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  1. I got the joke Tawnos.
  2. Voice said: There's also an iOS app called "Crawl Creator" which does a bang-up job of creating a Star Wars themed opening crawl. I've just bought and used this. It's a really good recommendation and really simple to use. Thanks for the tip.
  3. It's not just EotE. In X-Wing and what I've seen of the Card Game there is little acknowledgement of either the prequels or the EU from outside of the timeframe of the original trilogy. I wouldn't be surprised to discover that the FFG license is restricted in some way.
  4. Right, I've got the Beginner Game box and I can now expand upon my original post. The Krayt's Fang is a standard YT-1300 using the Outer Rim Smuggler pilot card. The only difference is that the pilot skill on the card is changed to reflect the skill of the pilot which is equivalent to Agility + Pilot skill ranks (e.g. Pash would have a Pilot Skill of 5). Just as in the main game, the PC's take one of the following roles aboard the ship: Pilot (x1) - Chooses the direction and speed of the ship on the maneuver dial and may do one of the following actions: A successful Pilot test (difficulty is set by the arrow on the maneuver dial: green = easy, white = average, red = hard) will give the ship a Focus (gaining the advantage), Evade (evasive maneuvers) or Boost (punch it) token as long as the ship has access to those tokens (only Focus is available to the Krayt's Fang) - Pilot tests are affected by the ship's handling stat (bonuses are Boost die and penalties are Setback die) A successful Pilot test is needed to avoid taking damage from a collision (difficulty is set by the arrow on the maneuver dial: green = easy, white = average, red = hard) Any Gunner or Co-Pilot Action Gunner (x2) - Rolls the weapons dice for a single attack from the ship and may do one of the following actions: A successful Gunnery test will establish a Target Lock (difficulty is equal to the speed of the targetted ship) Switch to another position in the ship Engineer (x2) - Rolls the agility dice for the ship and may do one of the following actions: A successful Mechanics (hard) test will restore one of the ship's shields A successful Mechanics (hard) test will turn a critical damage card face down A successful Athletics (hard) test will remove one damage card Switch to another position in the ship Co-Pilot (x1) - Adds their ranks in Pilot to the ship's Pilot Skill (Oskara would raise Pash's pilot skill to 6) and may do one of the following actions: A successful Computers (average) test prevents one enemy ship from granting benefits to or gaining benefits from other ships A successful Perception (hard) test reveals the pilot and upgrade cards of one enemy ship A successful Astrogation (average) test will plot a hyperspace course, the ship may leave the battle by exiting the edge of the board in the following turn Switch to another position on the ship PC controlled ships do not receive upgrade cards unless they have ship related talents which are negated by the X-Wing rules. For example, with Pash, Skilled Jockey operates as normal, but Full Throttle might grant the equivalent of Engine Upgrades (allowing a ship to Boost) and Improved Full Throttle might grant Push the Limit (allowing Pash to do two actions) Stress would work as normal and enemy ships operate normally too (I figure that the lack of tests is balanced by the limit of a single action) to keep the action as quick as possible and reduce the GM's job. Destruction of a ship doesn't necessarily mean character death, just that the ship is effectively out of the fight (e.g. like Wedge in ANH), which can lead to crash landings, boarding actions and other excitement. I also used the TIE/LN, Y-Wing and YT-1300 to get a bead on how ships from the RPG should be statted in X-Wing and came up with the following: Thweek's Dunelizard: Pilot Skill: 4, Weapons: 2, Agility: 2, Hull: 3, Shields: 2 Actions: Target Lock, Focus, Evade Upgrades: Missiles, Astromech, Elite Pilot (might be used to make him more of a threat) The Lucky Guess (Large): Pilot Skill: 5, Weapons: 2, Agility: 2, Hull: 3, Shields: 2 Actions: Target Lock, Focus Upgrades: Must take a single Crew upgrade to represent the second Vio sibling This would be a develop it as you go system, but my first impressions are that it would be more dynamic that the ship combat in the book (which is essentially just dice rolling). I've already thought about how things would change for fighters. Essentially a Y-Wing could have a Pilot/Gunner and an Astromech as a Co-Pilot/Engineer. I'd rule that the ship can't jump to Hyperspace without an Astromech. Those re my ideas anyway. Hope they're useful.
