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  1. I'm alright with baby ogryn. Very few people are going to play up the disadvantages. In my group, I have a couple of guys that forego buying intelligence to boost combat stats, and will spend hour upon hour justifying how they might be able to come up with some incredible plan. Having a lesser combat monster makes curbing them easier. While the argument has been made that a tank or a lascannon wielding guardsman could easily dispatch the ogryn, it lacks what happens in places where tanks and lascannons cannot go. The ogryn will not be operating at diminished capacity for not having a tank or lascannon. Campaign with one for a couple of months and see if it's still just a baby at the end.
  2. First off, might I recommend that you watch 'Kelly's Heroes'. The easiest way to deal with the issue is to say 'no'. Some players won't like that. If you want to allow it, then you can go with the 'Shadowrun' method. Generally, everyone gets a time in the game where the action gets bogged down in each specialist's particular phase. Extra long chases with the Rigger. The Street Samurai taking forever in combat. The Decker going on and on until everyone falls asleep. (I exaggerate, but that gives the idea.) The way I would really do it, though, would be to incorporate all aspects of having a Leman Russ into the party dynamic. How can a tank rescue wounded soldiers from a burning field hospital? Operator and party have to get the tank to the other side of a canyon to assist with a vital strike in a very short amount of time, how are they going to do it? Even operators have to get out of tanks. Shore leave is a lot more fun without the tank…but so much trouble can happen.
  3. TheDarkeldar said: Looking at all this, does this mean that Only War will not be available for purchase at GenCon this year? General conjecture is that it won't be available at GenCon. I think that it will be since they are looking toward doing a fall release.
  4. For all of you that seem against the idea of the pdf, would it be to cost prohibitive to print it out? Personally, I would have liked a printed version, but I'm willing to deal with what is offered. As an aside, just getting into it, I was a bit disappointed at seeing no listing for either the Valhallans or the Tanith First and Only. Upon further reading, I saw that there is a system for creating regiments. Now I just have to pry some folk away from Pathfinder.
  5. I think that it might be a bit more plausible to cut from the middle. They get a Valkyrie running or one gets sent to them, and then zoom to the ending. Two pitched battles, and a final fight.
  6. First up, are the Tanith First and Only. Awesome scouts, great snipers. Second, I like the Valhallans. If ever the Space Wolves need back up from the Guard, I'm sure that the Valhallans are the only ones that will feel at home amongst the Wolves. And third, I'm not sure they qualify as a regiment, but I'd toss out Schaeffer's Last Chancers; the Dirty Dozen of the grimdark future.
  7. In my mind, I feel I have been waiting...although only a day and a half has passed since Free RPG Day. In the absence of any assurance of when it might be available for download, I want this in my hands more drastically than I might otherwise. After all, it's easier to get friends to play it when there is a buzz about it in the community than when you have to sell them on the concept. I have trouble enough getting them to make characters for Dark Heresy. Again, it would have been nice to hear some assurances like, "and for those unable to participate in Free RPG day, a downloadable pdf will be available [date here]." That is a gamer's life, or lack thereof.
  8. pyttman said: I also found this: http://www.nobleknight.com/productdetailsearch.asp_Q_productid_E_2147430525_A_inventoryid_E_2147716895 At least it's cheaper than the ebay auction, but you have to pay the shipping cost. Maybe for some of you it will be of any use. By my side, i don't know if i would be able to find one copy here in Spain, (only two shops are in the list of retailers, and so much people is waiting for it). So I will wait until FFG put the pdf in the Support Section. I hope that it will be soon. I can't wait!!!! Much better than ebay, I might have to put in for it. Heck, who am I fooling, the card is out and it's getting ordered now. $2.96 isn't too bad.
  9. I'm a sad acolyte. I keep checking back here in hopes that I'll see news of a pending release for the pdf. Then, I come across this: http://cgi.ebay.com/Deathwatch-Introduction-Final-Sanction-Adventure-38-pg-/360273943359?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item53e2001b3f In the dark present, there is only exploitation.
  10. While I like everything is saying in terms of describing the ravening horde in more visceral terms, I look at it a bit differently. This is the nightmare of a million NASCAR fans descending on your local game store, intent on not letting you game properly. They're only silly at a distance. Up close, they're missing teeth and rope belts. Just one river away from 'Deliverance' en masse. If you're not scared of that, then you I don't know what kind of tool I could use.
  11. Any word on when there will be a PDF release? Some of us were stranded far, far from our game stores.
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