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    doomande reacted to That Blasted Samophlange in New supplements?   
    Send some bothans into FFG headquarters. Many will die, but they may succeed in getting you the info that they don't release to the public.
    Or, and this is a rather radical measure, be patient. The bounty hunter book will come. In the future. I have foreseen it.
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    doomande reacted to r2trooper in Looting the dead = criminal obligation gains?   
    Dang it RebelDave!
    Ok, I'm normally a pretty easy going GM, and I like seeing my players the Heroes of my games. I am pretty lucky that I don't have any of the problems that you seem to be having. 
    I say do unto them as they do unto you. While I am normally against plotting the demise of a player character, or the group, it seems that you are trying to play one type of game, and they are playing another. Show them what it is like to be killed and looted. I would come up with  a devious way that would separate one player from the group, and have him killed and looted, while the rest of the party could watch in horror and or disgust. 
    While I think is great that you keep coming here to ask advice about this group it is pretty clear these people are not going to change, and no mechanical effect like Obligation is going to get them to change. Genelocks, aren't going to work, Obligation will not, nothing will. It boils down to your group wants to play old school Dungeons and Dragons with ray guns and robots. 
    Either you let them do want you they want, or you do want you want. From the sounds of it, these guys don't care about you or what you think, or even how you feel. If I were the GM, I would tell them to go play Diablo 3 or TOR and be done with them. 
    Many people here are giving great advice, like a NPC only buying the looted junk for about 10% of book cost or even less. Again, this will not stop them. You are trying to keep the players poor, and they resent that and will do anything they can to have their characters feel rich, and I guess powerful. 
    I am not here to bash anyone, or imply that you a  poor GM, but from the reading I have done on your threads it seems like these players are the only non static thing in the game universe. It's like they do actions that have no consequences. They get away with murder and the robbing of the dead. Maybe in the published adventures it is set up this way to help newer characters get a little gear, but once they hit a populated area and people see them doing this, they are going to be sold out to the authorities really fast. I say wipe them out and start fresh. Or just let them play their Dungeons and Dragons with ray guns and robots. Let them be rich and powerful, let them live out their fantasy. 
    Rules and the mechanical effects of the game are there to drive a story and to determine actions in a set parameter of laws and guidelines. Rules and the mechanical effects of them should not, nor are they designed to control a party or their behavior. 
    There is nothing in the ECRB, ACRB or FaD Beta, or any of their supplements that can help you effect change with this group. You can try slapping on the Morality mechanic from FaD, but still it won't be the cause for the change.  From my limited vantage you seem less the Game Master and more the Baby Sitter. 
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    doomande reacted to taegins in I don't always post overpowered combos, but when I do...   
    As a GM, my first thought is that My Nemesis would be super powerful. 2 Adversary, HA. At that level of Exp my Combat Nem is going to run with a min of four Adversary, as well as some defensive talents (dodge, side step). 

    Or perhaps you give the guy stealth out the Wazoo. First round *poof* the Nem is invisible, suspended from the ceiling, and Drawing a nasty Disruptor rifle that complements his 5 levels of Lethal Blows. 

    If the player(s) wants to actually build something like this and use it, I don't stop short of escalation. If the Player(s) have fun, build clever and creatively powerful, but narrative based characters, the foes stay similar, deviously and strangely powerful, but narrative based
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    doomande reacted to r2trooper in Wealth Obsessed Players   
    Ok, a little counter point. Ok, so, what's the problem? They kill, they loot, they are rich. Let them be rich if it sastisfies them. Just let them be rich. Give them a couple of social encounters where they can throw their money around. It seems this is the kind of game they want, so let them have it. For awhile.

    The problem you have here is the players and you do not agree on the type of game you guys want to play. Everyone here will give advice on how to curb this, but really you tried and you can't. You said it's yourself that a player told you they will just try harder to loot.