  5. I've not actually had a chance to look at Edge of Empire yet but from what i've read, I'd imagine that it's fairly easy to simply replace the ship combat rules with X-Wing. The Krayt Fang uses the Outer Rim Smuggler profile and to keep everybody interested, PC's take specific roles on a ship and each character allows the Krayt Fang to take an action of some kind based on a specific test: Pilot - controls the movement dial and rolls defence dice, a successful Pilot check allows the ship to take an Evade action, the Pilot skill of the ship is set by the Pilot's dice pool for Pilot (how many times can I type Pilot in one sentence?), with Yellow dice counting for two (if Sasha is the pilot the ship has a Pilot Skill of 4) Gunner - rolls the dice for shooting one of the weapons, a successful Gunnery check allows the ship to take a Target Lock action Co-Pilot - Can use the ship's systems to aid the rest of the crew as appropriate with a Computers roll to allow the ship to take a Focus action or can plot a hyperspace jump with a successful Astrogation roll Engineer - can restore a shield with a successful Mechanics roll (maybe even allow a Boost action) Obviously this can be complicated by having other things going on on board - especially when the Fang starts taking hull damage. I'd need to test the ideas though and I've no idea what an appropriate level of difficulty would be - but I'd imagine tasks get harder as the situation gets worse. The fact that Escape from Mos Shuuta has a YT-1300 and TIE Fighters is a good reference point for assigning X-Wing Stats to other ships in the game (such as the Kubaz's Dunelizard). I also felt that some of the ship combat specific abilities on the talent trees can also be replaced with some of the upgrade cards from the X-Wing game. Anyway, that's my ideas so far…will expand on them once I've got the game in my hands. Using X-Wing should provide a quick and cinematic space battle in the middle of the game.
  6. I used to own the V1 Drachenfels adventure but never ran it because it was monumentally hard; "here, have a Bloodthirster to fight as a prelude to the BIG fight..." In terms of Dungeon Crawls, thanks for the idea angrydragon, my next sessions should be the sewer bit of EoN and I was worried about running out of material - I'm going to expand it into a proper crawl. Oh, and as for the novel: Drachenfels doesn't violate canon, canon violates Drachenfels.
  7. I know what you mean, but I've found that with the addition of the disease, corruption and other new rules from supplements, there's usually an in game effect in play which can make use of the stars (two of my players are diseased and have really begun to hang back from volunteering to do things as it will require risking the purple dice). Other than those effects, I'm just using them as banes. On a side note, one of the two sickos has Red Pox. Every time he rolls a star he loses a wound, but I've also ruled that he gets a new sore. He's got about seven now - he can keep them hidden for now, but if he ever rolls two stars they're hitting his face!
  8. First, your numbnuts PC's have to realise that there's something odd about said artefact...which they don't (despite your fantastic and clue-ridden descriptions).
  9. Dear FFG I'm very happy with my purchase of the Creature Vault and would say that it is a MUST BUY for GM's. However, there's a couple of issues that have cropped up - not complaints - that I thought I'd raise: An Observation - The range of monsters and bad guys is excellent, however it struck me as odd that the ubiquitous Giant Rat has been overlooked. I know that there is the Rat Swarm, but it's just not the same. It just seems odd that this staple WFRP beastie has missed the cut. Also no Ogres...curious... A Question - Is it possible to get a PDF of Creature Cards and Action Cards for the NPC's from the demo adventures on the support page? Klaus von Rothstein, Farail Trefoil, Rudi Zalt, Gnashrukk and Barnock Duran are all immensely reuseable NPC's (even just as exemplars) and their actions would add social angles to the NPC action cards. I know I can print off the PDF sheets, but I like the Card format. A Plea - Enough with the Rat Ogre and Troll stand-ups! Seriously, I've now got four trolls and four (or is it five) Rat Ogres. That's enough for anybody's purposes. Please use space on the stand-up/counter boards for something else in the future. Other than that - it's an excellent product!
  10. His name is Lazarus Mourn. His backstory is fairly strongly rooted in Stromdorf and he's actually been caught and executed already and is coming back from the dead in TGS. Unless you're intending to use him in a MUCH earlier adventure, then I don't think he's suitable for what you want. However, there is an in-built recurring NPC mechanism in the adventure which means he can keep on coming back in different forms. (As a side question - did anybody's group clock what needed to be done with the pendant, or did your group just leave it too?) Having said that, Lazarus Mourns stats, actions and spells make for a perfectly respectable generic Necromancer if you're getting TGS.
  11. In Eye for an Eye I put in a social combat where the PC's were trying to convince Lord Aschaffenberg that there really was a chaos cult in the basement, whilst Gregor Pierrson was trying to undermine their position (they didn't suspect him at the time).
