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  1. We had some really good entries in the last repaint contest, but sadly the Entente and two seaters were woefully under represented. So, this next contest is just for Entente flown two seaters! Who: Any registered Wings of War Aerodrome member. What: Entente Two Seater Repaint Contest. When: 31 August 2011 is the deadline for entries. Prize: A RAF R.E. 8 card autographed by Andrea Angiolino Winner chosen by: Community vote. (the scan of the card looks a little off, but the actual card looks fine) Rules: One entry per member Limited to 5 images Does not have to be painted during the contest. Previous Wings of War Aerodrome repaint contest entries (minis) are not eligible. All entries must be placed in your Wings of War Aerodrome Album and then send me a PM containing the following information: What miniature was used Pilot and Unit name (if based on historical scheme) In addition to the signed card, the winner will receive the Painting Contest Winner medal:
  2. Good deal. You might find this thread helpful.
  3. Thought some of you might like to know that we have a Series 3 "Lufbery" Neiuport 17 miniature up for grabs over at Wings of War Aerodrome. All the details can be fond via that link.
  4. I try to run all kids of contest over at Wings of War Aerodrome We have a pretty active hobby crowd so doing repaint and full mission contest with modeled objectives is pretty easy.
  5. For Wings of War, they miss the deadline every time For WWI, pick up what you can of Series 4 now. Madboyo says he found Bishop's SE5a easily, but I've not had any luck finding it (I have one for my collection already, just need some for repaints). Then pick up the older series planes that you can find in the stores. I personally would stay way from buying the "rare" planes on eBay. We know they are getting reprinted, so why pay $40+ for a plane you will be able to buy for $12 in the next several months?? You can even get some of the older minis at less then full retail from places like Cool Stuff Inc and Thought Hammer.
  6. If you want to go with WWII miniatures, get the boxed set "Wings of War Fire from the Sky" and then pick up whatever minis you want. If you local game store happens to have one of the WWII Deluxe sets, pick it up and save your self a bunch of cash.
  7. I am happy to announce that Wings of War Aerodrome is running another contest. Who: Any registered Wings of War Aerodrome member. What: Repaint Contest. When: 30 June 2011 is the deadline for entries. Prize: Aerodrome Accessories log book of your choice. Winner chosen by: Community vote. Rules: *One entry per member *Must be an official Wings of War WWI mini. *Does not have to be painted during the contest. *Previous Wings of War Aerodrome repaint contest entries (minis) are not eligible. All entries must be emailed to colhajj@wingsofwar.org with the following information: *Real name *Username *What miniature was used *Pilot and Unit name (if based on historical scheme) *At least one photo of the mini *All photos need to be jpg format In addition to the Log Book prize, the winner will receive the new Painting Contest Winner medal:
  8. This is going to be a blast!
  9. If you are missing a stand from a purchase, FFG typically will send you a replacement. If you have lost/broken a stand or are just looking for extra stands, have a look at my Aerodrome Accessories stands. I'm currently out of stock of them, but expect them in again around the end of the month. I also have a Gotha stand that has been prototyped and will go into production towards the end of the month as well. Here is a pic of it:
  10. Sorry to say, but those have all shown as "In Development" for many months now.
  11. For me the minis make the game. I've loved aviation and aerial combat since I was a little kid, but I looked at this game for years before the minis came out and never bought it. I now own at least one copy of everything that have released and run the largest dedicated site to the game! As for the upcoming releases, the first thing to keep in mind is that Nexus always misses it's release dates for this game. And they tend to miss them by several months . The bombers are due out next month, but they do not even show up as upcoming products here on FFG... so I'm hoping we see them by Christmas personally. As a new mini player, I would suggest you start picking up the Series 4 fighters if you have not already. These were just recently released, but already they are getting hard to find (good luck getting Bishop's SE5a these days for less then $50). I would not expect a reprint of them for about two years. Series 1-3 are said to be scheduled for reprint again this year (this is from the CEO of Nexus), so they will be coming back around sometime. The WWII minis do not seem to be in any danger of going out of stock anytime soon, so you should be safe there. Good luck on building your collection!
  12. Yes, basically all of the same types of planes fly the same. All the DR.Is use maneuver deck D and have 13 hit points and use the A damage deck. In some cases, one or two of the same plane types will use different damage decks. (A or B). This is due to that specific plane historically having a different gun configuration. This is most often the case where a plane was not given the top wing mounted Lewis machinegun. The way the game is setup is that a plane with twin machineguns (either both mounted on the engine deck or one there and the other on the top wing) uses the A damage deck while a single gun plane would use the B damage deck. Most players will use the A damage deck with a B deck paint scheme unless they are playing a historic mission (so long as that plane type did in fact carry twin guns, most likely determined by another one of the minis being an A damage deck version). So, you really only need one of each type unless you plan on having friends use your minis as well (which is almost always the case when first starting out). Most of us end up collecting the different minis, so we end up with all of them anyways! In fact, I looked at this wonderful game for probably two years at my local game store before the minis came out. That’s when I decided it was time to pick it up. If you do decide to start getting the minis, try to pick up the scout (single seat fighter) planes you might want as soon as they come out. There are supply issues when it comes to the minis and certain types can “dry up” for extended periods of time. Most non-collectors buy one of each paint job for the scouts and a single copy of each type of two-seater. You have actually come in to the game at a pretty good time miniature wise. Series IV was just recently released, so most of the planes can still be found pretty easily (Bishop’s SE5 is pretty much gone already though) and the first 3 series are supposed to be re-released this year.
  13. Chris, if you have not already found it, Wings of War Aerodrome has a large player base with an established gaming structure in Canada. You may find the interactive players map helpful as well.
  14. If you are thinking about getting the minis per your other post, start with the new Deluxe Set. It will save you quite a bit of money!
  15. You can find the list of plane types that come in it via the product page for it here on the site. You also get a B Damage deck, 4 "cockpits" as you call them, all the tokens/counters you need to play and two range rulers. The cockpits are generic, so it does not really matter which one you use for which plane. Unless you are flying several planes per person, it should not be an issue to remember which goes with with plane. If it is causing issues, simply place a piece of paper with the plane name on the cockpit and you are set. And as someone that has been playing this game for years, get the minis, they add soooo much to the game! Have fun! TheKingOfBlades said: what comes int the watch your back box? it's the only rulebook that's not posted on the website and I'm very curious as to what you get in this box. And also if you don't buy the miniatures how do you tell which "cockpit" board goes to which plane? I've been watching videos about this game and everyone uses the minis and puts the planes card on the "cockpit" board. Are there two copies of each plane in the box? I might buy the miniatures but if there's only one copy of each plane card what do I do until I get the miniatures?
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