    If you want to stop this, it will take more drastic measures. You can talk to your players and let them you are not enjoying the game and want to change, if they won't then let them know you will no longer run the game for them. It is far better to not to game, than to game and be miserable. If they then decide it would be better to change their ways, then give it another shot. If they start back up, just kill them. And I mean kill them, not do it combat, don't roll it, just let them know they got hit by a bus. Sorry to be blunt, but it seems you tried to do it the diplomatic way, and they just told you to eff off. Time for a new group. Good luck out there man.
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    doomande reacted to GrimmSqueeker in Get to the Choppa! (Problems with PC ship obsession)   
    The controls are locked with "the Club". The ship's owners are cheap SOBs and the fuel gage is on empty. There's someone else (shipjacker, repo man) already onboard stealing the ship when they slip onboard. The ship's computer says "I'm sorry Dave I can't do that" and floods the cockpit with gas. There's a mynock that just ate through the last power coupling. The starter motor or whatever is missing and there's a note reading "dear Quark I borrowed the starter to fix the fresher. Hope you don't mind. Rom". Or there a small plaque on the command console that reads "property of Boba Fett". Is it your fault they didn't notice it before they boosted the ship?
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    doomande reacted to InquistiorCalinx in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    When your group decides to get into the vid business and their first one is a series featuring a by the book arbiter and a wise cracking Salamander Marine.
    When there next vid features a White Scar and another Salamander trying to rescue a hive world governor's daughter.
    When your tech priest discovers a HUGE stash of archotech, and actually get's to meet The Omnissiah.
    When the Omnissiah turns out to be two kids standing on top of each others shoulders, one with red hair and a pointy nose, the other one with green hair and a tendancy not to talk much.
    When the following conversation happens between the Tech Priest and the  "Omnissiah"
    Tech Priest: "Aren't you boy's a little young to be disguising yourselves as a deity?" 
    Boys: "Well, since we've been alive since the 3rd Millennium, no, no we're not."
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    doomande got a reaction from Alasseo in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    You know that you are playing Rogue Trader when this isn´t your weirdest weapon
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    doomande got a reaction from Angel of Death in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    You know that you are playing Rogue Trader when this isn´t your weirdest weapon
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    doomande got a reaction from Robin Graves in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    You know that you are playing Rogue Trader when this isn´t your weirdest weapon
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    doomande got a reaction from Egyptoid in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    You know that you are playing Rogue Trader when this isn´t your weirdest weapon
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    doomande reacted to MorioMortis in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    No hate, but it's the sheer scale and old school lunacy of RT that makes it so zany. DH is all grimdark, DW is all "holier than thou" superman angel of death, OW is all grimdark, but in the trenches, and BC is like RT, except you do crazy stuff because of Chaos, not because you can.
    But back on topic;
    - When you seriously consider petitioning the Mechanicus to make one of your worlds a forge world so they can produce more stuff for your empire, and they agree, with a discount on future purchases.
    - When people still want to deal with you favorably even though associates of yours tend to meet an untimely end because your enemies tend to meet a quicker death. Even the Inquisitors. **** Inquisition, always snooping around where they shouldn't...
    - When the Inquisition knows you have killed (or facilitated the death of) a dozen of their Inquisitors, but still deal with you because you have also helped eradicated dozens of chaos incursions, and your associates are experts on daemonology and Warp studies from their respective fields.
    - When the Ordo Xeno accepts to work side by side with your Kroot bodyguard Cadre and the freeloading bunch of Ork Freebooters who follow the Explorator around (because "Ez got da biggest dakagun and ez da meanest and da biggest. Ez probably green unda da red and mechanikal bitz!") because your expertise with fighting wars in space and on the ground against uncommon xenos is unheard off since the Great Crusade.
    - When you find a stash of ancient nuclear missiles, but decide to donate them to the Mechanicus as relics of the past because half your enemies don't care about radiation, and you have enough issues with mutations from Warp that you don't need more of them. Emperor knows the Navigator is already looking dubiously human.
    - When the only reason you don't purchase Exterminatus devices from the Mechanicus is because you know that the Inquisition will bother you to no end over them, and a ship's weight of nova cannon shells is probably cheaper anyways.
