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  1. Sure, and I don't *have* to buy the expensive magic cards to make a deck! I could just buy 60 lands and it would be legal. No, to buy in to Netrunner you need 48 distinct products. To buy in to magic's most popular format you need, at most, 6 distinct products. Edit: The point, despite the pedantics, is not "you cannot compete without buying every product", I am fully aware that you can buy just enough cards to get a good deck. But, you're asking *new* players to put the cart before the horse. They aren't going to go do a ton of research, figure out what they want, then buy in. They are going to buy in and figure out the cards. And currently, with 48 products required for a full buy in, that process is daunting.
  2. Star Wars and Netrunner are currently fighting over who can go the longest without any announced product. I think Star Wars will "win" (aka get cancelled first) but I think both are on the way out within the next year.
  3. With no announcements (and no planned acknowledgement) of the game at GenCon, and the last news about Netrunner being over three months ago... Are we dead?
  4. IMO, it's not just the buy in price, although that is relevant. It's the buy in effort. To buy in to Netrunner, for example, you currently have 48 distinct products you need to purchase. When rotation hits, that will decrease by 11 leaving 37 distinct products, which will slowly build up to 48 again, then drop to 37, etc. due to rotation. Further, each new "big box" set (see: terminal Directive) permanently adds to this number. Even if someone sets aside $800 to buy in, it's a lot of time and effort to find and acquire all the individual products you need to acquire. There is no "introductory" product that can get you in and playing at a reasonable level without that time and effort. And, FFG seems completely uninterested in making such a product, for whatever business reason they may have.
  5. So, my group got into the Saturday event, and there are three of us. But, my wife may have to leave early for the CosPlay contest stuff -- is it likely to be possible to play with a smaller group (just the three of us) and not do the "epic" play with 6-12 players? We don't want to screw over 3-9 other players just because she has something else scheduled as well. [We won't screw over 3-9 other players even if it doesn't work. If she can't play it then, she'll grab the supplies and we'll play it at a later date with her when we can get 3 other players]. I know we don't really have any reference point for this, so it's all conjecture but... any conjecture?
  6. BIG difference between this and savage worlds? Core rule book for savage worlds is $10, and uses standard dice you can get anywhere (and probably already have). This core rulebook costs $40 and uses at least one $15 set of dice per player.
  7. I know on the box it says 1-2, 3-4 with an extra core set. Does anyone in the know, or who had access to the demo, know if it will be playable at 5 players? I'm hoping to use this as the go to "play when one of the players can't make it" on PnP RPG night. But, we have 6 players, so if one is missing that makes 5. Any thoughts?
  8. fore the Call of Cthulhu Core Set Showdown which is listed on Friday from 1:00 - 4:00, and directed towards new players: Is owning a Core set required beforehand (IE not provided with entry fee)? If required, will they be onsale at the event itself, or only in the booth, and would 1 core set be enough for more than 1 player? Will there be a period beforehand where one could go to learn the rules of the game (IE a demo type deal)? Thanks
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