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  1. Sign me up, I wan't that map as something you can download on this site. How hard can it be? Listen to your paying customers FFG!
  2. Thanks for the input. Haven't decided me yet,
  3. We're using a lot of house rules and skills are one of the main changes. Many of them has gone and some new has been created. One of the new skills are "Hacking", breaking into cogitators or re-designing their "software" We really wanna use something more then Tech-Use in this case. But Hacking is sure not a Warhammeresque word so I need help with the name of this skill. Maybe we'll be using it as a trade skill (keeping it most simple) What to call it? any cool and warhammer sounding ideas are welcome. Something like Cryptomancy or Cogitator Exorcism, well you know....
  4. My native tongue is niether english or german so playing warhammer has always made me wonder on how the language works for the characters in game. I reckon that Reikspiel is the same as German. When I read supplements I see a mix of both German and English. Stromdorf (village) The Stewpot (Tavern), Drakwald (geography) The Great Forest (geography). Personal names are always in german as long as they are from the empire, but beastmen and goblins are called Foaldeath or Madtooth and stuff like that. How would those things come across for the PC's? Are they mixing two langages too? Maybe they call the great forest Der Grosse Wald ? What's your take on this subject?
  5. H.B.M.C. said: Focuses? It's one chapter in the book. BYE That's good to hear, although almost every post in this thread seemed to be about careers so I thought that was the case.
  6. Our gaming group does not use advancement schemes anymore and we have thrown a lot of skills out so we're just using careers as a background option who gives you your starting skills. Works more like Black Crusade if you know what I mean? Seems like much of this book focus on things that I do not use, a bit dissapointing but as I want information about enforcers and the criminal underworld I'll check it out anyway, Lucky for you FFG
  7. Looking at the Failings in the Rules, at Disgraces in particular (p. 73) ...at least some small portion of his pride was proven false. ...Make an unexpected sacrifice....regrets having made that decision... eats away at his soul and causes him to sometimes act in ways to make up for his past failings. So If I roll Destruction for Disgrace, is Destruction something that I REGRET or is it the way I act sometimes to make up for past failings?! If it is something that I regret, what ways should I act to make up that I killed a bunch of civilians and blow up their house?
  8. I have a quick question, I've checked the rules but I cannot find any satisfying answer to it. Psychic Powers, can you use them in close combat? I see that they have a subtype of concentration, and I cannot find what that means?
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    Thanks for the input everyone
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    Some questions did arise at our last session of Rogue Trader, I've been searching the Forums for suitable threads but there are so darn many so I gave up and fired away anew here, sorry if this is already discussed. We have a Sword Frigate, 1.6 km long with a crew of 26,000 that sounds very crowded? Do they all fit at this small space? There are also alot of other stuff in the ship that takes up a lot of space. The ship is only 0.3 abeam.
  11. I want my las-weapons to be deadly, maybe the least deadly ranged weapon, but deadly nevertheless. Why would it become the most produced weapon otherwise, sure it is cheap and reliable, but so are rocks. It is designed to kill and in our games, a good shot would at least seriously hamper a space marine (out of armour.) No comic relief thank you, by using laspistols as a taser. I'm not at all into that old RPG advancement... first you fight kobolds armed with daggers and later on you only fight fire giants with +4 two handed swords. As said before, the rules are already "forgiving" enough with the Toughness, Dodge, Armor and lots of wounds.
  12. Have not got the book yet and have not done mixed group yet so I won't go into that discussion now. The last 5 years or so I discovered that those long tidious "chip away" battles doesn't entertain anyone in our gaming group. I think that insight come with D&D 3.0 where at some point everyone had over 100Hp and impossible AC. The fights took forever. I found that fights become quite long in DH too. Toughness, Armour, Plenty of wounds, Lasweapons didn't do enough damage. So we tried some changes like removing Toughness soak, upgrading weapons and seriously reducing starting wounds. For me it sounds like the True Grit talent will become something that has to be houseruled to suit our gamingstyle. We've already talked about the problem with Space marines and their unnatural Toughness. Maybe we'll do away with that rule and give them more wounds instead but that leads to more book keeping. Sorry for going abit of OT, dirifting away there for a moment, but this thread got me thinking about all those tweaks we've done.
  13. Diel Ulricsson said: Exactly what Zakalwe said... It is an RPG, therefore the GM has COMPLETE CONTROL over what happens, and the skills and talents that are available to the players. I have never understood the mentality of "It says X in the book, therefore that is the case." Just change it. I'm just looking for input and what you think about the subject. I know I can change the rules around and have done so alot in alot of games. There is always a chance that you miss something, something that you never thought of when you make up houserules, that's why I need different point of views and so on before I'm starting to change stuff. At least two in my group are pretty new to RPGs and are following the rules by the book so I think I have to put down some rules and lists on paper at least.
  14. Stormast said: The difference with D&D being that here, everything is a choice. What you buy per level depends on your class, granted, buth with the number of options you get at each Rank, you should normally always find something worthwile. Plus the ranks system represents the fact that PCs get back to "civil" life between their missions for the Inquisition. So it's not really the missions that make them progress, it's that plus their everyday life Yes, that was my take on this too, that "Civil" life was the source of new skills and talents. But, at least in our campaign, there has been no time for civil life. I mean with the travel times in the 40K universe and grand campaigns there are no "down times." To contact and asemble a party in game time would take several months, so in my campaign, the player characters just rest up a bit between the missions at the "base" then their Inquisitor sends them away again.
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