    - When you have to routinely remind your Explorator not to develop Exterminatus level weaponry because he has a tendency to "accidentally" test things he wasn't supposed to. 
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    doomande reacted to InquistiorCalinx in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    When you make a pact with the Ruinous Powers to gain the power to warp reality ONCE, and you use it to turn the promethium deposits on one of your worlds into recaf to save money on waking up the crew.
    When Creed shouts YOUR name.
    When you try (and succeed) at getting a "Licence to Commit Heresy" from the Inquisition, which you whip out whenever they try and bother you.
    When the protest you making copies of the licence and selling them, you whip out your own, smile, and point to the Line on the "Rules and Regulations Regarding Usage of the Holy Documents  of The Adminstratium" stating that "bootlegging government documents is heresy", and point to the title of your licence.
    When you spend dozens of profit factor to find a way to separate Tyranids from their Hive Mind simply so you can have a Trygon as a pet
    When you get a (12k long) Mass Conveyor simply so you can house it and play fetch with it. 
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    doomande reacted to BaronIveagh in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    If, following your fine leadership example, members of your house troops scam the Sororitas contingent on board into appearing in a bikini calender.
    If your astropath has, following a significant bribe, also agreed to appear in said calender, in a slingshot.
    If the only reason the Rogue Trader knows any of this happened is that the magos biologis was upset she DID NOT appear in said bikini calender and started a project to appear less disturbing to the crew without impacting her other abilities.  Which in turn led to the seneschal being asked to procure '20 pairs of the finest breasts available'.  Which in turn led to some questions about what exactly was going on in the Medicae Deck.
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    doomande got a reaction from Angel of Death in woops! PCs AP too high...   
    Do remember to introduce them to the composite bow at one point or another. While it is primitive is it also a basic accurate weapon as well, meaning bonus damage if you are lucky. Fun fun joy joy if you want to show them that they ain´t at all untouchable without getting all to tricksy. Sure one of the players do properly want to take it with him, but how many have the basic prim trait
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    doomande got a reaction from Lexdamus in Wyrd Minor Power Advice   
    Psychic Phenomenas are really scary, really really scary, especially since they in 25% of the times gives you at least one corruption point, and can end up with you being a demon host or something much worse. Maybe does the table not look that bad, but try to heal someone and hear that you are giving 7 wounds dam that ignores armour for a radius of 50 meters around you (yea that happened for me in the biggest church on Scintilla)
    Beside that, if you can push does it also open up for you being able to feather, and that opens up a whole other can of worms. Again, 1d5 does maybe not seem much, but when you can do it each 8 hours without fear of anything bad happening, and need a toughness roll or get 1d5 wounds instead of healing them if you fail it is pretty good would I say. Especially when you consider the range as well, ranged healing is a gift from the emperor when the guy in a melee needs that extra little boost.
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    doomande got a reaction from Secutor 00K in woops! PCs AP too high...   
    Do remember to introduce them to the composite bow at one point or another. While it is primitive is it also a basic accurate weapon as well, meaning bonus damage if you are lucky. Fun fun joy joy if you want to show them that they ain´t at all untouchable without getting all to tricksy. Sure one of the players do properly want to take it with him, but how many have the basic prim trait
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    doomande reacted to Marwynn in Getting Someone off my Ship!   
    Seneschal: "Yes, but we're prepared for that. We've lined up a fabulous type of gorilla that thrives on snake meat."
    Explorator: "But then we're stuck with gorillas!"
    Seneschal: "That's the beautiful part! When wintertime rolls around they simply freeze to death!"
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    doomande reacted to Covered in Weasels in Acquiring a better Acquisition system   
    A major part of the existing Subtlety system is the fact that players never know exactly how overtly/covertly their characters are operating. They don't know their Subtlety rating unless they use the Inquiry skill; if they roll poorly on this check, they might walk into an ambush because they thought their actions were unknown to their enemies. If Subtlety is "gated" such that certain courses of action aren't available at low or high Subtlety, the group's Subtlety score has to be public information, and I feel that takes a lot of tension away from investigations.
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    doomande reacted to cps in Acquiring a better Acquisition system   
    As discussed in the General forum, the Acquisition system as written is a clunky mess. Let's fix that.

