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  1. No my main grip was that the Overlord isn't as interesting to play as the heroes. The heroes get to level up, get cool equipment etc. The overlord only gets to suffer. The discussion focused mostly on the imbalance I perceive and as such is what is mostly discussed here, but that was more of a addendum problem for me. Not only is the Overlord not as interesting to play, it doesn't even get to put up a good fight. I also think that my idea about being more of a GM are somewhat misunderstood. I try to win and I want to win. I just don't mind losing barely as long as I'm having fun. But I wasn't having fun. Its more of an idea I would choose a monster group that sounds cool for the scene, or try different monster groups so we aren't fighting the same thing all the time. I don't want to super-optimize every decision, buy only this specific lieutenant pack to get the best plot deck just so I have some minor chance of succeeding, use the same monster groups every time because they are demonstrably the best. I didn't know this was Magic the Gathering : the Dungeon Crawler, if you get what I mean.
  2. This is not my experience, but maybe I'm just bad. I feel also that the overlord has to do a lot more work to be competitive. Heroes just have to play tactically in combat while the overlord seems to have to plan everything before hand. Also the overlord needs to go out and buy the "right" lieutenant packs while heroes get theirs out of the box. There also always seems to be some sort of a drawback to all better overlord actions. I started to compare Star Wars imperial cards to Descent overlord cards and it just pissed me off. For plot cards you have to spend limited resource, for something like the aforementioned Raider Armory, just to get +1 surges for 1 round, while in SW:IA you might get a power that gives 2 health, for the duration of the combat. One is a top tier plot card, the other is a mid tier class card. One is a permanent power, the other you have to spend threat tokens to get. It just feels unfair that the heroes go into a combat with a clean slate. There are no 1 use items, non reusable resources or other hard limits on them. The overlord on the other hand loses some monsters permanently, has to draw cards that can be used only once per deck cycle (or even once per encounter, can't remember if discard is shuffled back in when empty), has to make hard decision on whether to use off his threat to activate some ability, or save it to buy another. Add to that a overlord is barely unique, he gets his class stuff later instead of immediately like the heroes, if he buys every card of a class it would cost him 11xp, not sure that a campaign even has that much, and still his deck would be less than half class specific. Sure there are plot cards, but they aren't even in the base box or any expansion. You can only get them from Lieutenants. Descent overlord just obviously is not for me.
  3. If you had access to a laser cutter do you think it would be a good idea to create a reform tools for the game? I'm picturing circular objects with perhaps a wing portion or something to press on to keep steady. The interior diameter would be equal to the corner to corner distance of the different tray combination. So lets say a tray width would be a unit TW so that 1 TW is equal to the height/width of a tray. 1*1 = √2 => 1,41 1*2 = √5 => 2,24 1*3 = √10 => 3,16 1*4 = √17 => 4,12 2*2 = √8 => 2,83 2*3 = √13 => 3,61 2*4 = √20 => 4,47 3*3 = √18 => 4,24 3*4 = √25 = 5 4*4 = √32 => 5,66 So that is at least 9 tools sadly if I assume 3*4 is the biggest group available (subject to change of course ). Anyone had the same idea and implemented or found a different solution. I understand that this is probably mostly a non issue but good to have in certain situations.
  4. I agree about the tape measuring, especially when it is individual models being moved like in 40k and Warmachine. I guess the new rules say you measure one and fit the others around him, but still, that can't work well in a competitive environment.
  5. Sounds great, I also like the idea of the movement system and the whole dial thing as it gives each unit type its uniqueness, but I was afraid it might get silly sometimes. Glad to hear that it is not your experience. I guess I will hear how the big tournament goes and invest after that.
