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  1. I have taken a long break from WFRP since my previous campaign ended last summer and I have finally come back after playing a bit of D&D. This time around I let the players choose their careers. So one of the players is an agent and the other is an Apprentice Grey Wizard. In the adventure I ran I had the party investigate a Khornate cult in a farmer's corn field. I had the town watch pay them 20 brass pennies each for helping save one of the mayor's servants from the cultists. The players think that I am not giving them enough money and think I should give them lots of shillings or gold crowns. I have explained to them that not many people in the old world are that rich. So they have taken matters into their own hands and have decided to cast an illusion spell that would turn all of the pennies I have them into gold crowns using one of the grey wizard's actions. They know the spell will wear off so they plan to go to a bank and ask for change for their fake gold crowns in shillings. The wizard is also planning on using the doppleganger spell to turn into a merchant so no one would know it was him when the illusion spell wears off. After that they plan to skip town and spend their new fortune. I have no idea how to stop this. I have thought about using witch hunters with magical sight to investigate and possibly have the Grey College look into the situation. Does anyone on the forums have any idea on how to stop the characters from becoming rich too quickly? Should I let them get away with it?
  2. Necrozius said: plutonick said: I am sorry but who are you? Are you an FFG moderator of staff? Your reassurance is based on what? Play-tester for WFRP 3. I received a message about the silence. There's a reason, but it's not my business to say what it is. From what I heard, everything is good. I some how get the impression that some kind of awesome new WFRP product is in the works... I'm not going to ask you what it is but I have my guesses. I'm guessing that after the black fire pass is released then FFG is going to have to release the Slannesh box set (hopefully with more social actions). Then I'm betting that they have to add halflings to the game. Though one of the things I have been hoping for was a skaven box set with stuff converted from children of the horned rat and possibly mixed with new rat catcher oriented stuff (kind of like how winds of magic has new wizard related actions and stats for Tzeentch demons). After that maybe a 3rd edition conversion for the Enemy Within (which sadly I was never able to run because I came into WFRP during 2nd edition). Have fun play testing! You're so lucky.
  3. Hey dvang do you want to shed any light about curing disease rules work in signs of faith if you have the time. How do the medicines and herbs affect things? Are they easier to heal then critical hits?
  4. I like to add a mix of mystery and action. In my last WFRP 3rd edition campaign I ran a large combats with an army of orcs and the PCs were backed up by an army of Reiksguard knights and various other Empire troops. I do think my campaigns can be a bit high powered at times (which has more to do with my GMing style then anything else) and yet at other times it can be grim and gritty adventures with long treks though the wilderness and in-depth investigation (either involving chaos cults or some imaginary rat-men). So I guess I like a mix of styles and run whatever kind of adventure my group feels like at the time.
  5. Yeah, I think it's a great idea. I would certainly want to know the thought process behind this awesome and innovative game. I would watch it if you were able to make such a video. I actually subscribed to your channel a while ago boggle. I didn't know you had an account on this forum.
  6. Yeah, I noticed this too. Does anyone know why the site is gone?
  7. Does anyone know what toughness and soak the great unclean one has? How does the great unclean one compares to the lord of change?
  8. Old World Dude said: I haven't seen the supplement yet. Is there anything on Elven High Magic in there? No rules for it but has some since background information about High magic, dark magic, wood elf magic, dwarf rune magic and a bunch of other types.
  9. monkeylite said: 'Critical damage' is just normal damage that deals 1 critical. Boy do I feel stupid now. I knew that already but I guess it was just the way the text was written on that one action. Sorry if I ranted a bit there.
  10. I recently got winds of magic and so far I think it is an awesome supplement. I have been reading some of the npc/monster stats in the Liber Mutatis (GM book that comes with the box). I was reading the actions for Chaos Sorcerer and noticed one called Arcane Explosion. It has a powerful effect that deals Int + 5 criticals at only two successes! If you look at it's Int score a regular sorcerer has 6 Int while a sorcerer lord has 7. So that is 11 or 12 criticals! They may as well call this action PC killer. Have I made a mistake or is this action really that broken? I think a better effect would be: +2 criticals. I hope errata fixes this soon.
  11. Well, you could just use a single imperial guard miniature for a horde and say that every square around them has members of the horde in it and just use the miniature to represent where the horde "begins". Though you should re-scale the grid to something larger then a meter and re-scale how long a round is from 5-6 seconds to about 1 min so that the PCs can move more then 1 square on the re-scaled grid map.
  12. Tarnis Phoenix said: Demo copy is a full copy of the game but its available to the public to use and play. They have a copy or two of every single game they make, available for members of the event center to check out for free and play at the store. Sorry if you I'm asking too many questions but I just wanted a few things answered because I'm really excited about getting my pre-order copy. 1. Have you seen anything about High Elf magic in the box? Do high elves have their own spells or do at least have rules on how high magic works? 2. How are the new Bright Order spells? Are they all combat focused? I have a player that has a bright wizard character so I really want to know about the spells. I might want to know about Grey Order spells as well.
  13. Does anyone know how many mutations are in the winds of magic? Are the mutations any good?
  14. I have played many roleplaying games over the years. Such as GURPS and World of Darkness but my all time favorite has always been WFRP. I have been playing 3rd edition since December and today I've come up with a awesome house rule that takes some of my knowledge of other cool systems and puts it back into warhammer. I've decided to make a flaw/disadvantages system (since the Old World is filled with flawed people and adventurers are no exception). I didn't want to make it easy to min/max with this house rule so I have set a few limits on flaws. First of all each character can only ever have one flaw (since one awesome weakness is better then 10 minor ones). I have decided that flaws are kind of like anti-specialisations that give misfortune dice in a certain situation but give you a free pre-set specialisation in return. Here is a sample list of flaws I came up with: Superstitious: You are very superstitious and will believe a witch or spell is behind everything. Even strange weather or black cat crossing your path is an omen or portent. Though most peasants in the Old World tend to think this way but you are a really extreme case. Spell casters gain a fortune dice when casting a spell on you but you gain the Folklore (urban legends) specialisation. Wild man/Wild woman: You are at home in the forests and natural places of the Old World. You can find your way through these wild places with ease and might even a bunch of small animals that follow you around (though most people will think this is creepy). You gain a misfortune dice when making charm rolls with city folk (villages that are close to the woods usually don't count) but gain the Nature Lore (Navigation) specialisation. Obsessed with death: You know you are going to die some day. You know you will die soon. You live every day as if it is your last but act grimly around others. Some more foolish optimistic people don't think about the moment of their death so they will not see it coming but you know better... You gain a misfortune dice on resilience rolls to naturally heal wounds through resting but due to your grim nature you gain the Charm (Priest of Morr) specialisation. More flaws to come but you can post other ideas for new flaws or alter the ones I have created as you see fit as well as suggest tweaks to overall flaw system.
  15. Graver, I hope you don't mind but I'm most likely going to use your idea in my upcoming rogue trader campaign. Though if I can I will add my own personal touch to it (if I can think of one).
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