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  1. Interesting concept. A dimension traveling campaign is one of the ideas I have been wanting to try (or a way to use all of them). My ideas have been closer to the old Marvel Exiles comics, where the same characters jump from reality to reality. My biggest gripe has been trying to come up with a unifying story and just not have it be lots of random jumps whenever my campaign ADHD kicks in As for stats, I would probably just go for 2 in each stat for them. I can see it leading to arguments. Or have them step up 1 Attribute and step down 1, then it's up to them to decide what their own strengths are. I know the End of the World RPGs from FFG has the option of playing yourselves, though haven't read how they get around the obvious arguments. Maybe you could get some inspiration from that.
  2. I have also thought about using it for Shadowrun, though it was sidetracked as we've played so much sci-fi lately that there was a want for more standard fantasy. I don't think I'd use Essence. there's already a limiter to the amount of cyber the characters can have in the system, and that limiter would hold for me. I would just add that each cyber upgrades the difficulty once or add a Setback. I'd also not do much with the initiative system. I hated running SR and just watch the non suped up players sit down with their smart phones while the rest cleans out the room. I'd rather just give them the ability to use a second maneuver without getting soak and a Boost or two to Cool/Vigilance. I really think everyone should have the same amount of time to shine and be able to do cool stuff. Spells I also feels like fits as is. How horrible you want the spell to be decides the difficulty pretty much like Force. If they roll a Despair, that's when the magical energies are hard to control and ends with wounds. But I'd love to see your google doc. The great thing about Genesys I feel, is that it is an elegant system that works as a blueprint. There's lots of ways to end up at the same place.
  3. Could be I'm just rolling a Despair on my Perception check, but I can't see any signature or link to the new stuff :/
  4. If only I could finish my studies and get a high paying job, I'd be able to afford this. I choose to eat this month instead of getting this, but it was a close call
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