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  1. I have a second, they are in my Return to the Night of the Zealot box.
  2. My minor quibbles with the Return. I am not going to discuss the size or usefulness of the box, that horse has been beaten to death. Most of us knew what we were getting since it is the same exact box (with different art) as the Return. I don't mind the size and I see the feeling that they were trying to convey. My complants are as follows: The insert. I feel this should have been sized for the complete campaign (sleeved). I can alter the one in there, but don't think I should have had to. No Dividers for the Return addons for the scenarios. I think there should have been a divider for either each scenario or at minimum one for entire Return to... set of cards. That would the box to work for both the original and the modified scenario easily. They gave us replacement encounter cards for all needed except Rats and Nightgaunts. If these two encounter sets had also been replaced it would have made the set for the most part stand alone. Minor issues, but thought I'd rant. Everyone else seems to. Thanks
  3. I would like to see a generic commander for each side. Basically "An Imperial Captain" and "A Rebel Captain". For even more variety, I could see giving each three different cards, a "Green", "Veteran" and "Elite" version. Not every skirmish has to be between powerhouses. And I'm sure there were minor battles in places other than Hoth and Endor.
  4. Looks interesting. Think his deck building might be a bit over powered. All other dual class can only take up to level 2 of their secondary classes, and add to it, to be able to use all talent cards in the game might be a bit much. Think Mystic cards 0-2, and Talent cards 0-2 or even 0-3 might work a bit better.
  5. The only problem with new generic cards in the Deluxe Packs, is it makes the Deluxe packs a requirement for the future. Example if they needed mobsters in one of the Carcosa scenarios, if they went ahead and used Naomi's Crew, it would mean you would have to own "The Dunwich Legacy". So far in all of the LCGs there has never been a requirement to own another expansion, (except of course the start of a cycle in this one). I would have like to have seen even more generic cards out of the core set, so they wouldn't have to reinvent the wheel every time they wanted to use the same effect, monster. I expect there with be "encounter cards" for the Path to Carcosa cycle in the deluxe set, just as there were in The Dunwich Legacy.
  6. The only cards used from the second set would be, all the investigator cards (including neutrals) except for the investigators themselves and their personal cards. You only need one set of weaknesses and one set of the cards for the campaign.
  7. As a customizable card game, the ideal is for each player to have their own cards. The four player with 2 core sets only works if you are using the sample decks, if you start comstomizing your decks, you will immediately be competing for the same cards.
  8. No where does it say that exhausted enemies move, since that would an exception to the rules, it would say so. A is engaged in both following questions. With question 3, if player C was in the Hallway and drew the encounter, then the creatures prey would take over, or whom the lead investigator choose if it doesn't have prey.
  9. Does anyone know the name of the two encounter sets, I made labels based on the Campaign guide, and then found the additional encounter sets.
  10. Also gives them a reason for the "Batteries" card in the future.
  11. I actually feel Zoey is more of a paladin, she kills because God told her to, and with her willpower, dabbles a bit in the arcane.
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