    At character generation you get some items based on your starting options, plus Influence bonus, representing your character's material connections and wealth.  The stuff you start with should get you by in the beginning. So far, so good.

    But what happens when a player wants to acquire a new thing? Or ten of one thing? Or a customized version of a thing? RAW, that's one roll per thing. Clunky, and really not a lot of fun. I personally don't like spending 10 minutes per player on shopping trips. Another thing that bugs me is that item acquisition is based off each character's Influence score. Like, we're all agents of the Inquisition here, right? How come the feral worlder can barely get a standard-issue lasgun while the noble is strutting around smiting heretics with a diamond-tipped pimp cane? Can't we pool our resources?

    Only War had a pretty good way to address this: mission assignment gear. If you're not familiar, at the start of the mission, the GM puts together a list of equipment the team might need to complete the objectives laid out in the mission. The GM then rolls against the squad's logistics rating, modified by the squad's location and circumstances, etc. Depending on the roll, the squad might get all, some of, or none of the gear (or funny extra gear if the roll went really well). They're then required (in a loose, narrative sense) to turn in the gear after the mission is completed. It was a clean way to give the players a bunch of stuff they were probably going to try to get anyway, but it wasn't totally deterministic (and squads could take on secondary objectives to increase their own logistics rating, but I digress).

    I propose a solution that will kill two birds with one stone: unPROFANEWORDing the Acquisition system and giving some mechanical effect for Subtlety. In the interest of full disclosure, I haven't seen the final rules, but as of the last beta, Subtlety was a disparate system with little to no mechanical support or concrete narrative impact and was almost totally opaque to the players. In my mind, it provided unnecessary mechanics for something GMs do anyway (i.e. keep track of how loud the players are being in the course of their investigation and tailoring the story to fit).

    So that's the rationale for this. Here's my proposal: Let's treat Subtlety as a resource players can affect. Any item (at GM's discretion) can be purchased by decreasing the group's Subtlety score by the tens digit of the availability modifier plus the quantity of items being purchased. No roll, you just get it. Because you work for the god damned Inquisition and you can get stuff.  If the availability modifier is positive or zero, Subtlety does not decrease. So 1 autogun with a red-dot sight would be -3 Subtlety (0 for autogun, 1 for RDS, quantity 2), 5 laspistols is -5 (0 rarity, quantity 5), a single powersword would be -4 (3 for Very Rare, quantity 1), and so on. The GM is free to make the cost higher if the item being purchased would stand out more than normal given the situation.  Purchasing items always makes the group more noticeable (and because of this should be ignored for innocuous things like backpacks and watches).

    So that's how Subtlety goes down. How does it go up? Two ways: the first being to go without, and the second by expending Influence. Going without means leaving the trappings of office at home. Players can opt to leave their fancy kit at home, temporarily increasing the group's Subtlety by the cost of the item (described above).  This should be represented in a narrative way such that the items are stored securely but are not easily accessible - an obvious example is leaving your fancy custom lasgun on the ship while the group infiltrates a feudal world. So mark on your sheet how much Subtlety those weapons are worth!  The second method ties Influence into this.  By voluntarily decreasing their own Influence score, a player can reduce the group's Subtlety. A formula will need to be worked out, but 1 Influence for 1-3 Subtlety feels close. This represents that character calling in favors, getting fake identification papers, having evidence of the group deleted off servers, security footage of the group stolen, etc.

    Obviously, it would be really easy for a group to blow their 50 starting Subtlety on gold-plated AKs and pimped out power armor with spinners and rims (which I'm totally okay with), so ideally this system would be paired with something that makes Subtlety a workable mechanic for narrative uses (I'm thinking along the lines of thresholds a la Corruption, making the group incapable of certain actions depending on their level of Subtlety). Something to give the players a real choice of how they want to play it.

    I haven't figured out how to handle the case of exchanging goods for other goods, like buying a crate of weapons with this huge brick of drugs you picked up from that dealer you busted. Something to consider.

    edit: apparently the profantiy filter doesn't know ALL the profanity
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    doomande reacted to Gregorius21778 in PCs accidently chaos ritual   
    @Killing and Blood Spilling...and with not reason then for being bad / an ass / a badass
    If you have house rules that make this acitions in itself worth of corruption, goes for it. But by RAW, you can be taking delight in eating infants alive and it will not earn your corruption unless you do it to serve/appease/impress the ruinous powers and/or in an attempt to gain there might/favour/enact a ritual.

