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  1. HALO it is. High Altitude Low Opening. A full fledged marine in scout armor with a grav chute should be able to do a stealth insertion from a thunderhawk in the upper atmosphere. Not to mention the coolness aspect of the mission. Grab shotguns with some of the new ammo rounds. Would make for a great game.
  2. Bolters are much more tame now with the errata. Random tangent here, but couldn't the Devastator in the examples above just disengage on their action, move their AG bonus +1 away then call bother assault and then ream him with the Heavy Bolter (assuming he is of sufficient rank to use full-auto on a bolter assault)?
  3. Being the Black Templar Assault Marine in the game I enjoy reading the "fluffy" side of what happened. The only flaw was I never shot the gaunt or told them of the action over the vox. The description of the gaunt coming around the corner to investigate the noise and sudden leaping at me was asked as "Do you want to inform them of the contact?" To which I said, "The moment I (the Rank 5 Black Templar Assault Marine) have a problem with one gaunt we are in trouble," was met with laughter. Essentially I bisected it in half with a rapid arming and swinging of my power sword. When the kill team leader reached the bottom of the stairs he saw the body and I externally voxed on a very low setting that "The gaunt reacted instinctively and attacked. More are now watching but not attacking. Possible synapse in area," or something to that effect. Some of the guys do not seem to have a RP bone in them and rarely try. To linear in their thinking and the gamer attitude of reacting the same no matter what system, character, alignment or belief is rather prevalent. The only difference is how they "kill" the "problem." Being Taciturn in my demeanor generally means I sit there at the table rarely offering advice as I listen to the others speak and offer their views. I enjoy this as a player since a majority of my characters are rather gregarious in nature. To the rest of the kill team, I'm a tool as they see it. I am very unbending of my disdain of Librarians. I understand they are afforded a position of council within the command structure of their chapters and the Deathwatch, and will "allow" for respect in that arena only, I will not respect the marine. I enter all combat with my external vox open and at full volume reciting litanies of hate, and prayers to the Emperor so that my enemies know I am shielded against their taint and that the Emperors justice is being delivered unto them. Every oath ever taken has been tattooed on his flesh (starting on the head, I figure I am in the chest to abdomen area now) so that my brothers know of my dedication to the Emperor and his persecutions. I have told massed throngs of humans throwing themselves at me for blessings and told them "Look to the Emperor for your salvation and not to me, for I am here to deliver His retribution." Which makes me look more the tool to the unwashed masses and the players but that is how some marines see themselves, and I enjoy playing that.
  4. professor_kylan said: On the upside, that DOES mean I'l never make Eyes Wide Shut: the Game, which is basically a blessing from Him On Earth. Not enough brain bleach in the world for that. Thanks.
  5. Well in answer to the OPs post, you can kill the big tyranids. Right now we are using a combination of the Deathwatch supplements and No-1 H3r3's tyranids. Our campaign only just having entered into the tyranid salient. Our GM has us use FL: Xeno to learn about the bug before we fight to determine weaknesses so that we don't melee the stuff we should shoot at and vice versa. When we are done we make note of the bug, its adaptations and what to look for in the future. For the most part you want to shoot them, a bug way over there is better than a bug right next to you. Our devastator fluctuates between Heavy Bolter with Kraken round backpack to Plasma Cannon, less so on the Plasma Cannon now that he is out of fate points. The techmarine fluctuates from bolter/melta combi weapon to lascannon. We also use the errata on weapon damage. Now to relate to the discussion of combat viability versus big tyranids, you can as No-1 said fight them if you are equipped or really skilled. Our Storm Warden apothecary fought a carnifex for three rounds before he had to fall back. The fight itself was epic and believe me the player did not want to do it but we goaded him into it. Granted he did have an Iron Halo and the GM was rolling crap, but one hit got through and **** near killed the apothecary. Cinematically it allowed the guard forces to rally and as soon as he stepped back the Leman Russ took out the carnifex. But believe me the apothecary is very well thought of by the guard in that area. Just yesterday we fought 2 ripper swarm hordes (which are not fun), 3 Venomthropes, 1 Malanthrope, and 1 Trygon. (At least I think those were the ones we fought.) When it was all said and done, I was at half wounds (assault marine) but unconscious from suit damage in the environment we were in, the devastator was up with zero wounds, and the techpriest was at half wounds. It was 90% melee, and never underestimate the power of a hand flamer in the hands of a devastator with Cleanse and Purify. They do wonders in horde attacks since he is abysmal in hand to hand. Normally, though I would prefer shooting with large weapons and then glory hound when they got close. My assault marine has a storm shield, 60 agility, 74 weapon skill, dodge +10, lightning claw, and wall of steel. This is the only reason I can even fight that big stuff and I still had to use 3 Peerless Warrior rerolls and 2 fate points to avoid possible instant death. The week before I did take a -8 crit and lost a leg to the big bastards. Lets hear it for the pain suppressant to ignore the critical for 9 rounds to keep my happy butt but alive until the apothecary got to me.
