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  1. Personally I'm not interested about expansions that are from completely different era. Even E-Wing is already too new for my taste.
  2. Hanu

    Best looking ship?

    TIE Interceptor. It's has same kind of scariness as Messerschmitt 109G had.
  3. I did not say E-wing is 30 ABY, I said I feel even E-Wing is almost too new for this setting.
  4. I'm feeling uneasy to use even the E-Wing already... So, 30 years newer ships don't belong to my X-wing game. Neither S**tload of "fixes" on every pilot. Luckily competitive gaming is not a thing for me, so I can just stop here and keep playing scenarios and original stuff with my buddies.
  5. I guess they wanted to boost the sales of new starter. Yes I'm stupid and short-sighted, but I dont like seemlessly unlimited amount of options. Last waves and core sets brings Magic the Gathering to my mind and why I chose to drop it when the colors were messed up. But that is my opinion and others surely may have theirs.
  6. Fixed that for you. Yes that's part of the problem; they should not look pretty... But then again you cannot please everyone. For me they look like fliying japanese paper-walls with poor ability to absorb solar rays (as they are white and reflect visible wavelenghts at least). But fine, it is artists choice. X-Wing looks nice though. Especially I like those original Ralph McQuarrie -style engines.
  7. Man those TIE's are ugly with those inverted colors. I hope their sound is not inverted also from roar to purr in the movie.
  8. At least there is one person who likes them, so its not a total loss.
  9. "You dont need to roll any red dice"
  10. To cheer me up after yet another depressing workday. It's a great game also but that comes second.
  11. Power creep is bit like aging. Inevitable and sadly natural and some people always try to deny or make up (something) to hide it. No pun intended to anyone though.
  12. Well logic has very little to do with this. We have to wait for the rulings.
  13. Looks great, but EA logo always brings bad feelings to me.
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