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  1. Yeah we had this come up and confuse us a bit where a few models could only see one guy and some could see the whole squad etc. We just said LOS is how many can the squad see as a group , not just individual models.
  2. Ok cool , Vader may Bev better than I first thought
  3. Keithandor

    Vader and panic

    If Vader has courage (-) does that mean that all Stormtroopers at range 1-3 of Vader are immune to panic?
  4. Can Stormtroopers shoot like this. Aim Roll dice Reroll 3 dice (Aim + Precise 1) turn surges to hits Then if they have impact (e.g HH-12 has impact 3) turn some hits to crits. Is that correct ?
  5. No worries thanks for trying .
  6. 1) can a unit leader claim more than one objective ? Can the leader carry more than one ? 2)Can vehicles get cover ? I know speederbikes have cover one , but can they get cover from terrain ?
  7. These look good but I cant read them , FFG should make a downloadable version.
  8. Has anyone made a decent cheat sheet ? I'm learning , I have to look things up all the time " what does suppression do again ? " What does ionize do again ? " Just those main rules that come up all the time.
  9. Am I correct in assuming that Force Illusion does not work vs backup muscle , or other unblock-able damage sources ?
  10. Adding a heavy option to a unit such as a lancer or a rune golem , does this add any dice to the unit's attacks ? I was told the golem adds dice to the unit , but the upgrade card does not say this, it just makes gives the unit Brutal (blue runes ?) If so , is it worth adding heavy upgrades to units ?
  11. I like to play all sorts of decks , none really you could call top tier , but they can be competitive if things go my way, but none of my decks can beat Poe/Maz or Poe/Rey Am I wasting my time , should I just give the game away ? I will not play Poe/Maz myself.
  12. Yeah , good idea , last game I was using the Daqan and never saw any use for the master crafted weapons.
  13. Here are my 2 basic lists. Look OK for a balanced game ? Ardus IxErebus x1 [37]--Unique: Ancient Technique [2]----------Total Unit Cost: 39Reanimate Archers x4 [32]--Equipment: Wind Rune [6]----------Total Unit Cost: 38Reanimate Archers x2 [18]--Training: Rank Discipline [4]----------Total Unit Cost: 22Reanimates x4 [26]--Champion: Fallen Hero [4]--Music: Trumpets [2]----------Total Unit Cost: 32Reanimates x4 [26]--Champion: Deathcaller [5]--Heraldry: Blighted Vexillum Bearer [3]--Music: Aggressive Drummer [5]----------Total Unit Cost: 39Carrion Lancers x1 [15]----------Total Unit Cost: 15Carrion Lancers x1 [15]----------Total Unit Cost: 15 Kari Wraithstalker x1 [32]----------Total Unit Cost: 32Oathsworn Cavalry x2 [20]--Equipment: Master-Crafted Weapons [4]----------Total Unit Cost: 24Oathsworn Cavalry x2 [20]--Equipment: Master-Crafted Weapons [4]----------Total Unit Cost: 24Spearmen x4 [30]--Champion: Uncontrolled Geomancer [6]--Music: Trumpets [2]----------Total Unit Cost: 38Spearmen x4 [30]--Champion: Citadel Weapons Master [8]--Equipment: Shield Wall [5]--Music: Rallying Cornicen [4]----------Total Unit Cost: 47Rune Golems x1 [17]----------Total Unit Cost: 17Rune Golems x1 [17]----------Total Unit Cost: 17
  14. For an old fart like me , the little icons on the cards are no good.
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