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  1. I don't know if its been mentioned, but after updating to the latest version, the compact sheet isn't showing all the talents or equipment like the older version did. I tried going into the compact options and selecting all, but it still displays less than everything it used to. Any ideas? Thanks! E
  2. Subject explains it all. Looking for players in the area.
  3. ejacobs

    Let's Design Wave 1 for Prequel Ships!

    I had read somewhere that Jedi starfighters didn't have shields. Perhaps change the stats to 3,4,2,0 if this is correct? Nimble but fragile, totally dependent on their force using pilots to avoid damage. Jedi Pilot special ability: Count all <Focus> rolled during defense as <evade>. Basically giving them a free focus action for defense only, based on their connection with the force. I think the ARC-170 should have a rear arc, with a 3/1 stat with the ability to shoot in both arcs during combat, 3 skill to the front but only 1 skill to the rear. Doesn't seem overpowering but still enough to keep pesky enemy from getting on their 6 at range 1. E
  4. ejacobs

    How about a mixed Aces expansion?

    I think its possible we see Keyan show up in a Y-wing. Han and Lando have shown up in different forms, Vader too. I think a Battle of Yavin Aces pack with a Y and Adv would be pretty cool. I'd pick up a second Adv or two from that box. E
  5. Though I think it's possible that the planet goes to the player with initiative, I don't think its likely. I would bet that if that case arises, the planet remains in conflict and the next round sees renewed fighting over it until someone actually wins it. But I might be wrong. E
  6. ejacobs

    Wish me lu

    I read the title and thought his transmission was cut off as his ship had just been destroyed. E
  7. ejacobs

    [Commission paintjob] Kath Scarlet's Firespray

    That looks amazing. The repainted Slave I looks great too. E
  8. ejacobs

    Imperial Corvette concept

    This thing looks amazing. I think it would be a great thing to have out on the board. Keep an eye on this guy FFG, he can do great things for you. E
  9. Tyranids and Imperial Guard allow for Genestealer Brood armies, old forces that used to be playable and now are again thanks to unbound in 40K. E
  10. ejacobs

    Assault vs. shooting.

    I'm happy to see many of the newly revealed rules make a lot of "common sense". It really makes the game seem more intuitive. I'm really looking forward to this one. E
  11. ejacobs

    Starter Box

    Well, hmmm, if it does require three starters, I certainly hope I love this game, and that I can get rid of the unnecessary boxes to hide the evidence from my wife! JK! in case she ever happens on here. E
  12. ejacobs

    Starter Box

    I've only played two games of Netrunner (both wins BTW, I'm kind of a big deal) but I must say, I'm looking forward to this game. As for needing to buy 2 sets to get all the cards needed/allowed, I'm for it. I'm really looking forward to this. The amount of variation I see coming, plus the whole genre of 40k has me really excited. I say again, I will buy two starter sets to get all the cards, needing to buy three is one too many. E
  13. I see expansions going somewhat like Nemesis for Relic. Tyranids and Necrons, if added would be additional armies that don't ally with others, with perhaps the exception of the Tyranids allowing Imperial Guard allies, but not vice versa. I'm okay with that fluff-wise, and it makes sense. E
  14. ejacobs

    Ideas for Future Waves

    Fill out a mercs/bounty hunter force. Bring in Slave II, Bossk's ship, 4-lom's, Denghar's, etc... Pirates and others. Allow a third faction, perhaps one that combines the Firespray and the YT? E
  15. ejacobs

    Lets take a deep breath

    Yes to more bounty hunters! I would love to see a third faction (mercs/bounty hunters) incorporated into the game. E