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  1. Played 3 games against the gauntlet. It helped destroy one hero and a unit in the first game. The other games it ensured the elimination of one unit in one game and a hero in the other. My issue with it so far is that it seems a very lazy way to play. Melee a unit and then apply the condition and you are almost guaranteed to eliminate the target unit. No need to maneuver. I have to think that this card will be very common in tournaments. It is a card that if players cannot develop a reasonable counter to might lead to some just trying other games or refusing to play against it. I play at least one game a week but someone playing one or two games a month may not play the game sufficiently to deal with this type of card leading to potentially bad experiences the few times they do play.
  2. A unit attacks another equipped with cursed signets in 2 ranks.The attacking die roll has surges and an accuracy. The attacker uses the surges to assign bane tokens. Are the wounds assigned in step 6 or later when the accuracy could be used to wound a figure upgrade in the front rank.
  3. I hit a 3 wide, 2 rank deep unit of reanimates with 16 damage. This wipes out the back rank. However I am not clear as to whether I can now assign the remaining 4 damage to any model in the front rank or must assign them to non-figure upgrades as all figures are removed simultaneously?
  4. Typical builds range from 3 to 7 units so far. 100 points additional might add 1 to 3 more. Certainly well within the range of playability but how balanced the game will be I have no idea. Still realing from being blighted to death in my last game.
  5. A spearmen unit has only its front rank left of 3 trays. The middle tray contains a wounded front line rune golem. 22.4 prevents the last point of damage being assigned to the rune golem until at least one flanking tray is removed. Golden rule says cards over rule rules reference. Executioner states that you can select a wounded figure you are engaged with and remove it. If this sequence is valid, then there is no rule to combine the split unit. If the rune golem is not a valid target at this time by executioner then the golden rule is incorrect?! Thoughts?
  6. There does not seem to be any rule on placing the Champion, Heraldy, and Music figures in different trays as long as they are the front rank trays. Thus, unless these specific figures were killed, the normal figures would be removed first. This in theory could leave you with 3 trays and one specialized figure in each tray? Correct
  7. I do not understand this rule. Rule 38.1 has any figure upgrades in the front rank. 38.6 says that you can only assign damage to figure upgrades that are not in the back rank. Is the mention of the back rank redundant or is there some reason for the comment that I have overlooked?
  8. Finished one CC and partially through another. Player skill counted very heavily for us, especially in the fleet builds. The results reflected that. Weaker players running builds that are 50 or more points less than the stronger player/build, after round 1, can be very frustrating. I struggle trying to put a good game together at 400 points. 500 is a whole new experience for me. I enjoyed the experience/challenge but I think the campaign system needs rewrite. I am also wondering if this is a first foray into testing 500 point games.
  9. I want to thank you for the work you have done because it makes the game that much easier to play for me. I am fairly new to the game and to have to keep checking the various abilities of the pieces which are strewn throughout the book can be very time consuming. I am sorry if this has already been pointed out but the Flamm-Luther should read III-D and the MIL-47D picture is not there. The cards you made can easily fit in plastic recipe holders which makes them very durable and easy to handle.
  10. You have nailed the problem. The answers are ambiguous. Hopefully it will clarified. I do use one attempt and allow the model to continue without interference if they pass, otherwise they cannot move in the path.
  11. This question has been reviewed many times on this forum. FFG have failed to provide a definitve answer. I use just one test and if you pass then you are free to move on the path. Others only allow one step as you can only take the test once. If you are in the middle of the path and fail, then you are stuck. Search the forum for more details.
  12. Horsa


    No other character packs. The main armament is a Volta's Lightening Cannon, which is a heavy, auto that can attack 2 adjacent targets. The standard equipment in each pack is the KBA suit which allows re-rolls of 2 failed dice in shock. Other options boost these two items or provide healing (stamina pack ) or initiative or an additional dice to a shock roll by a character adjacent if you take the command pack. She can be repaired. She can repair herself as an action or by several other means. All in all a tough cookie. Mia said he will provide a detailed overview soon.
  13. Horsa


    I received the model from my LGS today. Nothing spectacular in itself although the rules do make her rather hard to take down. The 3 extra counters are replacement gold brick counters with interesting abilities. Not sure what to make of the model as it is rather unique. Will be interesting to see how much it changes the game if at all.
  14. The original ruling was regarding models not needing LOS. Since smoke intuitively effects LOS, it would make sense to have models that ignore LOS to not be effected. We now have 2 rulings from FFG. The first one says that smoke does not effect the attack if LOS is not required and the second one that says it does. There maybe an attempt going on to collate the rules so they are simpler. Certainly introducing exceptions into a game is always a problem, no matter how logical the exception may be.
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