  6. Every once and a while, while extolling the virtues of The Emperor, Dorn, Sigusmund and their teachings during combat with the external vox on and at maximum volume I will take a wee bit to much damage. So I generally enable my personal demeanor and spend a fate point to heal 2d10 wounds rather than just the normal 1d10. I believe the only other time I used it was when I was in a meeting where the planetary governor asked my opinion and I gave the Clint Eastwood, Heartbreak Ridge type answer to the shock of all in the war room. I don't think I have enabled my chapter demeanor yet.
  7. I'd say no. He has two options, stalker pattern or one from RoB. Make him Raven Guard for the stealth options and go that route. But Im hesitant giving any player gear above what you are supposed to get at starting rank 1.
  8. The problem is (as it always is) between "fluff" and "power gamers." Every game I have been involved in, its always the same no matter who the player is. The Librarian always pushes. It doesn't matter if they role play out their "hubris" or not. I guarantee my BT assault marine would definitely be in the face of that marine right after it happened the second time. I'd give him the benefit of doubt on the first mishap. His station among his own chapter and within the watch station allows that, but multiple mishaps are a sign of a weak will and corruption. If other players "characters" are not willing to call out the character in the game then I would suggest that the "players" do not mind, because real marines would. (Real marines being a subjective term.) There are exceptions to this rule of course, but I would bet that most players don't want other players to have a bad time so they won't say anything.
  9. Ah, thats it! Thanks ddunkelmeister. I was to lazy to search for it when I made the post. I had intended using that premise on a character.
  10. Semi Spoiler Alert for The First Heretic Adding to the discussion of Gellar Fields you learn in The First Heretic that the Emperor used Gellar Fields within the chamber where he created the Primarchs. I don't want to say more than that because that would be a bigger spoiler, but they are used in areas other than vessels.
  11. First off, FYI, as some have mentioned but not specifically, its Luna Wolves, not Lunar Wolves. If he is in fact a Luna Wolf, then this would be long before the chapter renamed themselves Sons of Horus. One of the non heresy books, Night Hunter/Haunter, not sure the name, based its story around a Night Lord that was held within a stasis bubble caused by a fight with Eldar. Ship disappears in warp and then eventually crashes on a hive world where chaos (no pun intended) then ensues. You could very easily write this into a backstory, not just relying on "stuck in the warp." I echo that I would reserve the idea to a very good role player as Gaire mentions. The only, off the top of my head, aspect that they portrayed to me was the ability to adapt. The fight between Lucius and Garviel, where instead of just using the sword he pummels Lucius causing him to loose. Being steadfastly loyal as well also works as a background, there were those that were loyal to Horus first and foremost and then those that were loyal to the emperor AND Horus. Its that emotional dichotomy that is what would need serious attention in the role play. I'd go WP and one stat of choice.
  12. ak-73 said: In short: librarians aren't just distrusted, they are respected leaders near the top of the chain of command. Their counsel is usually taken very seriously. Alex Very true! My BT now has a Black Shield Librarian in charge of the Kill Team. I tell him that I respect his council, not his abilities. When being offered to be healed by him I told him that I will not suffer the unclean to live. Their position as some of the chief advisors in chapters affords them a great honor. The reason for their council is because they can interpret the Emperors Tarot, and detect instabilities within the warp that may effect deployment/transport.
  13. ak-73 said: So it amounts to: the DH/RT/DW rules are fairly obsolete? A year after release? And it needed a revamp of weapon stats to give it some balance?Because it sounds like "The BC rules are better than the DW rules, here play it like this." Not very flattering for the DW rulebook. I wouldn't necessarily say obsolete. But I think that until BC came out most GMs and Players looked at RT when it came out to see if the rules were better in areas and modified those rules back in DH. They certainly didn't need to but with any new iteration of a ruleset, discrepancies will be adjusted on FFGs part. DW stood on its own, I believe, because we were talking about gene enhanced super humans, so the ramp up of power was understandable. But when BC 'did' come out which merged both human and super human talents into one book, some people said, "Hey, these rules seem to work better, lets adopt this to our DH game." You don't need to, as the rules in DH, RT and DW work fine by themselves, albeit there are some issues as have been mentioned in other posts. I think N0-1 was offering a suggestion for "our" group to use the new rules from BC to tone down the Thunder Hammer by assigning a Concussive value, rather than some crazy concocted house rule that I could not remember.
  14. To be honest N0-1_H3r3, we probably will use the new Concussive rules, just need to decide on a number. Our house rule topped out around -40 which would be difficult to get if I remember right, so maybe a Concussive (3)? Not really sure. Our story arc has us jumping from Dark Heresy to Deathwatch as the story progresses, we have not been in the DW arc since BC came out. Right now our DH characters don't have overly complicated weapons (no thunder hammers . . . yet ), just unbalanced/unwieldly ones.
