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  1. i agree but like bloodruns true said its not so much battle prowess but criminal past any decient player would use them and they just make aggro useless unless you are able to lock them out. then the next solution is mill or control and how do they plan to survive. but i have no probs with battle infact i use them my self i say to either nerf criminal or get rid of it.
  2. who is the box topper promo and it better be panda if he is in T6 and if not someone will pay.
  3. i think i would be better on so many people if the tornament was block 3 or as we found out in our draft alot more would need to be baned to keep it balanced. though i dont mind legacy i prefer block 3 as it to me is more balanced and fair on every one. Daniel B/
  4. hye guys its Dan B i have a slight problem and i dont hink i will have a deck ready for saturday but i see waht i can do, and another thing does anyone have a Crazy Buffalo form warriors dream there willing to trade cause i really need one for my deck. Cheers Dan B
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