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  1. So the group and I are taking up EoE here next week, and while we have played trough the beginner box and sat down all and made chars would I still like to get a bit more prepared so this system runs a bit smoother than our last attempt with something new. So are there any pittraps that newbies like me should watch out for? Or just general good advices that are worth knowing.
  2. Heh thank you, it is from the artist that run this little comic if you wanna see more http://www.belloflostsouls.net/search/label/The%20Emperor%27s%20Beard Ohh and there is a chain flail in... I think it was one of the Only War books, talk about face palm there.
  3. You know that you are playing Rogue Trader when this isn´t your weirdest weapon
  4. The groups psyker have gotten one to many phenomena and got himself a malignancy, being so lucky to roll low and get Ill-Fortuned. While I have no doubt about how that rule work for his own faith points does one little question spring to mind because of the groups sister hospitaller and her faith powers. And now my question, would he also have to roll the die to see if those uses of faith works on him? I do know that the rules dosn´t touch on this, so I would like to hear what other people thinks about it.
  5. Do remember some of the neat minor powers there are in The Radicals Handbook! They start on page 148 and is highly usable, especially with that high willpower! Mutable Features is for example something that is to die for in an undercover mission... even if they are far between with Space Marines in ones party. And yea, you can´t really get away from using WS and BS when you have to fire weapons... A good thing that there are the minor power known as Unnatural Aim then
  6. The only way I know to gain Unnatural Toughness would be from Diciplines of the Dark gods where you can get a gene craft and from that the unnatural trait. Maybe do they look in some other books, RT and DW does have a lot of lovely toys to play with after all. Guns would be a whole other thing, me allowing them, so long as they still took the normal attack action and you followed the normal rules for using a gun. The problem I have with the Precision Telekinesis is momentum, sure maybe can you manipulate the items as with you hands, but can you swing them around as well? If you want a weapon that 100% can be used with some of the telekinesis like powers should you look at the Kineblades on page 141-142 of Ascension. They are a rather fun psyker tool, especially when you remembers that you can make them mono, or even lathe! I mean... being able to do 3 1d10+WB Pen 2 attacks as a half action is rather nifty, especially when they have WBx5 range around you, meaning a lovely little storm of knives that can attack whatever you want... so long as you take a small negative 10 on your WS. You not even needing a special trait to do it!
  7. I had actually not seen that you don´t get minor powers when you are choosing a new school... Will you look at that! About power boosting gear, the only thing that jumps to my mind is the psy focus, but that is mostly because all the other items have been too expensive and only something that I have been able to drool over instead of use, so what they are called and where they can be found can I not help you with sadly :/ About Precision Telekinesis would I say that it is a grey area. RAW says that it acts like an extra hand of sorts, but being able to use a weapon with it... But it says as well that it is delicate and fine, so using it to swing a hammer... Personally would I not let my players do such a thing, but ask your GM if he would allow it or not. Sorry that I can´t really be of any more use than that, but just as you have I neither played at that power level. So beside Favoured by the Warp do I not know of anything that a high level psyker needs to be awesome.
  8. In Ascension do you get your whole own set of acquisition rules that works with the Inquisitors influence score. You can read more about it on p.13 and then forth. How seal wounds would cost you that much, it is one single major power meaning that it would "cost" you one school, do I not phantom. And without even knowing what kind of character you would wanna run is it hard to know if it even would be an extra cost as such to buy into the biomancy school. Cellular Control, Shape Flesh and Blood Boil as well that would be really effective with the high willpower that you would get yourself. Since you are able to feather, the most broken thing in Dark Heresy since ever, would I say that you wouldn´t even have to think about weapons at most situations. Sure they are nice, but being such a high level psyker can you wreck ravage with your mind. Get yourself some unnatural willpower from the Inquisitor, use the major power Fling, and wreck total damage as you now are able to deal a butt load of d10 damage with your üpper willpower bonus. A psyker should really not think about weapons at that point, only about extra gear that will boost his powers and save his butt if things go wrong. About what to spend your thrones on, while armour are nice are force fields even nicer, even if those are a pain in the ass to get your hands on, but should not be impossible at all. But my best advice about that is get what you think are nice and don´t think too much about what there are most effective, but what kind of playstyle you wanna play with.
  9. Do remember to introduce them to the composite bow at one point or another. While it is primitive is it also a basic accurate weapon as well, meaning bonus damage if you are lucky. Fun fun joy joy if you want to show them that they ain´t at all untouchable without getting all to tricksy. Sure one of the players do properly want to take it with him, but how many have the basic prim trait
  10. Derp my bad, you are right Javcs, they do actually get the fusion generator power packs, so there are no change of her running out of power soon... Too bad, I would have loved to hear more about the adventures of the unpowered sister :/
  11. Well... 1d5 hours of battery time is rather random, and there can happen so many things out in the woods at night, just saying About the people dragging her away, if they knew that they should pull off her backpack, or just tries to take it because loots... well I think that you get my general idea
  12. Just let her run out of power and see how she are doing then
  13. Well... they knew that the coins were bad and had a strong connection to Khorne. But now that you bring it up in that way do I actually realize that they didn´t knew that much about them again. Just that they were evil and made people more aggressive. You are right that RAW having the whole corruption thing laid up like that. But honestly are RAW rather flawed at times. Beside that did I ask for other peoples opinion and advices, so pointing to RAW is a bit beside the point. Even if you are right and that it have opened my eyes up for how misguided I was in my way of thinking about it all. Now do I just have to trick one of my players to take control over the demons one way or another, because there are a both focus and a bit of devotion in that
  14. I have one of the same problems in my group actually, people reading in books they ain´t supposed to (leave that radicals handbook this second! Yes it have nice stuff in it, but nice GM stuff!) and who rather rerolls their dices if they fail the first time instead of fudging the numbers. All I do is taking mental notes, trying to remember who that did what and why. Did he re-roll that seventy something on his fear roll without the use of fate, well he does still get some insanity as he should, but the rest slides. Did he re-roll his attack dice against my boss because I didn´t ask him for a result? Well my boss did suddenly also gain a re-roll. As others have said, RPing is about power fantasies and having fun, and if something makes a thing fun for the players should it also be fun for the GM as well. Do just remember that there are a difference between one person having fun, and all having fun.
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