  12. I've got my vault and I'm going to back up that you don't NEED the guide. True there are keywords for special rules but most of them can be found either on the reference sheet from the box (not an exhaustive list, but it covers the most common keywords) or elsewhere in the creature cards. For example, Eternal Hatred is a special rule for all Dark Elves but is listed only on the Corsair card. So far the only things I've noticed that aren't listed anywhere are the Undead special rules: Dead Calm and Dead Earnest, and there are several references to Skaven Morale on the cards which isn't explained. I'm sure that there are a couple of others, but as I said, it's nothing you can't work around. I'm sure the Creature Guide has a good deal of information on using the contents of the Vault, but it seems that for me, as an experienced GM (who already owns the Old World Bestiary, there isn't enough to justify the additional cost. However, I'd highly recommend the Creature Vault to anybody who is a 'bits' GM. It will definitely make running a combat much easier than using pages in books. FInally - the box is much needed extra storage space!
  13. As far as I can tell, all you'll be missing from the guide is fluff text and some ideas about how to use the information and set up encounters. To my mind, if you're knowledgeable about the Warhammer World, or own old fluff texts, and you are an experienced GM, you'll be fine with just the vault. I'm only buying the vault too.
  14. Well, it's what most games turn into. As a GM I'm always trying to plan something with the power and intrigue of 'The Name of the Rose', however my players usually end up chasing a potato and taking a dump out of the window. At least I can pretend that what we do is set in a GRIM WORLD OF PERILOUS ADVENTURE, rather than a CORNY WORLD OF RIDICULOUS BANTER.
  15. Sorry for the outrageous thread necromancy, but I remembered this thread and figured raising it from the dead was better than having the same conversation again. However, my reason... ...I've watched 'Black Death' today and it has really rung the WFRP bell for me - witch hunters, corruption, questionable morality, blasphemous rituals, necromancy, disease, brutal combat, it's even got a random combat in a journey through a forest! Also, I can't believe none of us mentioned 'The Name of the Rose' last year.
  16. Cwell2101 said: You can have only the Vault for sure. You'll lack the descriptions and fluff about the (new) creatures (Skavens, Dark Elves, etc.) and a few pointers to set up encounters and stuff. The Guide also has "Adventure Seeds" small entries for each creature groups in the description section.If you just want Creature Cards and Action Cards, the Vault is fine. That's good to hear, thanks. I've only ordered the Vault as more fluff isn't really what I need, I figured the guide would largely cover the same ground as the Old World Bestiary. I don't really need help with setting up encounters or plot hooks, so it looks like I made the right call (for me that is).
  17. ...or maybe not. I've just had a thought. They're both Graf because they are twins and nobody could remember which one was born first. However, huntin', shootin' and fishin' Wilhelm was daddy von Saponatheim's favourite and so named heir. However, clever little Siegfried was Olga's favourite, hence why she is busting a gut on his behalf in Ubersreik. There's a schism between the twins because of daddy's choice and Siegfried has sworn to only return to Bogenhafen when he's head of the family (i.e. when WIlhelm is dead). There are no references for this bit as I made it up! (It's fun this lineage stuff)
  18. Ghiacciolo said: That's fun...but in that way there is a big mistake in the nobility titles: 'Baron' is the weakest nobility title (basically all the lesser family should have at least this title) while 'Graf' (wich means Count) is one of the most important, wich in warhammer should be second only to the Emperor and Electors Count (even if this should be only a matter of prestige, since some electors are not part of the nobility at all)Also, this disparity of title seems to be impossible for some close relatives as brothers...this should imply that they must have the same father, but different mothers...and one was clearly a courtesan or maybe a peasant! Well...Wilhem is also listed as 'Graf' in the gazetteer for Reikland in Sigmar's Heirs (p82). He's also only ever referred to as 'Baron' in direct relation to Bogenhafen. Given that it's possible to hold more that one title (look at Karl-Franz!), is it possible that Wilhelm's full title is: Graf Wilhelm von Sapontheim, Baron of Bogenhafen? Alternatively, it's worth noting that 'Baron' is the title in V1 and the reference in Sigmar's Heirs was clearly a straight copy from Shadows. The confusion of title is possibly explained by the idea that Baron von Saponatheim was elevated to Graf von Saponatheim at some time between 2512 (The Enemy Within) and 2521 (the Storm of Chaos). Please don't ask me why Siegfried is a Graf too, as I just don't know. However, WIlhelm being head of the family and having inherited all the titles might explain why Siegfried never goes there - he's sulking! As to their father, I can't help you there Plutonick. Unless WIlhelm is the father, but that then leaves the older brother unaccounted for. As far as I know, Shadows Over Bogenhafen, Sigmar's Heirs and Edge of Night are the only WFRP texts that mention the Saponatheim family and I think I've covered everything mentioned. To my mind, the three brothers interpretation makes sense, doesn't directly contradict anything official and fleshes out Siegfried's family more than enough. Here ends my attempt to answer your question...
