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  1. vgunn

    Linear d6 System

    What about any house rules, revisions or ideas to improve issues with the system?
  2. Those who have had some experience with the game, I'd like to hear about any house rules or revisions that you've done. Here is a post from a thread on rpg.net: Well I would just remove all advantages in the system. Then let the players write down 4 to 6 (you have to find the best number) aspects. If you spent a Hero Point for an aspect you either get an effect or a +2 bonus instead of the normal +1 bonus that a Hero Point would give you. You regain Hero Points by taking a -2 on a test, if you have a fitting aspect.
  3. vgunn

    Linear d6 System

    With a specialty, listening to a podcast of actual play, you get to throw 2d6 instead of one. Do you keep the higher result of the two dice?
  4. vgunn

    Linear d6 System

    Well, one of the things I have been struggling with is the ability for a Hobbit to be a contributing member of an adventuring group that has very powerful Elves and Men. Making the design of the game from the Hobbits point of view (children in the eyes of Men and Elves) could work very well.
  5. vgunn

    Linear d6 System

    I am much more interested in the system than the setting. Looking to port it over to a fantasy game, I think the grade levels actually work in favor of it. For example, Hobbits as a low grade level vs Elves at a much higher one. My biggest concern is a lack of randomness (from what I've heard from others. I love the team work aspect and believe it would work very well. What are your biggest issues with Linear d6? Are there any changes to the system you recommend? Thanks again for your responses!
  6. vgunn

    Linear d6 System

    Can you tell me how combat works?
  7. vgunn

    Linear d6 System

    I'd love to see how this system compares to some others out there. It seems very light and this is a concern for me--I don't want it too abstract. As far as crunchiness how does it match up with Cinematic Unisystem (Buffy and Angel) for example? Or True 20? How is combat in the game? Please give me some more details on the system.
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