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  1. Ill be leaving for Spain tomorrow,but Ill be back in a week or so, and porbably have time to upload the fixes, and some skills and brand new weapons (with new dice!) that I been working on... Thanks for all your input so far...
  2. Thanks for all the replies... Rember that I'm replacing ALL of the normal heroes, so that is why I have stolen some of the concepts from the old heroes... Krieg: 3 fatigue, only retores 5 wounds? Barkskin: Starts with armour 3? Or only +1 at gold? The Faceless: Sorcery 2. 12 life. Bishop Eli: +1 fatigue and speed, aura only works during the overlords turn. Enarix: 4 fatigue. Eram Bladefury: 3 fatigue. Miana: May do this once per turn? Otherwise I may have to find a whole new concept? Nentera: 3 fatigue. Niknak & Fikfak: More will come, I was just lazy. Pyro: 4 fatigue, 4 speed. Michi: No healing ability. Sara: Fatigue 4. Tia: Fatigue 4. Vira: +1 speed.
  3. Empathic Twins works like this: 2 models on the board, if one of them suffer damage, both suffers, and both dies when they reach 0 wounds. They must spilt any movement points and attacks, but can declare actions as normal. The familiars: The Black Widow have speed 4 and moves like a flyer. Whenever it ends its turn on a monster, theres a 50/50 chance of that monster getting a web token. Isha is the same, but with a stun token instead.
  4. So I made these to replace all the old heroes, and I might add that I'm planning to make new skills and so forth as well... What do you think? Someone overpowered? This is completly untested, so there are bound to be some holes, maby you can help me find them early on.
  5. Okay, found it... Thanks for all the help guys
  6. This forum doesn't seem to have personal message function? Neither could I find your email under your profile. I typed the wrong email adresse for you, so if you could re-send the mail to; Appleofdisorder@gmail.com You said that the file would only be availble for 7 days, and I am leaving for Spain tomorrow... Thanks alot
  7. I'm a fool... My email is Appleofdisorder@gmail.com Sorry for all the people I've bugged with all this, when it turns out I don't even know my own email... Could you re-send that mail? Sorry guys
  8. Hmm... Thanks for trying thou... Can't you upload it? What is the file size?
  9. I am getting a bit impatience, and I was wondering if anyne out there could mail me the Card Editor as quick as possible, I would be very greatful, as I need it to make some adjustment to be used soon... My mail addresse is 2 posts up, Thanks alot
  10. Each lieutenant may add 1 token, so 3 lieutenants adds 3 tokens.
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