  19. Baron Wilhelm is mentioned in the Town Politics section of Ill Met in Bogenhafen, in Sigmar's Heirs (p103) and in Shadows over Bogenhafen (p 6). Thanks for pointing it out though as I think it solves the puzzle. Baron Wilhelm is the eldest brother as it states in edge of night that Siegfiried is 'not the head of the entire family' (p 27) and is 'a second son' (p 34), however Sigmund is, as you say, mentioned as Siegfried's younger brother. Therefore, WIlhelm, the ruler of Bogenhafen and as such head of the family must be the unmentioned older brother!!! There you go, the Noble House of von Saponatheim: Baron Wilhem von Saponatheim, Graf Siegfried von Saponatheim, Sigmund von Saponatheim, the sons of Olga von Jungfreud and her now dead husband. All referenced from WFRP texts too.
  20. Interesting stuff Mal. The only fly in the ointment of the daughters idea is Andreas von Bruner, Lord Heissman's eldest son, from Eye for and Eye. Perhaps Andreas was really a daughter, but the Von Bruner's needed an heir. Which was one of the reasons she/he was packed off to Grunewald... For me, the Von Bruners will have simply fallen from grace. They were the natural choice to take over the rule of Ubersreik given Lord Heissman's sterling work as a magistrate (Was he the magistrate sent to Auerswald? Possibly.). However, the Von Jungfreuds have spread the scandal about Andreas to discredit them and put them out of the race for Ubersreik. I think I'm going to keep Chaos out of the political battle to reinforce that power is what really corrupts. As you said, one of the real strengths of the V3 material, and a symptom of the excellent idea to focus on the area around Ubersreik, is that we have recurring characters and families built into the stories and background: Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg, Lord Heissman von Bruner, Graf von Jungfreud, Vern Hendrick, Klaus von Rothstein, etc. It all makes for a very easy campaign with plenty of scope for tangents. If you add in the tie ins to previous material such as the repeated visits to Bogenhafen and to a lesser extent Altdorf (I've decided to hold off Winds of Change to see if later adventures take us there) - then you could engage in the politics of the region for quite some time. In fact the only time FFG seem to have slipped on this concept has been Journey to Blackfire Pass. It's a good scenario, but would have been perfect of it had been Journey to Karak Azgaraz (which I'm going to use it as). Hopefully, if the line lasts we'll get a similar treatment of other areas of the Warhammer World: which perhaps the Dwarf book will be springboard to - although I'm hoping it mainly focuses on Karak Azgaraz and more the Reikland border.
  21. I think he means Wilhelm's mother...who isn't mentioned. He could be Graf Siegfried-Wilhelm von Saponatheim...
  22. erm...may source was your first post. I've just noticed that I've misread,"His mother's also a von Jungfreud called Olga". Even so, brothers still makes sense, but then so does father/son now that I've learned to read. I don't think you're going to get anything definitive from sources.
  23. There are a fair few location cards in each adventure, and barring one or two plot specific places (hag tree), they're pretty much all useful (although some seem to cover similar ground to others released - abandoned cemetery, garden of Morr, mausoleum). In terms of items, some of these (especially in TGS) are difficult to use outside of the plot, but things like the sword Actius or the Desolate Blade (Skaven Warpstone Weapon) can easily be used again. The settings themselves are very good. The gazeteers of Stromdorf and Ubersreik are full of interesting locations which give you plenty of hooks to build your own adventures into the two towns. Even if, as with my group, your PC's are run out of Stromdorf, you can still use NPC's and locations elsewhere. In terms of monster actions, both adventures include actions for their bad guys. In TGS this is spells for a Beastmen Shaman, a Necromancer and a Goblin Shaman. In EON this is spells and one other action for a Skaven Grey Seer along with some Skaven specific items. In the books there's also creature stats and creature actions which add variety to what is in the Tome of Adventure. All this stuff is very useful, however I'd imagine the info on monsters becomes a bit less useful if you get the Creature Guide and Vault that are coming out. Overall I'd say that for me, given that I'm running the adventures themselves, EON has more long term use than TGS, although much of my reasoning comes from the fact that my PC's are based in Ubersreik and aren't likely to return to Stromdorf anytime soon. I also think that EON has easily more transferable ideas in it - noble favour, rumour checks, brief corruption and mutation rules (if you haven't got Winds of Magic) - and more generic locations (given that its a large town). TGS main strength if you're not running the adventure, is the variety of enemies, but with the arrival of the Creaturer Guide and Vault that becomes less of a bonus. Hope this helps
  24. Von Todkopf said: The situation looks like it did have some decent anchoring and wasn't done purely for the shock effect. I think Von Todkopf's got to the heart of the OP's original question. That would pretty much sum up what was appropriate for me and what wasn't.
  25. Not canon, just my interpretation. If they both have a mother who's a Jungfreud called Olga, then it makes sense to see them as brothers.
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