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  1. So I've been reading through F&D, EoTE, and AoR for various character concepts, and it seems that F&D characters are more powerful pound for pound. I roll up a force user from F&D, and I'm pretty stoked about the possibilities, seems cool. Roll up a non force user, and I'm like, eh.... Compared a couple of similar concepts on both sides of the force-using coin, and it seems to back up my feelings. I guess the main point is that it seems it would be difficult to mesh the systems together. Agree/disagree? Anyone have any experience playing in or running a mixed system game that could speak to the relative balance?
  2. I don't think it will have a great effect on our game, as we're set closer to Return of the Jedi as far as a timeline. That being said, our GM LOVED Force Awakens, so I wouldn't be too surprised for him to slip something in there.
  3. Thanks a lot for the input folks (sorry to be so long in responding, holidays and whatnot). Really appreciate it, and will go over some of what has been brought up with my GM.
  4. I'm looking to play a Chiss in a game that I've got coming up, but I'm having a hard time finding any "current" info on the Chiss' leanings, as the stuff I'm finding is Old Republic-era information, which see them aligned with the Empire. The information in Few questions if anyone knows or could point me to a good resource for this: 1. It seems that they are fairly isolationist, based on the short bit in Enter the Unknown. Would it be accurate to state that they don't take sides in the Empire/"New Republic" conflict, so long as there is no threat to the Ascendancy? 2. Is Chiss culture generally the same as described in Old Republic times? 3. How do Chiss feel about force users, or do they not have a strong preference? Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. My nephew was rolling up a character for fun, and pointed out that from a skill upgrade cost standpoint, Athletics costs less than Logic (150 vs. 100). That doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, as it seems that Logic would have more to do with a Chirurgeon's training than Athletics would. Thoughts?
  6. I'd like to bring a little different perspective to this. Fantasy Flight is releasing a steady stream of RPG books in one of the richest settings out there (there's been work produced in this universe since 1987). They're a small company. Why not lend a hand? Not trying to force anyone's opinion, but why not be involved in helping out? Personally I'm looking forward to having a chance to beta test this. Any-who, keep up the good work FFG, I appreciate you giving me the ability to play in one of my very favorite fantasy settings ever.
  7. Personally I think it's a very cool idea for a campaign. In a game of Feng Shui that I played several years back, our party's investigation led us to a rock concert were we found mystical artifacts in the speakers that were influencing the crowd, and we would up having a running battle on the stage, ducking behind drum kits, etc for cover. The type of music that would fit in my opinion is either aggro or perhaps heavy industrial, which is pretty similar to the way Pound is described. For examples, in case you're not already familiar with the genre, see below, with warnings for language and violent imagery. Combichrist - "Get Your Body Beat" Suicide Commando - "Die Mother F***er Die" - Psyclon Nine - "Parasitic" - For reference, the Combichrist tune was in the movie The Gene Generation, clips of which comprise the video. That whole movie had a very under-hive look and feel to it. I could totally imagine the video imagery from the Psyclon Nine song in a club in the 40k universe. Another thought that crossed my mind was in regards to the background. Depending on how familiar your players and/or their characters are with the Ruinous Powers, Slaanesh might potentially be the "obvious" choice. Perhaps for a twist it could all be a thread in one of Tzeentch's grand designs. Again though, depends on how your players would think about it. At any rate, sounds like a grand idea! Definitely a story that I would enjoy personally.
  8. Good call on the Dark Eldar souls. Wasn't thinking about that bit of the lore. Thanks a lot for the suggestions, gives me some more ideas to play with. Great race of Yith is a very good call too.
  9. So I was watching John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars, and it struck me for the first time how "40k-ish" it is in atmosphere and such. Seems like the story has potential to be converted into at least a short-ish, one-off type module. Gonna throw a couple of ideas out here, and if anyone has any suggestions/improvements/additions I'd love to hear them! 1. Party choices. Have two different thoughts here. Either a standard party of Adepts, as this seems like the kind of thing an Inquisitor might send his people to do, or else have them all roll Arbiters and maybe one or two scum. 2. Desolation Williams. Since there's a fair amount of gunplay, thinking a hardened Metallican Gunslinger. Could use him as dramatically appropriate if encounters are too tough, etc. Would likely change his name, so it wouldn't be instantly obvious what the module is to those who may have seen the film. 3. Bad guys. Thinking either Khorne cultists (archaeologists unlock a door that was holding back daemons or some such) or Dark Eldar influence of some sort. Not 100% sold on Khorne though (as that is more violence for a deity's sake). Dark Eldar would seem to fit in with some of the speed and horror tactics that the enemies use in the film, although I'm not sure about how that would spread. Maybe some Dark Eldar cult was locked away and their ghosts are what is possessing folk. Those are my initial thoughts, at any rate, for what they're worth.
  10. This sounds like a great idea. Being part of a war with the brutal settings and what not fits in exactly. As a player I played in a D & D game with a huge invasion/war thing going on, and I found that to be very fun. Hope it goes well for you and your players, and hope to see more posts about it.
  11. ZillaPrime said: Samuel L. Jackson in Terminator armour is not bad-ass enough to save you from this. Servitors will malfunction and start in on an off-key chorus of the "Doom Song"... What I mean is, this ends badly. +100 internets Hi-freaking-larious!
  12. Keffisch said: Imagine their surprise when after having donned his gear; he turned around, his presence seemingly filling the whole room (and giving them the feeling of impending doom) while he yelled: I am Babaroth, Champion of Khorne, TAKE ME TO THE SLAUGHTER OR YIELD YOUR SKULLS TO ME! That is totally awesome.
  13. Awesome! Looking forward to it, and I've just posted my character choice in the Google Group.
  14. I'm interested and have sent an application to join the Google group. One thing that I will mention in the interest of full disclosure is that I have run this module, but I've been in situations like this before and am good at separating player and character knowledge.
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