  15. The problem with Anti-Grav is that its designed to maintain a certain height off the ground, usually in the 10-15m range. The greatest use within the Astartes is the Landspeeders which do fly, but as Face Eater said, they use rockets to get from point A to point B. Personally I would scrap that idea. I would stick with a simple solution, such as increased pilot checks, longer distances, maybe a higher flight characteristic, etc. The Mechanicus' idea of 'bigger, bulkier, less efficient' would mean that old tech is generally better than master crafted normal tech.
  16. Well admittedly, I have abused the thunder hammer. My initial interpretation, which was false, was it was two handed for power armor, and one handed for terminators. In our story arc, our watch captain was the promoted Brother Sergeant Agamorr from the Shades in Twilight adventure from Purge the Unclean. In a large battle with tyranids he fell, and while still on mission I asked to honor him by using his hammer to continue his work for the Emperor. GM and I agreed, role played it out and I equipped it. Then a Rank 5 almost 6 Black Templar Assault Marine was murdering everything the GM threw at us. It was constant -50 or more to Toughness tests and with Lightning Attack it was sick. Thats when Black Crusade came out and we opted to use its rules for Unbalanced/Unwieldly weapons. We also house ruled a nerf to the toughness test. But for the life of me I can't remember what we decided on. If anything the BC ruleset for Unbal/Unwield weapons tones them down, but leaving them as a one handed weapon is fine.
  17. Right now in the campaign I am running all weapons that are in use are using the BC ruleset. In one extended firefight against rogue imperial guard (Toughness 3, Full flak armor of 4 and 10 wounds) the melta gun hits were instant death, the plasma gun were as well, the plasma pistol only hit once and he rolled terrible damage, I believe the guy was still alive at 1 point but so horribly maimed that he was wandering in shock after the hit. This week they will be taking on tougher opponents (T 4, Carapace 5, and 15 wounds each, using the Bounty Hunter as template from BC). I imagine much the same will be the result but they will have more wounds than their last fight. Eventuall it will lead up to chaos marines. My group has 9 players in it, with 1 MG, 1 PG, 2 PP, smattering of bolt guns and hell guns.
  18. Which is only one attack/test/roll. So in order to field save it you would only make one test. Using the new BC rule set with DW will cause issues, but many GMs are doing this. This is how we do test for saves as well. Feast or famine.
  19. Gaire said: The Storm Wardens Techmarine in particular has a chronic case of 'Swordleg': melee attacks ALWAYS nail him in the legs. I immediately went to the "I used to be an astartes like you, then I took a bolt round to the knee."
  20. So because it was 4 am you/they called the game? Why not just continue the story arc another day? Part of me would be to call a critical shift, and go back to where they decide to leave and start back from there.
  21. Chapter, Class has nothing to do with it. He could be a Dreadnought running around trying to fist bump the watch captain it sounds like. If he is disruptive to the game and taking away enjoyment of the game from the rest of the players then boot him. There is no reason to pull your hair out and get mad doing something that you enjoy.
  22. I have to admit in my 30+ years of rpg gaming I have never played Paranoia. Considering my current mental state, that should be one I look into.
  23. N0-1_H3r3 said: What? You've never "suited up" for a game of Deathwatch? Does rubber/leather outfits count? But seriously, I have to admit that any "Hero," and I use that term loosely, does not have to be game present at all times. Why would a Primarch even go to the Deathwatch? He'd go to his home chapter and go do his heroey missions. I like what Bassemandrh said about why be the side kick when you can be the hero yourself. Besides, I have a hard time taking any guff of someone naming themselves Commissar McBallin.
  24. Charmander said: By fudging rolls or increasing their to hit? In DW I can pull the same type of tricks: I can surprise them, I can snipe them, I can fire so many rounds that they can't possibly dodge all of them, I can use a horde (which you can't dodge or parry), I can simply throw more enemies at them than they know what to do with, I can use a creature like a Blood Thirster which has specific abilities that prevent dodges and parries. If the GM wants to kill your PC, the GM is going to kill your PC. And if a game is poorly run, the GM is going to muck up all kinds of things. If DW isn't run with a watchful and careful GM, you end up with Rank 2 Marines in Terminator Armor Dual Wielding Assault Cannons killing multiple greater deamons in two turns. I only meant that in the DnD world there are so many supplements out there that the munchkin gamer can get their AC so high the GM can't hit them. Eventually, the GM gets frustrated enough you hear the "I hit you X times." I've seen that before and inwardly chuckle. But you are correct, that can happen in any game in any system so using that as a DnD example was erroneous. This last week a small mini campaign we ran ended with a TPK from our GM. A combination of 1 bad tactic, and everyone rushing forward while in Solo Mode so they can be the über character with the first kill ended up watching our entire team being killed one at a time in about 8 turns against a sizable but doable force of Khornate Berzerkers. Not to mention some horrible horrible dice rolls that would not change. Using a Storm Bolter with Hellfire rounds and rolling a 75 to hit which missed so a reroll becomes a 00 was par for the course. In the end we killed 1 possessed.
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