Horror and it worked out fine. Started playing with just the basic set and added in more things when I felt I was ready for them. Still, I appreciate the heads up about Asteros and Natalya. Are there any other characters that have that much affect on the game? What about Zor'ka or Hoss?
  7. Miah999 said: Yes and no, the timeline was thrown out when FFG took over and many changes have been made. For instance Edison's birthday was moved from 1905 to 1900, and there are a lot of other small changes. I't been FFG's intention to timeshift many of the "U-Chronic" events since the revised rules, as one of the biggest changes in the revised rules was the elimination of any dates from all the fluff. I'll go through what I have and update my links. The page has been updated, the last article is going to be the one you want, it has links to much more info. http://miah000.blogspot.com/search/label/U-Chronic%20History Thanks for the link! This is exactly what I was looking for! The one thing I like most about games/books/tv shows and movies that are in alternate timelines is the history of said timeline. I always want to know- how did things get this way? I'm looking forward to reading the whole article!
  8. Thanks for the input Moebius. If I can afford it next month I'm going to try and get everything except for the Shogunate stuff. So I'm looking at getting all the Union, Reich and Matriarchy minis, the three "Mercs": Wolf, Gorgei and Asteros, the Core Set, Operation: Novgorod, Daedalus Map Pack and the Equipment Cards all in one go. I'll get the Shogunate expansion and minis a little later, probably after my bank account has recovered.
  9. Well, I was more looking for the general history of the setting than specific characters (and I didn't find much of either on the site you sent me to). Is there some sort of timeline of events that comes with the game?
  10. By the way, is there somewhere a person can read the alternate history setting for this game? I would hope that there's a booklet or something that comes with the games but is there anything online?
  11. Which map is duplicated? I assume it's from the basic set?
  12. Aside from the Core Set, of course! The main Core Set I do get should come with the Revised Rules so I shouldn't need those but I was curious as to what else would be good/cool/fun/etc. to buy along with it. I really like the look of the Operation: Novgorod expansion and related minis, but I'm also interested in the Daedalus Map Pack (and Asteros!) as well. The Operation: Hinansho expansion seems neat but I can wait on the Shogunate stuff until later. Also, I was wondering about the Equipment Cards set and whether or not I should get it right away or wait. So what are peoples' thoughts and opinions?
  13. Thanks! I was going to go through this site called "CCGAromory" where I just ordered the entire "Mansions of Madness" set for a whole lot less than retail but in the case of the Tannhauser Core set I'll play it safe and get it somewhere else, like Amazon or the site you mentioned.
  14. Does anyone know if the Revised Rules are now, for sure, included in copies of the Core Set?I ask because I want to get the game but I don't want to spend the extra money if I don't have to, especially since I'll be getting it online. At the same, I'd hate to order the game and find out after I get it that I do need the new rules booklet. So, can anyone shed some light on this dilemma of mine?
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