    @..and they KNEW what the coins were
    Now, things get interesting... please tell me more . What exactly did they know? And were they drenching them in the blood as an act of will? From your first post I was under the Impression that this "blood on the coins" just happened as "colletral damage" to all the mindless violence going on. In that case, I still argue my Point. Carelessness and being stupid is not the same as intent. Somebody who is to stupid to avoid going to sleep with a burning cigarette in hand is not an "arsonist".  Somebody who has a lit match in Hand and suddenly has the urge to throw it into this hay stack... that is a different matter

    Don´t get me wrong! Launch a Major incursion, send a Little more daemons then you originally planned. Have a hell of consequences for their Actions. The stars are right, so to speak. But I still would not call it "enacting a ritual" if they...well.. haven´t been enacting a ritual. 

     But to finally answer your Topic question:  Enacting a ritual is something I usually assume to get between 1d5 and 1d10.... or A LOT more if it is a Grand ritual or something. But if it was "accidental" 1d5 should do the trick, perhaps less.
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    doomande got a reaction from Fgdsfg in PCs accidently chaos ritual   
    Duly noted, the dices of insanity will roll over the table and the players will moan over the secret results, only I, the great master mind known as GM knowing how many that they have earnt at any given moment!
    Say... how much corruption would others says that going sith... I mean going radical would earn you? 1 point for each point horde he uses it against? One point for each friendly that he actually drives insane?
    Ahh found myself a lovely little rule under corruption:
    Rending the Veil
    Characters caught in a full-blown intrusion of the warp into
    corporeal reality gain Corruption Points from the experience.
    Just how many depends on what occurs and the severity of
    the breach. This might be anywhere from a single point to
    several d10s in value.
    Yep... My players have something to look forward to now, 1d5 sounds about right for standing in a rift like they did, even if it only was for moments.
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    doomande reacted to Fgdsfg in Influence for resource acquisition - debate   
    The removal of costs never made any sense at all to me. Yes, I get it, there is no Imperium-wide currency. But at the same time, there are obviously going to be exchange rates, brokers and banks that will be very happy to buy your resources and sell you shillings.
    Listed values should not be considered a straight-up cost in a given currency, it would be there to know the relative value of objects in relation to all other items. If a laspack and some rations are both listed as the same Availability, does that mean it's the same price? Of course not!
    This isn't just in Dark Heresy 2, it's also in my ongoing Black Crusade game. I have no idea what things are supposed to cost. I have imparted the fact upon my players that the "money" they have is in no way uniform, given that they are aboard Port Wander, and it's a long array of different bank notes, cheques, value papers, gold coins and tiny silver bars, but when they ask "What can we do with this?" I am having a hard time arbitrating it's actual value.
    So do I give them a bunch of Infamy (what passes for Influence in Black Crusade)? Well, they clearly have money, they won it big in the fighting pits and gambling. So can they get a gun in the Gilt Processionals/Merchant quarters? Of course they should, but how much would it cost them? I have no idea. Do I just take some of their money away? How much? Do I make them roll for everything? How come that all this money they have suddenly can't buy them a chrono, yet they can clearly get a shiny Good-Craftsmanship Bionic Arm?
    The system really, really, really needs listed relative values of objects when possible. Yet it doesn't. So we're sorta stuck with this unless someone is feeling up to helping me work out a unified armoury that lists relative availability and values.
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    doomande reacted to ThenDoctor in Assassins, Sisters of Battle, and Deathwatch Space Marines   
    I would rather see Sororitas as a background. The organization encompasses quite a bit of different things than just battle sisters.
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    doomande reacted to Luddite in Chirurgeon .. what is that about?   
    Any character that is focused on something other than combat is a very good thing.  Dark Heresy should be an investigation specialists game shouldn't it?
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    doomande got a reaction from gmindisguise in Corruption of the players   
    Since it is Tzeentch and he is the god of knowledge, let books and such lay around. Each time one of the players have a question, POOF! just the book they need, it could because of their vast library that they have with them, it could be because they are getting influenced, because without knowledge rolls... how do they then know if what they read are true or not, ohh so lovely many things have nuances after all
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