  6. This game interests me a lot. It seems to have a much tighter ruleset than many other miniatures tabletop games which is something I like. While I think the minis don't look as epic as Warhammer or Warmachine units they aren't bad either. One thing that I have been wondering though is the movement system. I'm sure this has been discussed before but the search didn't work so sorry if I'm beating a dead horse. This movement system is very smartly designed in my opinion and in a game like X-Wing it makes a lot of sense in a dogfight that movement is a bit fast and thus rigid. It also makes sense in a fleet combat system like Armada since those ships are not very agile and have a lot of momentum. I understand the File and Rank combat is also somewhat rigid, you are moving a bunch of guys as one unit and they will never be as agile and quick to react as individual combatants. But I saw one combat and the guys where running circles around each others, not being able to charge the flank of the enemy, kind of like a dog trying to bite its own tail. Those where beginners and they were still having fun so there is that. I understand a part of the game is anticipating what your opponent will do and I like that, but I'm worried that in some cases it will devolve into silliness. Do you feel like that is a problem in the game?
  7. And to add to the confusion I think you were replying to me but probably misunderstood me. I was agreeing on how it would work and saying that a siege unit don't even have a heavy upgrade slot so he is just a standard champion upgrade, but to a siege sized unit. Finally, everyone on the internet is right, we all win.
  8. What is the fluff behind Forbidden Lore of the Shadow Council? Are these supposed to be undead versions of the unit, enchanted perhaps. I'm thinking if a undead army owner would invest in a unit that he would paint accordingly.
  9. I understand, I was just iterating that they don't even have a siege slot and probably no siege unit ever will have as then you could heavy upgrade a unit with its own unit type which doesn't make sense.
  10. Yeah I don't think the Spined Threshers even have a Siege Slot, though I could be wrong. What is the last icon on the 6 tray unit?
  11. Yeah I've only loosely read the rules, but this means he could champion upgrade a unit of Spined Threshers, but he could not be a heavy upgrade ( unless there is also another card ) for infantry ( or cavalry, which raise another questions for me, heavy upgrades out already only target infantry right, even if cavalry would mechanically work we have to be able to assume that some siege units can't travel the speed of mounts )?
  12. Sorry, but I think we will just have to disagree there. I've played encounters where I haven't seen the specific Overlord class cards. Even later after having bought 5 class cards that probably costs 8xp or so it is still just 1/3 of your whole deck. Compare that to the heroes who have no generic abilities to begin with. Everything is unique to them and they get to use it constantly. So lets add the plot deck, but to use the plot deck you have to slow down even more the recycling of your class deck so they are even less relevant now. Regarding the monster groups, sure you can pick what groups to use but your saboteur goblins aren't any different from my infector goblins. In my mind this game has so much potential, and the hero mechanics are mostly cool, they just totally missed the opportunity to make the overlord fun. I also feel like the overlord is always on the defense and the heroes just wade in killing everything in their path with ease. Yeah I would rather have a big epic dragon battle instead of a dragon that is a bit more inconvenient to kill than the goblin archer. Getting knocked down as the heroes is most often a similar nuisance as it is to get stunned.
  13. I feel like we are stepping into a very competitive way of playing this game. I'm more about playing for fun and a good narrative ( I'm still playing as a dungeon master instead of as an opponent ) and I don't mind losing along the way. But losing while not having fun makes the not having fun even worse. They where obviously having fun while I wasn't. My grief with the game is how the overlord works, just isn't interesting enough and little way to personalize your experience. Also having to pay the threat for using a plot ability is annoying. I'm ok with paying to gain it, even Xp, but inside an encounter threat should be a payable resource, like stamina or something. Get 4 threat at start of encounter, get one threat each time you down a hero. Pay for plot abilities or to draw cards. Outside of encounters use Xp to gain new plots/overlord cards. I've been looking a little bit at how SW:IA does it and it seems more interesting. Your class cards are always available, agenda deck sounds interesting, side mission deck also sounds pretty cool with missions tied to heroes. Has there ever been an effort to implement these mechanics into Descent? Descent : Overlord Assault
  14. I actually forgot that you can buy threat with XP. I think I would actually like the plot deck mechanics if it wasn't for the fact you have to pay each time you use it. Spending 1 xp to use Raided Armory once sounds really painful. What then if it didn't help you as you hoped, or you missed most of the attacks. You've permanently lost a xp for nothing gained. Heroes don't have to do a sacrifice like that again. They pay for their powers with Stamina which auto regenerates and they can regenerate in middle of encounters.
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