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  1. Interesting comments guys. I guess we're not focused a lot on PVP here unless we are very late in the game and at that point the DC goes up like crazy. I'm gonna try a few games without letting the DC keep the trophies if she sacrifies the creature and see how it goes. Just got my Dungeon expansion, it looks awesome! Thanks everyone
  2. Greetings everyone, After a few games with the Dark Cultist, we realized that the player was way over-powered compared to the other ones. I mean, the player almost gets a stat boost after every combat and gets to keep the trophies also. We were thinking of removing the trophy if you sacrifice it to the dark gods, but even then the player gets his stats up way faster than any other player. I remember we had that kind of problem in the 3rd edition with the Chaos warrior. He won 1 D6 exp for every combat won so his xp went way up, and so did his stats. What we did is we ended up only allowing the use of the Chaos warrior if you died during the game. And even then, the player with the Chaos warrior sometimes managed to catch up with the other players and win the game! So, i'm thinking of doing the same with the dark cultist, unless we can find a way to slow her progress a little. What are your thoughs on this? Thanks!
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